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How to Fix The HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working?

A microphone like the HyperX Cloud Stinger is very helpful for gaming. But by not working at crucial moments the mic can cause a riot. A dysfunctional mic needs to be fixed immediately.

But how to fix the HyperX Cloud Stinger mic not working?

There are several techniques to fix a HyperX Cloud Stinger mic. The first strategy is to check the cable connections. Then you’ve to make sure that the mic can access audio on your computer. Also, the drivers must be updated for the proper functions. The operating system must be bug-free too.

To fix your mic you have to identify the problem first. Then you need to go through a detailed procedure to set them up. Kindly give a read to our article for the easiest solutions.

Why is HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working?

There are several reasons for which your HyperX Cloud Stinger mic might not be working. To make them work again you have to identify the problem at first. 

For that, you have to check all the possible causes your mic may face. We have talked about all the probable circumstances for which the mic is not working below.

Reason 1: Loose Cable Connections

From HyperX mic to Razer Kraken mic not working, faulty connections are a common problem. The problem can be on both ends. That means your mic may have loose cables. Also, there is the possibility that your input port is damaged. 

Reason 2: Necessary Permissions Not Granted 

For audio transition, the device will need special permissions from the computer administration. These approvals enable the mic to access sensitive information like audio. If these permissions are not granted the mic will never transfer audio. 

Reason 3: Computer Having Backdated Drivers 

Drivers are the set of files that relate computer hardware with its operating system. If the drivers are not updated the mic will not synchronize with the operating system. Thus it won’t work suitably. 

Reason 4: Bug in the Operating System

The operating system is the brain of a computer system. Sometimes there are bugs in the operating system of the computer. As a result, the hardware of the computer doesn’t work finely. This case can be the reason behind your HyperX mic not working. 

How to Fix HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic Not Working? 

Now that you know the reasons behind your mics problem you can solve them. We have prepared an easy guideline to fix the mic. Read below to make the HyperX Cloud Stinger mic work again.

Step 1: Check the Cable Connection 

The first thing that you need to do is to check the connection. Though there’s no cable connection to check if you’re trying to fix Airpod mic problems. Check if the mic is connected firmly in the correct port. 

If you are confused try plugging the mic in other available ports. Also, check the cables for any tearing or disconnection. You can check the mic by connecting with another device to make sure it is okay.

Step 2: Enable Computer Audio Device 

The audio devices must be authorized to carry audio signals. If more than one audio device is connected you must check if the HyperX mic is enabled. To do so go to the sound setting from your taskbar on your desktop. You can also visit sound settings from the control panel. 

There you’ll see the audio device section. Give a tick beside all the speakers and mics you want to use with your computer.

Step 3: Update the Driver of Your Computer 

As mentioned earlier, drivers are the link between software and hardware. To keep your computer smoothly running you must update your drivers. You can do them manually or can take help from third-party software. To do it manually, find the driver option from the control panel and update them. 

You can also use the third-party software which will take care of your driver updates. Here are software products that you can use for your convenience.


Keep your computer drivers always updated. This will ensure the proper function of all the hardware of your computer. We hope our suggested products will assist you properly.

Step 4: Set HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic As Default Device 

Problems like the Fortnite mic not working can be solved by setting the mic as the default audio device. By doing this setting you will make your mic the primary device for transmitting audio. The step is pretty simple. Just go to the Sound section from the control panel. Find your HyperX Cloud Stinger mic there. Click on it and check the ‘Set as default device’ option. Once you are done save the changed settings. We hope now your mic is working fine.

Step 5: Check Computer Audio Level Settings

Low sound levels can cause audio output problems. This might give you the feeling that your HyperX microphone is not working. So you have to make sure that the audio level is set at a hearing level. 

For that- go to the Sound section from the control panel. From there go to the headset/microphone tab. Select your device and right-click on it. Click on properties and you will find ‘level’ there. Increase the level if it is at a low level.

Step 6: Shutdown Other Softwares Accessing Microphone

There might be software that is blocking your HyperX mic from functioning. To prevent that from happening, turn off/shut-down software that has access to the microphone. Especially disable third-party software such as Realtek software.

Communicating apps like Zoom, Skype, Discord, etc. have direct access to the microphone. These applications can prevent your mic from working. So to solve your problem, turn them off or disable them.

Step 7: Make Sure HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic Isn’t Muted

Often users forget to check the mute option of the HyperX Cloud Stinger mic. As a result, the mic doesn’t work even when it is set up well. There are options on your mic system to turn them mute externally. The mic of your Cloud Stinger mic will go mute if the mic is flipped up. So check that properly. Keep the HyperX mic unmuted and then check if it is working or not.

Step 8: Check the Audio Settings of the Software/Game

Sometimes the problem of audio transmission is in the software itself. Check the audio from the software’s settings section. Make sure the audio is turned on. See if there is the option to tick-mark your HyperX mic. Also, the audio level inside the software should be at the audible level.

Step 9: Reinstall the Operating System 

Your operating system might have bugs if the above steps don’t solve your problem. Reinstalling Windows will be the best solution in this case. When you reinstall the system, all the prevailing bugs will be removed. Besides that, your computing experience will become more smooth.

Step 10: Contact with the Manufacturer

Contacting the manufacturer is the last resort in case all your fixing attempts fail. Contact HyperX support and explain your problem to them. Follow their troubleshooting methods thoroughly. Hopefully, you will get the fix you are looking for.

These are all the possible solutions you can try to fix your HyperX mic. If you fail to fix the mic after trying all these systems your mic probably has hardware issues. 

In this circumstance take your mic to a repair center for the best result. Or replace your mic with a new one. In that case here are a list of options you can go for-

Product 1Product 2


Question: Are HyperX Mics durable?

Answer: HyperX mics are very durable. This brand makes reliable and strong mics that will have a long-lasting lifetime. Even the lower-end models of HyperX are tough to withstand a couple of droppings.

Question: Is the HyperX Cloud Stinger mic removable?

Answer: HyperX Cloud is designed in a way that will give the best experience to its users. For that reason, the HyperX Cloud Stinger has a detachable mic. This feature is very helpful for the users. Because detachable mics allow users to position the mic according to their convenience.

Question: What is the difference between Cloud Stinger and Cloud Stinger core?

Answer: The main difference between these 2 mics is in their speaker system. Cloud Stinger has 50mm speakers at 30 ohms. It has a mic that mutes when flipped up. The padding is of faux leather. But Cloud Stinger Core has 40mm speakers at 16 ohms. And it has a mic with mute and volume functions on the cable. The padding here is of cloth.

Bottom Line 

We have provided our best methods to solve your problem of HyperX Cloud Stinger Mic not working. We hope that our article will be of best use to you. Follow our given steps carefully to get the best fix. 

Good luck!