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How to Solve Arctis 7 Mic Problem [5 Fixes]

It can be quite frustrating to see your headset’s mic not working properly. Sometimes the fix is very simple but we just don’t know how to do it. Similarly, the Arctis 7 mic problem is no exception.

How do you solve the Arctis 7 mic problem?

There are so many ways to repair Arctis 7 mic issues. Firstly, configuring the settings of your system is the first thing to try. Secondly, giving access to your headset is another possible fix. Thirdly, updating audio drivers can also solve the mic issue. Moreover, configuring the settings of the platform you are using can also solve this problem. Lastly, reinstalling SteelSeries engine software can be a solution too.

If you’re looking for an in-depth description, we’ve got this entire tutorial on that.

So, let’s get started!

Fixing Arctis 7 Mic Problem

Arctis 7 mic can have problems for many reasons. Sometimes small problems can result in your mic not working. Mere problems like outdated drivers, wrong settings can lead to such problems.

The 5 explained methods cover all the possible reasons why your mic is not working. But don’t worry! Solving this problem isn’t as hard as using a rock band microphone.

So, let’s discuss the methods one by one.

Method 1: Configure the Settings

Having the right settings is the first thing you need to get your headset working. So before jumping into other fixes make configure the settings properly.

Go to the management panel of your system. Type management panel in the search bar to directly navigate to the control panel.

Once you open the control panel, search for sound on the top right search bar. Click on sound and go to the recording section. You should check your Arctis 7 microphone there. Fix it as the default microphone.

Now, go to properties to check out further settings. Make sure the microphone volume is not zero. Also, check if the device is disabled for some reason then enable it.

You can also test your mic by making sound in the microphone. A green audio bar on the right of the device will go up and down. This means that your mic is working.

After you accomplish configuring the settings click ok and close the tabs. If settings were the problem then this should fix it.

Method 2: Give Access to Arctis 7 Microphone

To be able to operate your headphones mic, you need to permit its pass. If the microphone isn’t given permission then it won’t work as intended.

First, you need to allow access to your microphone to your system.

Type privacy in the search bar, click on privacy settings when it appears. Click on the microphone logo and you’ll see the privacy settings of the microphone.

Turn on the microphone permit for this device. Also for apps to access your microphone. After that check your Arctis 7 microphone if it works.

This might also occur in terms of Bluetooth audio devices. If you tried to pair a bunch of AirPods, but the AirPods mic isn’t working. This might be the reason behind it.

So keep an eye on the prompts and check out browser settings for allowing your device.

Keep in mind that the platform you are using has an individual set of permissions. For instance, Zoom, Discord, Messenger, WhatsApp might have another extra prompt asking permission. 

Make sure to allow your microphone when asked for permission. Hopefully, now your microphone should work.

Method 3: Update Audio Driver

If your audio driver is not updated, it might result in your mic not working. To solve this, you need to update your audio driver to the latest one.

You can search for the audio driver according to the model of the device. Once you find out the driver, download and install it manually like any other software.

Or you can use third-party software to install the required drivers automatically. Driver Easy is one of the most used driver updating software.

Download and Driver Easy then run the software and scan your system. This will show you all the drivers that need to be updated or installed. If your audio driver needs to be updated it will show it on the prompt. 

This software will automatically detect your devices and install their required drivers. Press on update all or update the specific audio driver to update the driver.

This should solve the problem of your Arctis 7 mic not working.

Method 4: Configure Settings on Different Platforms

Every communication platform has its own set of settings. These settings can also be a reason behind your mic not working.

For instance, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Teamspeak, Google meet, etc have their own set of settings. Check if they are okay for you to be able to use your microphone.

Go to the settings of the application you are operating. You’ll see an audio section or voice section for some platforms. 

Click on that and you’ll see an input device for most of the platforms. Or some platforms it might be something similar like microphone or audio input.

Make sure the device selected as the input device is your Arctis 7 Microphone. This should select your Arctis 7 microphone as the input device for that application.

In case you are using web versions of any platform, allow access to your microphone. While using web versions of WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, etc you need to allow your microphone.

Entering the webpage of the platform there will be a prompt for allowing your microphone. Make sure to allow access.

It can also happen in terms of video games. Every video game has its own settings for the input device. For instance, in Fortnite, you need to configure the settings to use your mic. Otherwise, the mic won’t work in Fortnite.

This should solve the problem of your mic not working.

Method 5: Reinstall SteelSeries Engine Software

SteelSeries Engine software gives you better control over your headphone. It also provides more functionality to your headphone. 

But as a downside, sometimes updates of this software can mess up your headphones. This might result in your microphone not functioning properly.

In order to fix it, you need to reinstall SteelSeries Engine software.

Type “Add or Remove program” in the windows search bar. Open it and find SteelSeries Engine Software then click uninstall.

Uninstall the engine software, make sure to remove any user settings along with it. Once you are done uninstalling you need to reinstall it.

Go to SteelSeries’s official website and download SteelSeries Engine Software. Or you can just google “download SteelSeries engine software”.

The foremost link should take you to the authorized SteelSeries engine download page.

Download the software and observe the instructions to install the software. Disconnect your headset and reconnect it once the installation is done.

This should reset all settings of your headphone and let your mic function normally.


Question: Is there any other reason why my mic isn’t working?

Answer: Yes. In Arctis 7 there is a mute button. So make sure the mute button isn’t pressed which might result in your mic being inactive.

Question: Can I replace my Arctis 7 mic if it’s faulty?

Answer: No. Only headsets that have detachable microphones offer microphone replaceability. But the Arctis 7 microphone isn’t detachable so it can’t be replaced.

Question: Can I find extra ear cushions for my headset?

Answer: Yes. Ear cushions can need to be replaced after a long time of usage. The cushion can start to fall apart. But you can order a new pair from SteelSeries’s official website.


Well, that’ll be all from our side. We hope that this guide will fix your Arctis 7 mic problem. But if none of these fixes work, then your headphone might be faulty. In that case, contact SteelSeries through their website.

And, see you in the next one!