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Corsair Headset Mic Not Working? 4 Quick Solutions

Gadget freaks or not, valuable pieces of electronics not working are always painful. Especially if they are high-end appliances like Corsair headsets. 

But it can be tricky to fix appliances without damaging them. Before you get to tinkering, ask yourself this: 

Why is the Corsair headset mic not working?

The issue is most likely software-related. Updating audio drivers or the settings in your computer should fix the problem. It’s very rare to have faulty hardware if it’s only the mic that’s not working. So, check if the apps have access to the mic. Or, if your drivers are up-to-date.

It might be hard to pick up from just this much information. So let’s dive a bit deeper-

The Corsair Headset Mic Not Working: What to Do?

Technology is always advancing, and software is always updating. This is why you need to keep your appliances and their drivers updated. Otherwise newer versions of operating systems won’t support gadgets of old drivers. Or even gadgets from specific brands. 

For example, you might face problems connecting rock band headsets. This is one of the primary reasons causing the Corsair headset mic to not work.

Other reasons include permission or settings-related issues. You might have to grant access to the microphone separately. Or use a specific set of settings.

Allow Access to Corsair Headset

Sometimes when a new device is connected to the computer, they can’t recognize it. So, you need to allow the new device access manually to work. Follow the steps to allow Corsair headset to act as a microphone-

Step 1: Allow Microphone on Device

First, go to ‘Privacy’ after you find your way to ‘Settings’ from ‘Start’. It should be on the main page near the lower left of the screen. Scroll down on the sidebar on the left. You should spot ‘Microphone’ soon.

Click on it and you’ll see ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’. Make sure the toggle under it is on. This should allow the apps to access your microphone.

Step 2: Check Which Apps Have Access

If the problem still persists, scroll down on the page to find a list of apps. You’ll see all of them have a toggle button next to them. If they are on, it means that they have access to the microphone.

Sometimes the case is found in the specific app not having access. For example, your mic won’t work on Fortnite. So if you’ve tried the mic only on a specific app, check if it has access. If it doesn’t, turn the toggle on and it should fix the problem.

Update Audio Drivers

When the drivers in your computer are not updated, they won’t connect with newer models. This can happen with not only headsets but any other external devices. You have to update drivers for each one for them to work properly.

Step 1: Find Correct Driver

The driver needs to match your computer’s specifications. Search for them online and you’ll be able to find them. If you’re not so sure about the specs of your computer, you can try an update helper. 

These are software that find out which drivers your device has and need updates. Once you’ve decided which drivers you need, it’s time to update.

Step 2: Install Updated Drivers

If you’ve manually downloaded the driver file, find its location. Select ‘Run as administrator’ after you right-click on the file. The installer will run. 

If you’re using a driver updater, find the sound driver and click update. That should start the download and installation.

In the installation window, read all the conditions and agree if you’ve no problems. Once it’s installed, the computer should be able to recognize your headset. This way your headset should work perfectly.

Change Default Device

Another problem that prevents the mic from working is other connected devices. Your computer might allow the sound output to be your Corsair headset. But the input device might be set to something else. You need to change the default device in this case.

Step 1: Open Sound Panel

You can go about doing this in two ways. One way is to access the Sound panel from the control panel. Or you could use a shortcut. 

On the lower right of your screen, you’ll see the volume icon on the taskbar. Right-click on it to access the flyout menu. You’ll see ‘Sound’ as one of the options. Clicking on it will take you to the Sound panel.

Step 2: Change Recording Device

On the upper left of the sound panel, you’ll see ‘Recording’. Once you click on it, you’ll be able to access the list of all the microphones. 

From there, you’ll have to find the Corsair headset. A malfunctioning Corsair Void Pro microphone can be fixed as well in this way. Click on the device and select change to default and click ‘Apply’. 

Make sure your headset is connected. You’ll see the headset even when not connected. But the system won’t let you change that to the default device. Change it to default after connecting it to the computer. This should fix the problem.

Resolder Mic Wires

It’s unusual to have a hardware-related problem if only the mics of headsets malfunction. However, it’s not an impossibility. 

In case none of the fixes above work, try rewiring the mic. This requires a bit of technical knowledge. If you have some technical experience to a certain extent, follow the steps-

Step 1: Open The Casing

You’ll have to be alert during this whole procedure. If you tug too hard in the wrong way, the wires might tear. So check for any openings on the casing. Open it properly to expose the wirings on the mic.

Step 2: Rewire The Mic

You’ll see the mic is soldered to a spot. Take notice if there are any loose or torn wires. In that case, you’ll need to rewire that part. If you see the wires are too worn, you might want to rewire all of them. Otherwise, the wire will eventually tear.

You’ll need a soldering iron for this. It needs to be slender enough to be able to reach small spaces. You can try one of the ones below:

Resolder the wires from where they are neat. You can also splice the wires if you don’t want to solder them again.

Once you rewire, you should not have any problems remaining. See? It was not as hard as you thought. You can also avoid Corsair void pro headset issues similarly and relieve yourself from worrying.


Question: How do I know which drivers I need?

Answer: You’ll need to know about your computer’s specs. You can do that in the ‘Settings’. Find ‘About’ in System’. Search for a sound driver for your device specs and you’ll find it online.

Question: Can I use a different mic if I can’t get it to work?

Answer: You can connect a separate microphone, or use the in-built one. Go to the ‘Sound’ panel and find the separate device in ‘Recording’. Set that device to be the default and it should work fine.


Hey there, reader! Hopefully, you’re clear on why your Corsair headset mic is not working. Hoping it’s not a very complex problem you’re facing. In which case you can fix it at home following the steps we provided.

Make sure not to damage the device while trying to fix it. That’s the only thing you need to be careful about. You should be fine otherwise. 

Hoping you won’t face any mishaps. Until later, see you!