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Fortnite Mic Not Working [4 Common Problems]

Ever been in a situation when your Fortnite mic is not working? It is very difficult to communicate with your friends when the mic malfunctions while playing. Many players faced a similar problem and didn’t know what to do.

But do not worry anymore because we are here to help!

What to do when your Fortnite mic is not working?

We will observe both the internal and external aspects of this problem. Some possible reasons are not using your mic as the default device, not updating the audio driver and windows. Not accepting permission to use the mic on your PC or console is another reason. Lastly, check if there is anything wrong with the microphone itself.

Still, having problems with the mic? To know more continue reading the detailed breakdown. We have a few other solutions which might work as well.

Let’s jump in!

Fortnite Mic Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It

Fortnite mic not working is a common problem for players who prefer communicating in voice chat. Most of the time players do not realize that the problem is very easy to solve. But what’s hard is detecting the issue. This is quite similar to other mics like Razer Kraken mics not working.

Hence, we have provided some troubleshooting steps and problems along with their solutions. Follow our guide to fix your issues without any hassle.

Problem 1 of 4: Not Setting the Mic As Default Device

Many players got their problem solved by setting the mic as the default device. Sometimes the PC or console that you are playing on does not recognize the microphone. You need to set the mic as the default recording device on your PC or gaming console.


Firstly, the voice chat of Fortnite must be disabled. Go to the settings menu by clicking the drop-down menu at the top right. Click the settings icon to open it.

Then go to audio settings where you will find the option to turn off voice chat. Turn off voice chat by clicking the apply button. 

Now exit the game and go to your desktop taskbar to go to sound settings by clicking the sound icon. Click on the Recording tab and set the microphone as the default device. You can also follow these methods for any other mics like phasmophobia mic not working.  

In the end, disable all the devices connected to your PC except the mic. Open Fortnite back on to check if the mic works.

Problem 2 of 4: Not Updating Audio Driver 

Not updating the audio driver might be the reason why your Fortnite mic is not working. We provided a detailed guideline of how an audio driver can be updated.

You may update the audio driver manually or automatically. Updating, either way, may help solve the problem.

Solution 1 [Updating Manually]

Updating the audio driver manually should be done carefully. Because you need the right audio driver software version. The driver should be compatible with your device and windows version.

Start by going to the hardware manufacturer’s website where you will find the software. Search the latest version for your audio driver.

Solution 2 [Updating Automatic]

On the other hand, updating the audio driver automatically requires little or no effort. There is less chance of downloading the wrong software and the wrong version.

After you download the latest audio driver software, install it on your PC. Click on “update automatically” when the option is popped on the screen. It will update as the Windows updates.

Problem 3 of 4: Not Updating Windows

For this section, you need to check if your Windows is up to date with the latest version or not. This is because the audio may not work with the older version which might cause the problem. This might be the case for other mics like Astro A10 mic not working


To update your Windows to its latest version, look for the Windows search box. Type “update”  and press enter and then you will find a pop-up window.

Look for the latest updates of Windows and install them. There you have it! The Windows is updated and now you will check whether your mic works or not.

Problem 4 of 4: Check Access Permission For Your Mic

This is one of the most common issues people face with their Fortnite mic. If you do not let the Fortnite application use your microphone then it won’t work. Hence, allow the app to get access to your mic. 


To go to the permissions, look for the settings menu. For convenience, use the Windows search box and type, “Settings”. Then look for the option, “privacy” and click on it.

Search for the microphone option and click on it after you find it. Now select change and turn on the microphone for this device. Also, allow all apps access to your mic.

If you don’t want other app access except a few then look for Fortnite in the list of app access. Now test the microphone in Fortnite to see if it works.

Alternate Solutions

The above-mentioned solutions are generally supposed to work. But if they, however, don’t work for you, don’t feel distressed. Because we’ve prepared additional solutions to help you fix your problem. This is only if the aforementioned solutions do not work. 

Chances are these solutions might work if the above does not work. 

Solution 1 of 4: Delete And Install Fortnite

This is a common solution that even you might have an idea of. Look for the game library on your device where you will find Fortnite. Select the options menu and uninstall Fortnite from your PC.

If it’s necessary to download Fortnite again then do it. Reinstall the game so that all the game settings become default. Restart your PC and test the mic to see if it works.

Solution 2 of 4: Restart Windows Audio Service

For this one, click on the Windows icon which is on the bottom left corner of your desktop screen. Select “services.msc”, from the drop-down option. Click OK to continue.

Finally, look for Windows audio and right-click on it. Then Click on the restart before you close the window. Now open the Fortnite game to check if the mic works.

Solution 3 of 4: Try Logging Out And In

The Fortnite game server might be under maintenance sometimes. Considering the fact that the server is out of your control, the mic might end up not working.

Hence, try logging out and in out of the game to check if the mic is working or not. If there are any new updates of the game then update before you log in and test the mic.

Solution 4 of 4: Get A New Microphone

This usually does not occur when you recently bought a mic. However, if all the above-mentioned solutions do not then get a new one.

You must check the condition of your mic first. If the mic works on other devices then the mic is alright.

Choosing a good mic is difficult but we can help you with it. Here are some of our suggestions:

Product 1
Product 2 

These are the best ones in the market. And you can use this without any worries. So get one and set it up and use it. 

So that was all regarding Fortnite not working. We hope this guide will be helpful for you!


Question: Why can’t I hear or speak on Fortnite?

Answer: Sometimes this happens due to the parental control which is turned on. Turn off the Filter Mature Language and turn on the voice chat. This can be done on the parental control setting page.

Question: Why is my headset not picking up my voice?

Answer: This usually happens when your audio driver is not updated. Update your audio driver up to the latest version on your PC. The update can be done either manually or automatically. Make sure you choose the accurate one for your audio driver and your version of Windows.

Question: How do I fix my headset mic?

Answer: At first you have to determine what’s the problem with your headset. Sometimes the problem is related to cables or headphone jack or dust and dirt. Based on the problem, solutions will be determined. The cable problem as an example will be solved by getting a new cable.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what to do when a Fortnite mic is not working. We tried to provide the easiest guide. So follow our guide properly for the best result.

If any one of our solutions does not work, you should consider taking your microphone and console to the nearest gaming repair shop. The professional gaming mechanic knows best.

See you again!