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Why Is Your iPhone Showing Charging but Battery Percentage Not Increasing: 7 Easy Solutions

Do you know what is the most annoying thing? Your iPhone’s battery percentage is not increasing but it’s showing charging! But don’t need to worry, here I am to make a smile on your annoyed face. 

Why is the iPhone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing?

You know there can be 2 different types of reasons for this charging problem. One is the software/application-related problem. And the second one is problems related to your iPhone’s hardware. Most of them are pretty easy to solve but some are tricky. No worries though, this article will help you. 

But this is not all. You will get more in-depth information if you keep reading till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s dig in!

Why My iPhone Is Getting Power but The Battery Icon Isn’t Increasing

Assume that it’s 7 in the morning on a weekday. You wake up at your office and see the battery of your iPhone is almost dead. That’s why you plug that on charging and go for a shower. 

And you came back from the shower after 30 minutes. You went to check out your phone for important notifications. And you saw your iPhone is charging but the battery is not growing

Tell me won’t you get anxious? 

I know it’s frustrating right! There might be so many causes for having this kind of problem. But the reasons can be divided into two parts. 

  • Software/Application related problem.
  • Hardware-related problems.

These hardware and software-related problems can be the cause of another problem. That is the iPhone is charging but the battery is going down. But the good news is the solutions are pretty much the same.

Sometimes you’ll find your AirPods mic is not working. Which is also annoying right! 

Software/Application Related Problems with Easy Solutions

There can be some software-related problems that are easy to solve. Then again some software-related problems can be a little more difficult. But no worries, I’m here with both of the solutions for you. 

Reason 1: Background Is Full of apps  

Many applications can be run in the background which is a common reason for this problem. Those apps consume so much energy that sometimes it gets difficult to hold the energy. 

Solution: Clear Apps and Restart iPhone

Assume that you have the iPhone with the power button. Then you just need to press that power button twice which will open the running background apps. 

Then you just need to swipe upwards to clean those up. 

What if your iPhone has no power button! You just need to turn on the main screen. Then just keep swiping from down age.  

You will find all the running apps and you just gotta swipe them up to clear. 

After clearing all the running background apps you just need to restart your iPhone. Suppose the iPhone 6s is getting power but the battery icon is not rising. This process is also applicable for iPhone SE 2/8/7/6.

Press and hold the side power button until the slider appears. After swiping to the right it will take 30 seconds to shut down the phone. 

Again push and contain the power button like this until the logo appears. 

What if your iPhone 11 is getting power but the battery icon is not rising! Then you just need to push and keep holding either of the volume buttons and power buttons. You need to hold them at the same time until the phone is turned off.

Then you need to push the side power button. And keep it like this until the phone starts. This process is also applicable for the iPhone 10/11/12/13 series. 

It is a pretty easy way, right? Using a rock band microphone is also easy if you know the proper way. 

Reason 2: WiFi or a Normal Network Can Be a Problem  

Suppose while charging you keep the wifi or mobile data kept turned on on your iPhone. Then it can be a reason for battery draining. So is my time’s normal network also can be a reason.

Solution: Turn on Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode prevents all kinds of networks. So turning on airplane mode while charging can be a solution.

Reason 3: Out-dated Applications.

Outdated applications can also be a reason. The iPhone 12 is getting power but the battery icon is not a problem. And all the other models as well.

Solution: Update All the Apps ASAP. 

You just have to go for the settings option. Find whether the iPhone needs any kind of update or not. If the system or apps needed any update just do it asap. 

Reason 4: Firmware Problem    

Firmware is the connection between the software and the hardware. Firmware problems can also cause the iPhone 7 plus to get power but the battery icon is not rising. And also for every other iPhones.

Solution: Applying DFU Mode

DFU stands for device firmware update. Sometimes this update is needed to keep your iPhone healthy. DFU update can also cure iPhone 7 from getting power but the battery icon is not a rising problem.

I think one of all these solutions can cure your iPhone charging problem. The iPhone shows charging but the battery percentage does not increase. The problem can also be solved by these.  

Hardware Related Problems with Easy Solutions     

There can be hardware-related problems with your iPhone. Which can cause iPhone x showing charging but battery percentage does not increase the problem. 

This is applicable for other iPhone models as well.

Reason 5: Dirt in the Charging Port

Sometimes your iPhone can get dirt in its charging port which creates problems while charging. And this is the most common problem.

Solution: Cleaning Charging Port 

The cleaning process is pretty much simple. All you need is an old toothbrush or a piece of cloth. You just need to rub your charging port with the old toothbrush or the cloth. 

Rub it a couple of times and jerk the phone. So that the dirt comes out easily.

Reason 6: Problem with the Charging Cable 

Sometimes the charging cable doesn’t work properly. Which creates an obstacle to charging your iPhone properly. 

Solution: Change the Cable

If you find the cable is damaged then it’s better to change it soon. Because a damaged cable can damage your charging port as well. Which can lead to another hassle for you. 

I would like to recommend some chargers and cables for your convenience:

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I hope these products will help you out with your problem.

Reason 7: Problems with Internal Hardware

If you are using your iPhone for a long time then the internal hardware can get damaged. 

There can be problems with the charging port, fl11, dock connector, u2 charging ic, or the battery. Which can affect the smooth charging system of your iPhone. 

Solution: Take Help from Experts

It can be found that there is no problem with the software and charging port or cable. Then you need to understand that there are some internal issues. Which is quite hard to resolve at the house.

I want you to recommend taking your iPhone to the Apple store. Either give the phone to a trusted iPhone repairing shop. In both places, they will find the problem and resolve it for you. 

A Special Tip: Reset Your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone can be an easy solution for software-related problems. By resetting your documents your charging problem can be solved. You can do this just like resetting a power bank


Question: Why is my battery percentage not going up while charging?

Answer: Whichever cell phone you are using, the reasons and solutions can be the same as the iPhone. So, you need to find out what’s the main cause of the charging problem. And resolve it according to the way described in the article.

Question: Why is my iPhone staying at the same percentage?

Answer: The reasons can be two types. One is software problems and the second one is hardware problems. In both cases, it’s quite easy to resolve if there is no internal complicated issue.  

Question: Why is my iPhone charging but not increasing?

Answer: The answer is pretty simple. There are some problems with your hardware or software. Which I have described properly in my articles. Hope that it will help you out to take care of the issue. 


I think all the information in my article will help you out. And you will be able to solve the iPhone showing charging but the battery percentage not increasing.

Thanks for staying with my article for this whole time. Stay safe!