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How to Connect Xbox 360 Controllers to PC Without Receiver

It can be very frustrating when you have an Xbox 360 controller but you don’t know how to connect them. Still, you need to go through the keyboard to play the game. 

How to connect an Xbox 360 controller to a PC without a receiver? 

Firstly you can’t connect the controller without a receiver. Because it doesn’t have any Bluetooth authorization. With Bluetooth, you can’t send control signals. You can connect through traditional worn lines, use the official Xbox package, buy a Microsoft 360 receiver or an aftermarket receiver. 

You must still be in the blue about this matter. Don’t worry this article is only prepared to clear your head out. Real analogy to the detailed article. 

Can You Connect Xbox 360 Controller Without Receiver 

There is no “generic” hardware such as a Bluetooth converter or anything that can interact with the Xbox 360. A “official” Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows is required to play Xbox 360 games. Or you will be unable to connect the Xbox 360 controller wirelessly to your computer.

As a result Xbox gamepad, 360 cannot operate with your PC. If you want to utilize your Xbox 360 gamepad on your PC. You’ll need a Windows Wireless Portable Adapter.. 

The connect button initiates the pairing process with an Xbox 360 console or the Windows Wireless Gaming Transmitter

Make certain that you do not purchase the Wireless Gaming Adapter for Xbox One controllers. As they will not work with Xbox 360 controllers.

Also,Xbox 360 controllers cannot be charged or used with a Perform & Charge USB cable Because the Play & Charge cable ONLY transmits power and does not transfer controller data.

Don’t wanna buy a cellular receiver? Your only alternative is to purchase a wired Xbox 360 gamepad (that has a non-removable USB cord attached). Alternatively, get a Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller.

A Guide on How to Connect an Xbox 360 Controller to a Computer

For video gamers, using a mouse and keyboard is very inconvenient. To perform an instant action in a game, you must sit near your computer and press the Call to actions keys simultaneously. And memorize numerous other commands.

Worse, your hands have been lifted in an awkward position over hours. This is where an Xbox 360 Joystick for PC comes in handy. 

Despite their convenience, it’s likely that pairing these controllers with your PC will be difficult. Or pricey at times. You have three choices for connecting your Xbox 360 to your PC.

Method 1: Wire Up Xbox 360 

This is a simple way for you. To begin, connect your controller to your computer’s USB port.

When you connect the controller to a USB port, it will begin to operate and your computer will detect the device and download the required drivers. And you are ready to play, it’s an easy job more like pairing JBL headphones.

Method 2: Use Official Xbox Package for Windows 

This method necessitates the use of a converter as well as a few additional accessories to get back up to speed. The bundle is a little pricey, and there’s no way to avoid purchasing the extras.

The 1TB Xbox Series X system, one Xbox Wireless Controller, an Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable (HDMI 2.1). Also, a power cord and two AA batteries are all included in the Xbox bundle.

Microsoft Xbox programs may be required to be installed on your Windows computer.Microsoft Windows 10 users should go to the App Store and search for “Xbox” in the search field. The results of your search should appear below that.

And then simply select Xbox and install. When the installation is complete, it will appear in the window apps menu on your computer When you select it from the Apps list, you will be prompted to sign in to your account.

Unless you already have a controller that is compatible with Windows. We encourage using this strategy because it ensures a less stressful encounter.

Method 3: Use A Receiver 

Microsoft does not provide standalone adaptors.

If you already have a gamepad and wish to connect it with your PC, you can do so through third-party suppliers. Keep in mind that these tools are a copycat version of the Microsoft adaptor. Furthermore, they are more than likely to be of lower quality.

Listed below are the steps necessary to set up a Microsoft 360 receiver on your computer. It’s so easy, more like pairing JBL headphones. 

How to Setup The Microsoft 360 Receiver

Depending on your Windows edition, the methods for installing Microsoft receivers will differ. Receiver is a peripheral device, so it’s kind of similar to connecting a JBL speaker to a PC. The steps are outlined below:

  • When you insert the device into your computer, Windows 8 and 10 will automatically detect it.
  • Your computer will download and install the drivers without you having to do anything.
  • To check, open your Device Manager by searching for “Xbox 360 Wireless Router for Windows” inside the Menu bar.
  • Things are a bit different on Windows 7 and earlier.
  • You must connect the adaptor to your gadget driver.
  • When you plug the USB device, a screen is displayed with a prompt asking you to input your current operating system.
  • If the files for the software are already present on your computer, select “Install the software automatically” and proceed.
  • If it doesn’t, either use the provided CD to download and install them, or go to the Microsoft official website to do so.
  • Check your system’s Task Manager to determine if they’re installed. Select “Pairing Your Controllers to Your PC” only after that.

Purchasing an Xbox 360 transceiver can be very expensive. 

Alternatively, you can purchase an aftermarket receiver. 

Installing an aftermarket receiver may be a bit of a problem for you. Here’s what you should do. 

How to Install A Aftermarket Receiver 

Running the replica versions necessitates several steps and is far more difficult than the previous way. It still works and is inexpensive. It is also in high competition. Here’s how to set them up.

Step 1: Installing The Driver 

To connect the USB cord to the USB port on the back of your computer and turn it on, you must first install the driver.

To access the Display Settings, use the Microsoft Search Function.Increase the size of the “Other Devices” category on the left sidebar.

When you right-click on “Unknown Device,” you can choose “Update Driver Software” from the context menu that appears.

A new window will open, and you must select “Browse my computer.” Then select “Let me choose from a list of peripherals” from the drop-down menu.

 Continue down the list until you reach “Xbox 360 Peripherals.” Select the device from the drop-down menu and press the “Next” button.

You’ll see a list of numerous models from which to select the most recent.  A warning will appear warning you not to install the driver, but ignore it and click “YES.”

Step 2: Synchronizing

You must synchronize the controller after installing the driver. It’s like synchronizing the soundbar with the TV. All you have to do is press the small “pair” button on the receiver to complete the pairing process. Along with the connect button on the controller’s top.

After that, press the “Guide button” in the center of your wireless controller.  One of the backlights surrounding the Navigation function will look green at this time.

AAfter that, your controller is now ready to be utilized. You are free to begin playing whenever you want.. There are numerous types of aftermarket receivers available on the market.

We’ve chosen some of the highest quality aftermarket receivers for you to test:

Product 01 
Product 02 

These receivers may not be the original but still, they will work as one. They are suggested from customer reviews. 


Question: Why isn’t my Xbox 360 controller working on my PC?

Answer: Install the Xbox 360 Controller Driver from the System Preferences menu. One of the most likely reasons for the Xbox 360 gamepad not working on PC is an older Xbox 360 controller. You must update the controller driver to the most recent version in order to resolve this problem.

Question: How do I link my Xbox 360 to my PC via HDMI?

Answer: On the Xbox 360, verify that all programs on the notebook are closed. Locate the HDMI port on the back of the Console and connect the HDMI cable to it using the provided connector. The remaining half of the Extension cable can be used to link your notebook to a Connector on your TV or projector.

Question: Why isn’t my Xbox 360’s HDMI working?

Answer: The failure of the TV’s HDMI port might have been caused by Console Slim hardware. Use AV/Component cables as a solutionMy TV’s display came back on after I unplugged all of my hard drives (Xbox 360 Slim HDD and USB external HDD) and connected to another HDMI port.

Bottom Line 

Thanks a lot for tagging us till the end. Hope you are clear now about how to connect an Xbox 360 controller to a PC without a receiver. 

You can choose any of these options wired or wireless. Both will do the vest for your gaming enjoyment. 

Best of luck!