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Hisense TV Blue Light ON But No Picture: 5 Reasons & Solutions

Hisense is popular for their cutting-edge televisions with outstanding modern features. But sometimes the Hisense TV users get stuck with no picture on the screen.

What’s the reason for Hisense TV blue light on but no picture?

This problem can happen for various factors. If the power cable of the TV or outlet is damaged, the picture gets deformed. Poor WiFi connection can be the culprit too. Many times the TV has no picture because of bugs in the extra streaming device. The hardware of the TV can also cause this problem.

Don’t get all worked up and panicked! I’ve prepared this easy-to-read guide to help you fix your TV.

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Why Hisense TV Blue Light ON but No Picture? 

Hisense TV can stop showing pictures for several reasons. All electronic devices, from TVs to faulty airpod mics can stop working due to software issues. 

Check the factors that can cause the ‘no picture’ condition in your TV:

Reason 1: Problems in the Connection Cable 

One of the main reasons for the blue screen of Hisense TV is a loose connection. TVs are powered by different cables. The TV might show a blue screen for a single faulty cable or port.

The problem can happen in the power cord or any other input cord. Nowadays lots of additional devices are used with the TV. If these devices are not connected properly, they can produce blue light.

Reason 2: WiFi Issues 

The Hisense television won’t be able to show high-quality pictures with a weak WiFi signal. Even the screen can turn blue because of WiFi issues.

Reason 3: Streaming Devices Not Working 

TV performance increases by folds because of streaming devices. Yet again, these devices can also cause a blue light. These devices have their issues. 

As a result of the issues, the tv boxes can stop producing a picture. And then the Hisense TV screen can turn blue. You’ve to be careful while connecting devices just like connecting Rock Band mics to PCs.

Reason 4: Damaged Back-light 

TV screens need enough light for producing bright pictures. They get the appropriate amount of light from the backlight board. If the backlight fails the screen can turn blue.

The method of checking the backlight is very easy. You can actually do it by yourself. 

Turn off all the lights in the room to check it. Do it when the TV screen turns blue. Take a powerful flashlight and throw light on the screen.

Try to find out if there is any blurry image in the background. The backlight of your Hisense TV is damaged if there is an image.

Reason 5: Miscellaneous Problems 

Besides all these problems some miscellaneous issues can also cause blue light. Sometimes your Hisense TV can have a hardware problem. Also, software-related issues can prevent the TV from showing pictures. 

As Hisense television is a sophisticated device, you might be unable to find the issue. You will need to contact the service center to detect these problems. 

These are all the possible causes behind the no picture with blue light problem. It’s time to solve the issues!

Fixing Hisense TV Blue Light on But No Picture 

Repairing the Hisense TV is not as hard as repairing turtle beach mics. But to fix your TV you must know the correct steps. I will guide you through the whole process to avoid any mishaps. 

Step 1: Power Cycle the Hisense TV 

The first thing you have to do is to restart your Hisense television. This process is also known as power cycling the TV. A simple restart often sorts out different electrical problems.

To restart the TV, first shut it down. Then disconnect all the cables from the television. Press the power button for about 20 seconds and release it. Wait for 2 minutes before reconnecting the TV. Turn on the TV and check whether it is fixed or not.

Step 2: Check the Power Outlet 

The next step is to check the power outlet to which your TV is connected. If you are using a surge protector with your TV, remove it. Then plug in the television and see if the blue screen is gone or not.

You can also try other devices in the same outlet. Then the condition of the outlet can be confirmed. You should test the surge protector separately. 

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Step 3: Try a Different Power Outlet 

Sometimes electrical devices work weirdly. Only testing the outlet will not be enough. Try to connect your TV to another working power outlet. There are some benefits of doing this.

This step will help to detect any existing problem with the power cable of the TV. Any loose connection can be detected from the other outlet too.

Step 4: Reset Any Additional Device 

Bugs in the streaming device or TV box that can result in a blue screen. The TV screen will freeze and stop showing any picture in this condition. By resetting the additional devices you can resolve this problem.

You will find the resetting method on the user manual of the devices. If you don’t have any, follow my instructions. 

Disconnect the device from the TV and turn it off. Then unplug it from the outlet. 

Press the power button for some moments and reconnect all the cables. This should reset the additional device. Turn on your television and check it.

Step 5: Reset Your WiFi Router  

Faulty WiFi connection is a common factor behind blue screens. For that you have to fix the WiFi problems. The best way to do it is by resetting it. Some WiFis have Rest buttons on them. While others need to be disconnected from the power for resetting.

Step 6: Reset the Hisense TV 

The last thing to do to fix your Hisense TV is to reset it. Resetting and restarting are two different things. The TV will go back to its factory settings when you rest it.

Go to the Menu and choose the Support option and select the Self Diagnosis option. You will find the Reset option inside it. Choose the Reset option and enter the security code if needed. Then the TV will start to reset itself. 

These are all the steps of solving the blue light issue of the Hisense TV. Take the TV to the service center if the problem is not fixed..


Question: Do Hisense TVs have a reset button?

Answer: Yes, Hisense TVs have a reset button. You can reset it from the internal settings option. New models have a physical button on the backside. Pressing it for some moments will reset the TV.

Question: What causes LED backlight failure?

Answer: LED backlight failure generally happens due to damage to the circuit board. The backlight is nothing but a complex electrical circuit. Overflow of electricity or any large blow can damage it.

Question: How much does it cost to replace the backlight on the TV?

Answer: Replacing the backlight on the TV can cost from $100 to $130. But this price is highly dependent on the model of the TV. Authorized service centers will charge more.


That should fix the problem of Hisense TV blue light on but no picture. Hope this guide helped!

Disconnect the TV from power when it is not in use. This will protect the TV from voltage up-downs. The lifespan of the circuit board will increase too.

Good luck!