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How to Connect Rock Band Microphone to PS3? 3 Simple Steps

You bought the new Rock Band game. But you’re not sure how to connect its microphone to your PlayStation 3. Hence, you are struggling to play the game with your friends.

Don’t be concerned; we’re here to help!

How to connect Rock Band microphone to PS3?

On the PS3, you’ll find 2 USB ports. Port 1 is for your PS3 controller and port 2 is for your microphone. If there is more than one player then you will be needing a USB hub connected to port 2. Finally, go to game mode and select single player or multiplayer to activate the microphone.

If the Rock Band microphone does not work after you followed the above guide then it is defective. If you want to know more in detail then continue reading our step-by-step guide.

What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!

Connecting Rock Band Microphone to PS3 [3 Easy Steps]

Here we have prepared a guide containing 3 easy steps to connect the Rock Band microphone to your PS3. The details are given by the following.

Step 1: Determining The Right Set-Up

Before you start playing Rock Bands, it is important to count the number of players. Depending on the number of players the setup will be determined.

If you are playing solo then the setup is quite easy and straightforward. If the number of players is more than one then you will be needing a USB hub.

What a USB hub does is it lets you connect more devices. When the number of players is more, they can connect their microphones, guitar, and drums with USB hubs.

You can find USB hubs in our recommendations below-

Product 1
Product 2

These are the best ones in the market. And you’ll be able to utilize it without hesitation!

Step 2: Arrange Everything For The Set-Up

Now that you know the number of players, go straight to connecting devices. Begin the task by turning on your PlayStation 3 and putting in the Rock Band disc.

Before you connect the microphone, you must connect the PlayStation controller first. If you fail to connect the controller at first, the microphone won’t work. 

You will have to restart the PS3 and connect the controller at first to make the microphone work

If you are playing a single-player game then connect the PS3 controller at first to the USB port 1 on your PS3. Then you will connect the microphone to USB port 2 on your PS3 to make the microphone work.

When you play a multiplayer game, the USB hub is the medium to connect more than one device. Whether you connect more microphones or other devices, the USB hub will be connected to port 2. Make sure to connect the controller to port 1 at first.

Make sure to connect your mic properly otherwise you’ll face issues similar to razer kraken mic not working.

Step 3: Connect The Rock Band Microphone

Once you are done connecting the microphone, there are a few things to get done. Put in the disc, wait for the Rock Band game to load.

Now go to the game mode using the PS3 controller to activate the microphone. You have the option of playing in solitary or multiplayer mode. When you are ready, select a song and press start for playing the song.

Take out your  mic and sing along with the game’s guidelines. There you have it!

Important Things To Remember

By now you know how to connect your microphone to your PlayStation 3. But also make sure to know how to use a rockband mic. And just knowing this won’t help, you’ve to keep a few things in mind. We’ve listed some of the tips below-

  • Check if the controller is alright or not. If by any chance the controller is corrupt or malfunctions, the microphone won’t work.
  • Maintain the sequence of connecting the controller at first. You’ve to activate the microphone inside the game for which you’ll need a controller
  • Ensure that the USB cable or ports aren’t damaged. This is important because these problems are very hard to detect. Both the USB cable and port can get easily damaged so handle them with care.


The cost of the microphone depends on the quality. Better quality mic would cost you more. It will cost you around $8 to $12.

Between many mics, the original Logitech High-Quality USB mic is prominent. This microphone is very popular and can be run on any gaming console.

Everything you require now is a USB connection to get started. If you want to buy the game, it will cost you $60. You can also buy earlier versions of Rock Band games which cost around $25 to $30.

A total of $72 minimum budget to get the game and microphone.

That’s all we had regarding connecting Rock Band mic to your PS3. We hope we were able to help you with our guide!


Question: Is a PS3 controller required to play Rock Band 3?

Answer: Yes you do need the PS3 controller in order to run the Rock Band game. The controller is the only device that you will be needing in order to connect and activate microphones and devices.

Question: Does the microphone in Rock Band 4 work on the PS3?

Answer: Rock Band 4 microphones will work on PS3 since it’s a USB plug-in and plays. But if you are planning to shift from PS3 to PS4 then you will be needing a dongle. Then the dongle for PS3 will work on ps4.

Question: Do you need a dongle for a Rock Band PS3?

Answer: You need one dongle for drums, guitar, and microphones each. The piano dongle is needed for the Rock Band 3 keyboard. The dongle will be connected to the four-port PS3 USB hub.


Now you know how to connect Rock Band microphone to PS3, put these steps into practice. If you are stuck in one of these steps then read through the steps properly again. If you’re following all our steps you should be fine.

Hope it helps and good luck!