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Corsair Void Pro Mic Not Working [Expert Guide]

Technology can be a fickle thing at times. When they malfunction, life can get pretty difficult. One such example of that is when your Corsair Void Pro’s mic stops working.

So, you might be wondering, why is your Corsair Void Pro mic not working?

First of all, your microphone might not have permission from windows to run. Then, the audio drivers may need updates. Another reason could be hardware issues. If nothing works, installing windows updates might get rid of the issue permanently. 

This was just a brief overview. To be effective, you need to understand how to implement these fixes precisely. So bear with us for a moment.

Let’s hop on the wagon and begin the journey!

Corsair Void Pro Mic Not Working: 5 Easy Fixes

Microphones have been a necessity in online gaming. If they stop working, you won’t be able to join in on voice calls during your gaming sessions. Hence, it’s a disastrous situation to be in. 

Below we’ve listed 5 possible fixes that’ll get your mic working again. One of them is most likely to blame for your problem. Let’s dive in to see what they are- 

Fix 1: Checking To See If Microphone Has Access

Your windows has a Privacy option that prevents programs from accessing your mic. There’s a chance you might’ve done that accidentally. If that happens, your mic won’t function on Fortnite. So, it’d be a  good idea to begin there first. Here’s what you’ve to do-

Head over to Settings > Privacy Then click on Microphone under App Permissions. You’ll find this option on your left sidebar. 

Make sure that the slider under Allow Apps To Access Your Microphone is turned on. Or else, It’ll not be usable by any applications. Then, review the list of programs to ensure that the apps you wish to use have access.

Lastly, you’ll need to go to the “Allow Desktop Programs To Use Your Mic” section. Make sure the slider under this heading is switched on. That’s how the programs in your desktop can use your headset.

Fix 2: Checking For Hardware Issues

If your Corsair Void mic still doesn’t function, the problem might be with your computer. Or, it could be the headset itself. To resolve the hardware difficulties, attempt the following steps-

Firstly, you could have a faulty USB port. So, plug in your headset to another USB port of your PC and see if it’s working. You can also connect it to another PC or device for confirmation.

Then, verify that all cables are properly inserted and nothing is left loose. This includes any extensions and the wire for your headset mic. 

Moreover, if you’re using an extension cable, remove it to rule it out as the source of the problem. On that note, here are the top two Corsair extension cables that we suggest.-

Product 1Product 2

These extension cables should be able to do the job seamlessly. Let us now carry on with the discussion.

And finally, the Corsair headset features a mute button. Look for a button located in the middle of the wire of your headset. And, check that you haven’t accidentally activated it. You’ll be able to fix a malfunctioning Razer Kraken mic this way as well.

Fix 3: Installing The Correct Audio Drivers

A device driver tells the operating system how to communicate with specific hardware. If you install the wrong drivers for your headset, it won’t work.

Furthermore, the manufacturers release updates as a response to glitches that were reported by users. So, how do you install driver updates? Let’s find out.

First, unplug as many other connected devices as possible. Only leave your Corsair headset connected. Then, right-click your Start button or press Windows logo key + X to access Device Manager. 

Next, expand “Sound, Video And Game Controllers”. Right-click on High Definition Audio Device and select Update Driver.  

Once you’re there, you’ll be presented with two options. The first option lets your computer search and install the correct drivers automatically. 

And the second option is installing the drivers on your own. If you don’t have internet access, you won’t be able to select the first option.

After your PC has finished installing the correct updates, please reboot your PC. Then, check if your microphone is working. 

On a side note, are you planning on using rock band microphones? They also have a specific driver. So, kindly install them to get the best possible experience. 

Fix 4: Adjusting Audio Settings

Every time you put in your microphone, Windows recognizes it. And then it’ll automatically configure it as the default playing device. However, this is not always the case. You may have to manually configure the default devices and sound settings. Here’s how to do it-

Firstly, right-click on the sound icon in the lower-right corner of your screen. The Sounds option should be visible.

Then, go over to the Recording tab. And click on Headset Microphone Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongle. You should now ensure the Default option is chosen. 

Once you’ve taken care of that, select Properties from Wireless Gaming Dongle. Choose the Levels tab, then drag the Microphone slider to the top and press OK.

There’s a chance you might not see Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongle. This especially happens after installing windows updates

If you fail to see the Wireless Gaming Dongle option, right-click on the empty space. After that, choose Show Disabled Devices. Then, click on the Microphone device once it shows up and select Enable. 

Your microphone is now configured as the default device, and the volume has been increased. Test your microphone to determine whether the problem has been resolved. If so, that’s fantastic! But, if the microphone still doesn’t function, please go to Fix 5 below.

Fix 5: Restarting Windows Services

The Windows Audio service handles audio for programs that run on Windows. Audio devices and effects won’t work correctly if this service is disabled. 

Any services that rely on Windows Services will fail to start if it’s deactivated. That goes for your Corsair mic as well. However, restarting windows services sometimes does the trick. 

To do so, hit the Windows + R key on your keyboard. A pop-up box will appear. Then type services.msc and then press enter. 

A list of Windows services will be shown in the Services window. Locate and right-click the Windows Audio service. From the contextual menu, choose Restart. 

Alternatively, you can right-click and select Stop. Afterward, right-click again and pick Start. Check to see if this resolves the microphone issue.

If that didn’t work, right-click the Windows Audio service and choose Properties from the menu. Ensure that the Startup type is set to Automatic in the Windows Audio services box. If not, change it to Automatic and save your changes by clicking Apply.

Finally, restart your PC to see if that resolves the issue.

If you apply these fixes, your Corsair mic should be working in no time.


Question: Is it safe to use third-party software to install drivers?

Answer: Yes it is. A third-party software will automatically detect the correct software for you and download them. There’s no need to know what operating system is installed on your machine. Or be concerned about downloading the wrong driver either. All you’ve to do is install the drivers once they’ve been downloaded and you’re set.

Question: How do I run the Windows Troubleshooter?

Answer: Windows has a built-in troubleshooter that’ll automatically identify and resolve issues with your mic. To access it, go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. Choose the Recording Audio troubleshooter. Lastly, click Run the Troubleshooter and follow the instructions on-screen.

Question: Will cleaning the mic’s mesh screen make it function?

Answer: Yes. Just like your ear-pods get clogged with dust, the same thing happens to your mic’s mesh. It’s mainly clogged with lint and dust. It’s conceivable that getting rid of all of the debris will cure the problem. Additionally, It’s not a very hard process. All you need do is wipe away whatever is clogging your mic with a toothbrush.


And that’s all we’ve for you today. Hope you now understand the reasons behind your Corsair Void Pro mic not working.

Did you find what you were looking for? Also, take care not to damage the device while attempting to fix it.

Until next time. Good luck!