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Best Mic For Nasal Voice: Worth The Hype?

Now, now, having a nasal voice isn’t a sin. However, some people try to switch it up. So, the thought of getting a mic for the nasal voice comes to the mind of many. 

But, let me make it clear that the best mic for nasal voice won’t change everything for you. Here, the microphone can be beneficial at creating warm sounds. And, you can go for podcasts or talk shows without hesitations (if any). 

So, we’ve put on the review hat and researched for around 6 weeks. Finally, it’s possible to bring out this unbiased review guide for your convenience. 

Below are the top 5 products that we’ve selected with their features and benefits. Also, there’s a buying guide section that’ll provide some further clarity about what to expect. 

Sounds right? Well, let’s begin then-

Best Microphones For Nasal Voice: Comparison Table

ProductPolar PatternConnectivity Technology
Rode NT1 MicrophoneUnidirectionalUSB
Shure MV7 MicrophoneUnidirectionalUSB, XLR
Electro-Voice RE20 MicrophoneUnidirectionalWired
Shure PGA27-LC  MicrophoneUnidirectionalWired
MXL V67G MicrophoneUnidirectionalWired

Rode NT1 Microphone

Product Overview

Leading the list is the Rode NT1 microphone. Well, the best part about this microphone is the price it brings along. This budget-friendly product provides all the best features you’d desire in a microphone. So, let’s check it out-

First things first, this microphone produces warm rounded sounds. But, how? Well, the 1” diaphragm condenser is coupled with smooth higher frequencies. So, it’s able to produce rounded bass and warm sounds. 

Furthermore, the external vibrations are minimized due to the Rycote Lyre System. As a result, the produced sounds seem more natural and warm. 

Besides, the microphone is known for providing the lowest level of noise possible. This is due to the high-grade electronic design. So, the microphone itself is incredibly quiet. To be precise, it measures up to 4.5dBA self-noise only. 

Now, let’s move on to the build quality of the microphone. Made of 6601 aluminum, this microphone is lightweight and durable. Adding up to the durability is the ceramic layer coating. So, it’ll have an added layer of toughness. 

Also, the aluminum body has nickel plating on it. Here, the plating makes sure the body will resist any type of corrosion. 

Apart from this, the body resists scratches due to advanced electrostatic techniques. So, your mic won’t have problems with everyday abuse and durability. 

Moving on, the microphone comes with Combo jacks that’ll take 3-pole XLR and a quarter-inch jack together. So, it’ll be able to take electric instruments like bass and guitars. 

Lastly, it’s easy to work with as the layering of tracks doesn’t require much effort. In fact, you’ll just need to plugin and set the level. So, if the features impress you then give it a shot. 


  • Doesn’t get damaged or scratched easily
  • Resists any type of corrosion
  • Produces low self-noise
  • Produces incredibly warm sounds
  • Affordable


  • Pop protection gets shaky

Shure MV7 Microphone

Product Overview

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gamer or a YouTuber, the MV7 from Shure will definitely impress you. But, what’s so impressive about this microphone? Well, the mic captures great audio in any situation. Thus, making it one of the best when recording music. 

Firstly, let’s focus on the connectivity of this mic. And, the best thing about this mic is the use of USB and XLR output together. 

Due to this feature, you can easily store a low-reso file over USB. After this, you can produce the music and upload the high-reso file through an XLR connection. 

By doing this, you can save a lot of time editing the audio files. Even if the file doesn’t come perfectly on the first try, you’ll have the time to start over again. Besides, the brand provides MicroUSB cables from USB-A and USB-C. 

Now, let’s talk about the hot-feature of this microphone- the touch panel. Yes, you heard me correctly. The mic uses touch controls instead of buttons. Also, the brand introduced a touch panel for indicating the overall gain level. 

Speaking of the panel, it includes mic toggles for muting or fly changes. And, the back of the mic contains XLR, headphone jacks, and MicroUSB outputs. 

Furthermore, it contains frequency responses that can be adjusted. But, those can only be done through the “Shureplus MOTIV app”. 

Talking about the frequency response, the mic produces natural and rich sounds due to it. So, you won’t have problems with a nasal voice. 

