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Apple Headphones PS4 Buzzing Fix [Easy Solutions]

Apple headphones are very comfortable to use. So, naturally, you picked them for your long gaming session. But Apple headphones with their non-stop buzzing noise can ruin that experience. 

What is the Apple headphone PS4 buzzing fix?

Firstly, find out where the problem is. The buzzing noise can start due to losing connection or crossed wires. Sony’s disabled system may have some contribution to it. So, to fix the noise, check the ports and the settings first. If that doesn’t work, connect and disconnect the cable a few times. 

This was just the tip of the iceberg. To understand the solutions, keep on reading.

What are we waiting for, fellow gamer? Let’s start the mission. 

Solving Apple Headphones Buzzing Noise on PS4

Apple headphones surprise the market with each of its releases. Their headphones are simply amazing, whether it’s EarBuds or EarPods. The great portable design catches people’s eyes. And the easy-to-control features are really appealing. 

Unluckily, many of us have been the victim of Apple headphones buzzing. Of course, this is for the old headphones. The wireless Bluetooth versions don’t have this problem. 

Old ones are stuck with the static noise when it comes to PS4. Which can be very annoying. This leads to replacing the headphone. And if you’re not ready for a pricey upgrade, you can look for a cheap mic replacement

Now, we know you love your Apple headphones. So, we’ve opened our black book of hacks to help you out. We’ve provided a step-by-step process to fix your Apple headphone and PS4 connection issues. 

Check the following solutions, if you’re interested-

Disabled System

There have been many complaints stating problems with Apple headphones and PS4. And to solve the issue, Sony has decided to nip the problem in the bud.  

Yes! You’re guessing right. Sony has disabled all Apple headphones. 

We know it’s disappointing. But, it is what it is.

The headphones should work fine on other devices. Check for Apple’s suggestion if it doesn’t.

Solution: Bypass Sony 

To solve this issue you can bypass Sony’s disabled system.

Sounds fishy? Don’t worry! It’s not.

You don’t actually have to go against Sony. All you have to do is, fool your device. We’ll tell you how.

Just connect and disconnect the Apple headphone quickly a few times. Four of five times might do the trick. This process will confuse the device detection process of PS4. As a result, it allows both the headphone and mic to stay connected. 

Loose Connection

Basic stuff like loose cable connection can cause buzzing noise as well. So, before letting your imagination run wild, check cable connections. 

We know how much you love your gadgets. But we often forget to clean the cable and ports.  

This dirt in the port can be another cause of buzzing noise. 

Solution: Fix the Wires

Before anything else, fix and clean your ports. For this, remove the cable from the port. Clean both the cable and port with a tissue, toothpick, or cotton buds. If you have an air-duster, your cleaning process becomes much easier. 

Replug the cable firmly to avoid a loose connection.

You can buy a new one if you don’t have it already. You must be thinking, “Eh! New air-duster for a headphone?” 

Definitely, for just a headphone, it’s too much hassle. But, an air duster’s a great asset. You can clean all your gadgets with it easily.  And, we can tell, you’re a seasoned gamer with lots of gadgets.

Don’t know which one to buy? Here’s a list of top-notch air-dusters for you:

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Pick one and make your cleaning easy. And check if your PC can detect the headset mic or not.

Crossed Wire 

Every headphone has a general wire setting inside it. This setting of headphones usually mimics each other. Because maximum headphones follow the same configuration. 

The internal wires of the Apple EarBuds are crossed. Which creates problems in connection with PS4. So, even though the hearing works great, the mic makes this constant buzzing noise.  

Still, confused? We’ll explain. 

Consider a standard headset jack. The four silver rings in it represent the left, right, mic, ground channel consecutively. 

In Apple headphones, they swapped the ground over the mic ring. So, the buzzing you hear is the ground line. It can come in over the mic and disrupt the system.

Solution 1: Shut the Microphone 

The constant buzzing noise of the mic is quite a headache. Now, if you’re playing solo, you don’t need the mic, do you?

Simply nip the problem in the bud. The easiest solution is if you turn the mic off. Then you can easily hear all the sounds perfectly without buzzing. But, of course, you can’t use the mic then.

For this-

  • Plug the headphone cable in the port.
  • Go to Setting.
  • Click on Device> Audio Device> Adjust the Microphone Level.
  • Now bring the cursor level all the way to the left. 

That way, you can easily continue your game without buzzing interruption. 

Solution 2: Use a Sound Card 

Turning the mic off can fix the static noise. But, things change when you’re not playing solo. Then, you need to talk and strategize with others. And what’s the fun of a game without the conversation with the gang? 

Well, we’ve got another hack and a very sturdy one at that. Use a Sound Card!

For this, you’ll need-

  • USB Sound Card.
  • Headphone Extension Cable.

Once you’ve got these two, you are ready to connect your devices. For that, follow the steps below- 

  • Firstly, clean all the cable and connector jack properly before using them.
  • Connect the Sound Card and extension cable. 
  • Take the jack of your extender and insert it in the PS4 headset port.
  • The USB will blink for a while, wait for it to settle. 
  • Allow PS4 to use the mic on the screen popup. 
  • Then, go to the party and check if it shows a sound wave when you talk in the mic.
  • Now go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Output Device > USB Headset.

This way you can easily use the mic without the static noise. 

Word of Advice

We know Apple headphones are great. But, they’re not compatible with PS4. If you only want to hear the sounds, it works fine. But, even with all the hacks, you’ll still face some issues with the mic. 

It’s best to switch to a good gaming microphone. There’s an abundance of headsets in the market with amazing features. Most importantly, they are compatible with PS4.

If you prefer Apple’s style, you can find similar design products. And let’s not forget about the newer versions like AirPod or AirPod Pro. These devices have come to define the category of truly wireless earbuds.

Yes, we know, the PS4 doesn’t support Bluetooth audio. 

But, there’s always a way around it. You can use a Bluetooth adapter or dongle to connect your AirPod with PS4. And this works for any other Bluetooth headphones. 

For this- 

  • Connect the adapter or dongle to the headphone jack of your PS4.
  • Turn on the adapter.
  • If using AirPod, press and hold the pairing button with the AirPods in the case and open-lid. Wait for them to pair.
  • Then go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Output Device > USB Headset.
  • Select Output to Headphone and choose all audio. 

We know the adapter can dangle a bit. So, pick one with a small size for better use. Don’t know which one to get?

Here’s a list of top-notch adapters for you to pick the one:

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Grab one for yourself and get, set, game. 


Question: Why is my Apple headphone buzzing on PS4?

Answer: Apple headset has different internal wiring than the other headphones. That’s why it’s not compatible with PS4 and makes a static buzzing noise.

Question: How do you clean a headphone jack?

Answer: You can use an air duster to clean the dirt in your headphone jack. If you don’t have one follow the traditional, cotton bud fix. 

Question: Why is my left earphone not working?

Answer: It can be because of your settings. Go to the audio settings and make sure it’s not set on the mono or phone option. 

Final Words

Now, we have answered all your queries on, apple headphones PS4 buzzing fix. We hope you find these helpful. 

Get your headsets fixed and jump to the next game.

All the best!