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Bluetooth Pairing Not Working on Vizio Soundbar [6 Reasons]

Getting a Vizio Soundbar can make your life a lot easier. But it could be a real buzzkill if you start running into issues. Not getting it to pair up with your device is one of them. 

Why is the Bluetooth pairing not working on the Vizio soundbar?

Changes in Soundbar or source device settings can cause Bluetooth pairing issues. The same thing can happen when you try to pair both devices. Probable reasons can be loose cable connections or faulty soundbar. Incompatible connectivity and incorrect ranging can cause some glitches too.

It may appear a little intriguing to you right now. But, I have given you in-depth details on each of the reasons and solutions. 

So, dive right in!

Right Pairing Procedure

Before you look for reasons or troubleshoot, make sure your pairing method is correct:

  • Firstly, press the Bluetooth button on the soundbar or the remote’s Bluetooth button. Hold it until the LED indications flash from top to bottom. The LEDs will cease blinking after the device is successfully paired
  • Then use Bluetooth on your device to look for the soundbar.
  • Play audio from the linked device and see if it works. You can control volume from both the soundbar and your source device.

Yes, that’s how simple the entire pairing up process is. Also, following the steps can help you pair soundbar to multiple devices.

6 Reasons Why Your Vizio Sound Bar  Bluetooth Not Pairing up

If your Vizio soundbar still won’t pair via Bluetooth, there could be several possible causes. The reasons are listed below:

  • The soundbar and the connected device may not be within Bluetooth range. They should be at least 30 feet apart.
  • The audio source or the soundbar may not be in pairing mode. As a result, it will not appear in your device’s Bluetooth list.
  • The wires might come loose throughout the entire setup. Hence, it will fail to connect to the source device.
  • You may be experiencing issues with power from your soundbar’s outlet or adapter. If your soundbar or source device is not in power mode, it will not connect.
  • Alternatively, the soundbar or the device might be malfunctioning itself.  Because of this, partnering up becomes impossible
  • The Vizio soundbar may not have all of the connectivity options that the source device does. Maybe the device you’re attempting to connect to has an issue.

Move on to the solutions that we’ve figured out the possible causes.

10 Solutions of Vizio Soundbar Not Working

These solutions will definitely come to your rescue! 

Solution 1: Restart Both Devices

A short-term error on the Vizio soundbar or source device problem might create pairing issues.The problem could be caused by a momentary Bluetooth error. In that case, restart before considering any other solutions.

Solution 2: Disconnect Your Soundbar

One of the main reasons is that your Vizio soundbar is already paired. The soundbar is paired when it isn’t shown in the device’s Bluetooth settings. In that case, disconnect all devices before re-connecting Bluetooth. 

Check whether the issue is resolved by disconnecting your soundbar from all receivers.

Solution 3: Reposition

You must be in the Bluetooth range making sure there are no obstructions. If the soundbar audio gets frequently interrupted, fix it first. 

If it fails, then bring the device and soundbar within one foot of each other.

Sometimes, if you set the soundbar 30m away from the source device, it fails to pair. In that case, check for any metallic or wireless objects between them.

After replacing, hit the pairing button again and reconnect your soundbar to Bluetooth.

Solution 4: Turn on Pairing Mode

If you don’t enable pairing mode, your soundbar won’t be found by any devices.

The Vizio soundbar offers a pairing mode on the middle-top area. If the soundbar is operating, press and hold the pairing mode until the LED flashes twice.

If the soundbar pulses twice, it is in pairing mode and you may reconnect through Bluetooth.

Just like this, pairing vizio soundbar to samsung TV shouldn’t be a hassle at all.

Solution 5: Forget/ Unpair/ Repair

Sometimes, you see your sound bar connected to your device but cannot send audio to the soundbar. 

It starts from scratch. You must unpair the sound bar from the source device before pairing it again. The source device should be turned off and then back on after forgetting.

Solution 6: Remove Additional Wireless Devices

See whether other wireless devices are working around. Some of them may create interference with pairing. 

To avoid this, do the pairing by moving away from the devices. Suppose if your phone is interfering, you may need to reposition it.

Solution 7: Hard Reset Your Soundbar

I recommend hard resetting your soundbar now in case the glitch is caused by a power issue. Hard-resetting assists in fixing software issues. 

Hold the power button down for about five seconds to switch off the soundbar. Remove the device’s power adapter from the power source if it shuts down. 

Wait and allow your device to discharge completely for another four minutes. Connect the power adapter to your soundbar and turn it on.

After your soundbar reboots, enter pairing mode and retry connecting via Bluetooth.

Solution 8: Pair with Another Device

If your Vizio soundbar doesn’t pair with Bluetooth on your device, try another device. It will verify that the soundbar is not faulty, however, the device might be.

In case you’re facing audio cutting out issues, it’s because of the HDMI technology. That’s why I’ve suggested some great, cheap HDMI cables below:

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I hope these cables will help you greatly and you won’t face any difficulties.

Solution 9: Connecting a PC

To pair a PC with Vizio soundbar via Bluetooth, download and install specific drivers. Websites have drivers for the latest soundbar firmware and windows on PC. 

To install the drivers, follow these steps:

  • To set up drivers Open Google on your computer and type vizio pc drivers. Open the first link, vizio’s official page. Find the latest drivers and install them. 
  • Wait for the driver’s tab to download. Your computer will connect to the soundbar via Bluetooth, only if it supports it.

A Bluetooth dongle may also be required to connect your PC. 

Solution 10: Reset Your Soundbar

 If the problem persists and you still have Bluetooth pairing issues, you can reset your soundbar. Resetting will fix many issues, and you can pair your soundbar by following the steps above. 

To reset your soundbar, you must:

  • Assure your soundbar is on. 
  • Hold the volume and bluetooth buttons together. When held for 5 seconds, all LED lights will flash three times. 
  • Wait until you’re done with factory reset. Once done, press the pairing button to reconnect it.

The process is almost similar to resetting the Bose soundbar system one. A factory reset may be the best option here since it erases all current system configurations.


Question: How to pair a soundbar?

Answer: To access the Bluetooth speaker list, go to Home, Settings, Sound, and then Bluetooth Speaker List. Whenever the TV detects a soundbar nearby, it will display  ” Paired or Need pairing”.

Question: How to turn off Bluetooth on my Vizio Sound Bar?

Answer: Keep the “source” and “bluetooth” buttons pressed. It’ll rest, find audio, and disable the bluetooth search. 

Question: Why does my Vizio sound bar not work with HDMI ARC?

Answer: Most Vizio Soundbars have multiple HDMI ports. Make sure to use an ARC HDMI port. In this case, check both cable ends or use a different cable.

Final Words

This guide should cover all about your Bluetooth pairing not working on the Vizio soundbar. If all else fails, you may want to contact Vizio customer service.

That’s all for today. Enjoy your listening experience!