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How to Fix a Turtle Beach Headset Microphone? [Explained]

Turtle beach headsets are one of the most trendy headsets for gaming. But often you may face certain issues with it. Imagine you’re in the middle of a game and suddenly your mic stops working. Not being able to communicate can ruin the whole gaming experience.

But we will give you the solution, so don’t fret!

How to fix Turtle Beach headset mic?

This issue is commonly caused due to not plugging it incorrectly. Also, it can get disconnected if the cable gets pulled accidentally. Check if the jacks are plugged in the correct port. Check if the cable is working if it still has issues. If the cable is fine, check if your headset has any issues.

We have a detailed description of these steps and many other steps in our article. So if you still have this issue, let’s jump into the article!

How To Fix A Turtle Beach Headset Mic? Basic Fixes

Through the evolution of headphones, we have seen 3 types. Dual Jack, Single jack, and wireless headphones. Different kinds of headphones have different ways of working. Moreover, you’ll also face mic issues with hyperx cloud 2.

But don’t panic because these small issues can be fixed quite easily.

We have mentioned some troubleshooting steps to help you fix your Headset microphone. Here are some easy fixes for this common problem-

Check the Plug-in Ports and Jacks

Start with the basics. Check if the port is clean and doesn’t have anything stuck inside it. Often dirt gets trapped inside the ports. It troubles the jack to connect properly.

Also, check if the cable is connected to the right port. The dual jack headphones have 2 different ports for input and output. Connect them accordingly from both ends.

If you’re using an old device, it’s likely to support only dual jack headphones. Check if your device is updated enough to support wireless or single jack headphones. Even if it’s not updated, your single jack headphone’s output audio may still work. But the mic won’t support it. 

In that case, you’ll only need to use a splitter to fix your issue.

If you’re using an updated laptop or desktop, you’ll see both kinds of ports. For double jack and single jack. Just plug it in the port with the “headset” sign for single jack headphones. You can also try to fix razer kraken mic issues following the steps.

Check if the Cable is Faulty

Use a multimeter to check if the cable is broken internally. Touch one tip of the multimeter on one sleeve of the jack. Do the same for the other jack.

In case you don’t own a multimeter, here are some of our recommendations-

Product 1
Product 2

There should be a beep from the multimeter if the circuit is complete. If it doesn’t beep, it means the cable is broken from the inside. You’ll have to get new cables in that situation. 

By now you’ve done the basics of checking up your headphone mic. Wireless headsets like AirPods mic have different procedures to fix. If the mic still doesn’t work, don’t panic already. There are other ways to fix your issue. 

Intermediate Fixes for Turtle Beach Headset Mic

If the basic fixes couldn’t help you with your issues, these should be enough for you. These steps are a little bit more complicated than the previous ones. But with proper instructions, you can go through them easily. 

So let’s start troubleshooting!

Find Hardware Issues

Check if the headphones themselves are faulty. In that case, there is no point in trying to fix the mic. 

Here’s how you can check if your headphones are faulty. You can connect the headphones to another device. For example, your cellphone. Use the audio recorder or make a call to test if both input and output are working. 

If not, it’s confirmed that it is your headphones that are out of order.

Check and Fix in Settings

If you’re using a PC, head to your desktop. This works on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Here are the things you can do.

Locate the sound icon on the taskbar. Right-click and choose open sound settings. Make sure the Turtle Beach headset mic is selected in the “Input”. There is a segment labeled “ test your microphone” right below it. 

Reconnect the mic jack (pink). You’ll get a notification asking you what you just plugin. On the bottom right corner, select “ mic in”.

There is one more thing you can try. After right-clicking on the speaker icon, select the recording device. In the playback tab, set the mic in default settings. Get in the control panel. Then, select “sound”. Navigate the recording tab and open it.

Right-click inside the window. Then select show disabled devices. If you find your headphones on the list, simply enable them.  

Update the Drivers

If you’re using an old or wrong version of the headphone driver, the microphone on your Turtle Beach headphones won’t operate. Updating your headphone drivers is a fast and simple way to repair your mic problem. 

Drivers can be updated both manually or automatically.

You can install the drivers manually from the official website of Turtle Beach headsets. Select the correct version of your software. To finish the driver update, follow the on-screen instructions for your headphones and computer model.

If you prefer to update drivers the automated way, there are several apps to help you with that. Download a driver updating app. Usually, you have to scan your pc with that app. And it will show you the driver updates you need.

You can also just simply plug the Turtle Beach headset out, then reboot your device. Then Reconnect the Turtle Beach headset. Doing so will make the device install its built-in drivers again. This may repair your mic settings.

A reboot is required after the driver updates on Windows 10.

Microphone Settings For Individual Apps

In some cases, your microphones may be working fine. But the software isn’t using it. Allow your applications access to your Turtle Beach microphone. So that you can use it on your PC. To do that,

Navigate Settings> Privacy>Microphone. 

Check that you’ve given applications permission to access your microphone. And the apps you wish to use with your headset microphone have that permission.

Hopefully, these fixes can get your mic working. If not, it is suggested to contact a professional.


Question: How to reset a Turtle Beach headset?

Answer: Turn the headset on. Push down the Bluetooth and the mode button together for 10 seconds. The blue light will turn off. This indicates the headphone has been reset.

Question: Why can I hear but not speak over the headphones?

Answer: Check to see if the headset is muted. Check the mute button on the headset controls to do so.

Question: Why isn’t the microphone functioning in Fortnite?

Answer: Check to see whether voice chat is enabled in your settings and if you’re using the Push-to-Talk option.


So, these are all the solutions we have for how to fix Turtle Beach headset mic segments. We hope we were able to help you fix your Turtle Beach headset mic.

If you still couldn’t find your solution, we suggest contacting a professional.

Until next time, good luck!