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How To Connect A Soundbar To Vizio TV: 3 Simple Methods

Who doesn’t love to watch movies with a better audio experience, right? If you talk about having a better audio experience from your Vizio TV, connecting a soundbar is a must. 

But you may face difficulties while connecting it for the first time. 

How to connect a soundbar to Vizio TV?

We can connect a soundbar using an HDMI cable easily. Connect one port of the cable to the connector on the back of your Vizio TV. Plug the other port into the connector on your soundbar and you’re ready to go. Newer soundbars can also be connected through Bluetooth and ethernet cables.

I’ll talk about the Bluetooth and ethernet cable connection in our detailed article. There are a few things you need to know before I go into the methods.

Stay tuned!

Which Soundbars Do You Need?

The Soundbar is a fully-featured speaker system. And that provides high-quality TV audio without taking up a lot of room. That is why the utilization of the Soundbar is very Important. 

You’ll be able to avoid the price issues in this manner as well. Along with the enormous area that a typical home theater requires.

These are a few soundbars I have handpicked for your convenience:

Product 1
Product 2

These soundbars have good reviews from the users. If you want you can connect JBL soundbars with your TV. Check them out!

The soundbars are long, and the cabinet holds two or more speakers. Depending on your choices, they give stereo or surround sound to your audio system.

How to Connect Soundbar to Vizio TV [3 Methods]

Soundbars link in a variety of ways. Most soundbars send sound through a cable connection. But others feature built-in Bluetooth that you may utilize.

You can look out what sorts of inputs it supports online. Then go to the header that describes the type of connection it supports. The soundbar will be the source of all audio output once it is linked to your TV.

I’ve mentioned three methods for connecting your soundbar to a Vizio TV. 

Method 1: Using HDMI Cable

Let’s look at how to use an HDMI connection to attach a soundbar to a Vizio TV.

First, check to see whether your soundbar has an HDMI connector on the back. If this is the case, use an HDMI cable to connect to your TV. 

Next, navigate to your Vizio TV’s settings and locate the CEC Settings. Make sure that Audio Control is turned on.

HDMI cables are renowned for transmitting video. Their audio broadcast quality is excellent, and utilizing one would not be a waste. 

If your soundbar isn’t producing sound, try swapping the sides of your HDMI cable. But some HDMI arcs are faulty. Even good brands like Vizio soundbars HDMI have issues.

Method 2: Using Ethernet Cable Connection

You’ll need an Ethernet cable and a functional port on your soundbar to complete this method. This approach uses an Ethernet wire to connect your TV and soundbar. An ethernet cable can transport clear audio broadcasts.

The port on your soundbar that you’re searching for will be yellow or blue in color. And it should be connected to the one on your television.

You won’t suffer interference problems and outages if you use an Ethernet connection. 

See how to connect a soundbar to a Vizio TV through Bluetooth. That is in case, you don’t have access to an Ethernet wire.

Method 3: Using Bluetooth Connection

Pair your soundbar to your TV through Bluetooth. This is like connecting any Bluetooth device. Head to your TV’s Apps menu and choose it. 

After that, locate the Settings screen and choose Bluetooth. 

If Bluetooth does not display, you may need to go to Connections. After you’ve visited those settings, choose your soundbar from the list of accessible devices.

Before pairing them, make sure it’s switched on and operating. Then select it from the dropdown menu. While using Bluetooth the signal may be blocked, so be cautious.

Can’t get your soundbar to work with your Vizio TV?

None of the methods above worked to connect your soundbar to your Vizio TV? There are a few points to remember:

  • Don’t know your soundbar’s Bluetooth name? You’ll find it in the instruction manual. Or on any documentation that came with it.
  • The soundbar does not produce sound? You should look for any hardware-related problems with the ports, power, or functioning.
  • Check if there’s an issue with the device cable if you’re using a wired connection. Bluetooth if you’re using a wireless connection.
  • To expand the circle of possibilities, try your soundbar on another device. Contact Vizio customer service for further help and compatibility information.
  • Reset the Vizio soundbar, if you’re using one. Sometimes only a reset can solve the issue.
  • Finally, a power cycle may be used to eliminate any potential power concerns.

Double-check all the above methods in case of any issue. That’s pretty much everything you need to know to link your soundbar to a Vizio TV. 


Question: Where can I find the Bluetooth setting?

Answer: On your TV, go to Menu > Settings > Network > Bluetooth on the controller to enable Bluetooth. Choose the device you want to link. Do it while the device is in pairing mode.

Question: How do I tell whether my VIZIO Smart TV supports Bluetooth?

Answer: Inspect your remote and settings.  Your TV remote is one obvious sign of its Bluetooth capability. You surely have Bluetooth capabilities if your remote provides Smart TV choices.

Question: Are all VIZIO TVs compatible with Bluetooth?

Answer: No, Vizio televisions do not come with Bluetooth built-in. They do offer a feature dubbed “low-energy Bluetooth”.It’s exclusively for connecting your phone to the Vizio SmartCast. Unfortunately, Bluetooth headphones or speakers will not work.


You are now aware of how to connect a soundbar to Vizio TV. 

The methods shouldn’t be as difficult as it was before reading this article. I hope I can solve your problem.

Till next time, best of luck!