Lastly, it’ll resist damages due to the metal construction. So, you won’t have to worry about reliability and durability with this one. Also, the integrated yolk is adjustable. So, you can position the mic quite easily. 


  • Extremely durable
  • Produces warm sounds due to the adjustable frequencies
  • Easy to position due to the adjustable yolk
  • USB and XLR ports can be used together


  • Needs an additional pop filter to support the windscreen

Electro-Voice RE20 Microphone

Product Overview

Bringing in another strong contender for the best microphones- Electro-Voice RE20. Be it podcasting or singing, this mic does an excellent job at maintaining the warm sounds. 

So, let’s begin with the features, shall we? 

Starting off, the larger diaphragm of this mic allows it at capturing better acoustic sounds. Compared to the smaller diaphragm mics, it’ll do a better job at maintaining accuracy. 

So, it does a great job with nasal voices as it’ll produce warm sounds. And, that’s not all. The RE-20 is able to produce large amounts of air to the voice. By doing this, it can reduce the nasal voice to quite some extent. 

When it comes to frequency, the RE-20 provides a boost to the lower end. As a result, the voice will sound convincing enough. But, it won’t overbear the noise at all. In fact, it’ll maintain great clarity to the voice. 

On the other hand, the RE-20 is excellent for close voice due to the design and internal pop filters. Furthermore, it comes with shock mounts that’ll reduce any bit of vibration noises. 

In the end, the microphone is perfect if you’re planning to narrate an audiobook or talk in a show. And, it’s even better if you’re going for a singing session and doing podcasts. So, you can clearly give it a try. 


  • Produces warm sounds
  • Maintains clarity in the sounds
  • Reduces nasal voice by producing a large amount of air in-voice
  • Shock mounts reduce vibration sounds


  • Foam filters need to be replaced

Shure PGA27-LC Microphone

Product Overview

Say hello to another Shure product on our list- PGA27-LC. But, why have we placed it below? Well, it does lack some key features when compared to the previous one. However, it still lives up to the brand’s reputation nicely. 

The PGA27-LC captures vocals as well as different acoustic instruments. Moreover, it’s even able to capture heavier sources providing greater results. 

Here, the PGA27-LC comes with a large diaphragm and wider frequency responses. Now, that ensures the mic captures dynamic loud sounds while maintaining accuracy and detail. 

Other than that, the cardioid pattern helps at achieving focused sounds. Plus, PGA27-LC ensures room noises get reduced easily as well. 

Moving on, let’s focus on the design and build quality. Here, the microphone comes at a sleek black finish. Also, it has a grille that’ll provide a strong visual presence too. 

So, you’ll love the industrial design of this mic as it’ll mean business. Besides the strong construction, it comes with shock mounts. This means the mic has added stability that’ll cancel any bit of mechanical noises. 

Lastly, it comes with a zipper case. So, you can carry it elsewhere with you as it’ll remain protected in the case. 

Thus, if you love what you’ve seen until this point, do give this mic a thought. 


  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Produces warm rich tones
  • Able to capture acoustic sounds
  • Has a sleek design
  • Captures detail and accuracy in sounds


  • Doesn’t work with radio stations

MXL V67G Microphone

Product Overview

We’re down to the last mic of this list. But, it’s still one of the best in the market. And, how is that? The V67G contains some key benefits. However, it does lack some features you’ll get from the high-end mics. So, let’s take a look- 

Firstly, the microphone has the ability to produce warm rich sounds. This is due to the 32mm capsule. Also, the EQ circuit works at ensuring warmer sounds as well. 

On top of all this, the mic comes with a high-frequency elongation. This elongation works at providing negative feedback that contributes to warm sound production. 

Another impressive feature about the V67G is its ability to pick high-frequencies. Even though some mics cause a bit of harshness, V67G avoids all sorts of harshness. 

Speaking of frequency picking, the V67G has the ability to produce 30Hz-20Khz. So, the mic packs a bit of added versatility as well. Also, the best part is that the V67G will pick up great details of guitar and pianos. 

Lastly, the mic works at isolating the sounds and it’ll reject any bit of noise from sides. So, you can give this mic a try if you love the features.


