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How To Connect Rock Band To Wii? [In 4 Easy Steps]

Want to play the rock band game but you don’t own a suitable microphone for that? That must be distressing. But if you’ve got a Wii microphone, you can actually make this work. Don’t know how to?

Well, we’ve got the answer to this question.

How to connect Rock Band to a Wii?

You will be glad to know that there is a very easy way to do it. That is done in just four steps. This starts from unpacking the device. Then you need to set up following the manual. Next step would be to try syncing the devices. Lastly, as everything ends up well, run the game and use your microphone.

We’re aware that this little guide may not be enough. We’ve got a detailed version of this guide in our article so keep on reading!

How to Connect a Rock Band to the Wii? 4 Simple Steps to Follow

The process of connecting the Wii Microphone to the Rock Star Band mic is unusual. This is used as a back-up. However, it might not always end up well-synced. The device now needs to be set following this process. But in order to connect a mic on the PS3, it is a totally different process.

Don’t fret, we’ve curated a 4 steps simple guide to help you through the process. Read our steps below to use your wii microphone for your rock band game.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 of 4: Unpacking the Microphone

In order to use the USB Rock Band microphone, you need to unpack the cable cords first. you’ve to plug in the cable to the port. Unpack and position all the necessary equipment in place for using. 

And now you’re ready for the next step!

Step 2 of 4: Setting Up the Devices

The game needs an initial set-up for the game to start but the setup has to include everything. After attaching the plug and arranging the wires, turn on the WII devices. As it was described in the list of Nintendo devices

Also make sure to turn on the WII-mote too. 

Press the “Rock Band” sign to turn on the game on the monitor. There are also the guitars and drums for the “Rock Band” game which needs separate set-up. 

However the connection joints for guitar are different. Again, for the drums too, there is a separate kind of set up too. But we will only be focussing on the mic settings here. After all this is done, start syncing the devices.

Step 3 of 4: Syncing the Devices Together

Press and hold the “Rock Band” containing the logo to start syncing the device. The light blinks unless the devices are synced. In order to sync, the devices have to have bluetooth. 

Now, guitars and drums often need the assistance of the chords too. For that, you need to connect the USB dongle to the USB port. This may be similar to syncing the device, when connecting the mic to Xbox one too.

But this has to be done simultaneously while pressing and syncing the button. Now, if you are trying to sync the drums and also the guitars, follow the same process. After you have prepared the devices for use, all you need is for this to be ready.

Step 4 of 4: Ensuring the Settings Making it Ready to Use

Now, you have already tried pressing and syncing the mic. You will see that the light will become steady when the device is synced. The light sometimes may turn green to show it has been synchronized. It may take a maximum of 2 minutes to connect. 

However, if it is not synced, then do it again from scratch. 

Now, go to the main menu, and click on the “Start” to play the game. You can also have some practice rounds to see whether they have been connected to each other harmoniously. Then if everything goes well, you can continue playing.

As the mic has been set up, based on the process, we hope you enjoy the experience. However, it may not often work while connecting this mic to the PC. so keep that in your mind as well. 


Question: How can I calibrate the microphone on my Wii?

Answer: Strumming or hitting the green pad in sync with the drum beat is required. After that, go to video calibration. Press the strum or touch the green pad in sync with the needle when you see it hit either side of the meter. The system has now been calibrated.

Question: Is it possible to play Rock Band 4 drums without using the pedal?

Answer: Because the bass drum is such an important part of drumming, you’ll need a kick pedal to play the remaining Rock Band games. However, this limits your experience as a drummer and a player, which is why we recommend that players check out the kick pedal.

Question: Is it possible to disable the foot pedal in Rock Band 4?

Answer: Good news for those groups today, as Harmonix has announced that on December 8, Rock Band 4 players will be able to disable the kick pedal via a software update. While players strike the plastic skins, an in-game option allows the game to play the bass drum section automatically.


That was all on our take regarding how to connect Rock Band to the Wii. This process may slightly differ for other microphones. But it isn’t that difficult after all. 

So we hope to see your worry to be redeemed as you go through it. Now, the only thing that is left for you is to enjoy the experience playing. So see you until next time.