  • Isolates the vocals well enough
  • Doesn’t bleed noises from the sides
  • Picks up frequencies without causing harshness
  • Produces warm sounds


  • Doesn’t have any shock mount
  • Doesn’t work well with drums

Buying Guide

Before ending the guide, there’s one little section we’d like to introduce. And, that’s the buying guide. But, why? Well, we’ve showcased 5 top-notch microphones in the review section. 

And, trust me, all of them compete with one-another at providing the best performance possible. Hence, it’s tough to actually differentiate them based on the pros/cons. 

Other than that, you might even fail to choose one based on some common factors. So, it’s important we provide some considerations before buying the actual product. 

This will make the buying process much easier. And, it’ll even make the processing of the products simpler. So, let’s begin with the guide- 

Diaphragm & Frequency Response

The larger the diaphragm, the more sensitive it’ll be. However, large diaphragms have a limited response of frequency. Whereas, the smaller diaphragms can handle higher sound levels. 

And, they have a higher response of frequency when compared to the larger ones. Overall, they do a better job at handling ambient noises. 

On the other hand, the frequency response is the ability of the mic to pick up lower and higher frequencies. For a better vocal mic, you can go for a mic that has a frequency from 80Hz to 15 kHz. But, this does fluctuate based on different factors. 


We’ve seen in the review list about USB and XLR connectivity. Most of the mic comes with USB connectivity. However, many of them have XLR connectivity as well. 

But, if you want our opinion, go for the mics that have both these outputs together. Some mics come with the ability to have both these outputs together. By selecting these mics, you’ll save a lot of time on the editing process. 

Sound Isolation

Isolation of the sound is important. At times, sounds bleed from the sides and from the backs. As a result, the mics fail to maintain the great clarity of sound. 

But, if the mic has sound isolation in it, that won’t be a problem in any way. Here, the background sounds will be reduced. In fact, any bit of the unnecessary sounds will be removed straight away due to sound isolation. 

So, your sounds will be preserved and the mics will maintain a greater clarity always. 

Shock Mounts

Shock mounts are quite important as well. Not only do these mounts promote stability, but they’ll also ensure lesser vibration as well. 

At times, many mechanical noises can be created for not having stability. So, when microphones lack stability, they give off unnecessary mechanical noise. 

As a result, the overall sounds get disturbed. But, that won’t be the problem if you have a shock mount. Here, the overall shock mount will absorb the vibration. 

And, it’ll even ensure the microphone has stability in it. So, you’ll be spared from the mechanical noises. 


Some microphones are made of aluminum. Whereas, the others are made of metals. Whatever the materials are, a strong microphone will last for a long time. 

Due to the durable construction, these mics will resist any bit of scratches and corrosion. Plus, they’ll ensure you can use them on a regular basis without the fear of any damage. 

So, it’s extremely important that you consider the build-quality before buying the microphones.


Budget will be the key factor when selecting mics. Some mics don’t have all of the features at a higher budget. But, there are some middle ranged products that do a great job at providing all the necessary features. 

So, you’ll need to set your budget accordingly and then give your products a try. By selecting the budget, you’ll know what features to expect and what not to expect. 


Question: Is it possible to EQ a nasal voice?
Answer: Yes, it’s possible to EQ a nasal voice and fix it. However, there’s no guarantee that it’ll fix the nasal voice and tone it out. 

Question: Why does microphone sound seem nasally than direct voice?
Answer: Microphone sounds can sound nasally as they’ll lack vibration than direct sounds. Here, the sounds will lack internal harmonics as well. So, when compared to direct voice, the microphone sounds can be a bit nasally. 

Question: Which vocal effects are used by the singers?
Answer: Normally, singers use reverb, pitch correction, and compression effects to create flawless music. 

Question: Is it possible to fix nasal voice?
Answer: Yes, you can easily fix nasal voice by endoscopic surgery. Also, tonsil removal helps at fixing the nasal voice. 

Question: What microphone is the best for recording music?
Answer: The Shure SM58 is the best when it comes to recording music. This is because it’ll resist feedback and can handle the voice quite better than others. 

Parting Words

That’s it, folks. We’ve done our part. Hopefully, you’re now able to pick the best mic for nasal voice. And, if you’re still not sure, check out the buying guide to prioritize your buying factor. That’ll help at making the buying decision easier. 

Besides, if you have any other queries, do leave a comment. We’ll be happy to get back to you. Good Luck!