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IPX Waterproof Ratings IPX4 IPX5 IPX6 IPX7 IPX8 [A Detailed Guide!]

IPX waterproof readings are quite important that not everyone knows. But even if some of us know its importance, it becomes confusing at times. Because the label indications vary from thing to thing and can confuse us at times.

What are the IPX waterproof ratings IPX4 IPX5 IPX6 IPX7 IPX8?

All these ratings indicate that the devices can go against the water. But not all these are waterproof but water-resistant. Devices with ratings IPX4 and IPX5 can withstand splashes of water. But IPX6 and IPX7 rating devices can go more. And devices with an IPX8 rating can actually go far beyond that.

This is the very basic that you looked at. Keep reading to know the details of each one in-depth.

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What is IPX Water-proof Rating?

IPX are the 3 letters abbreviating 3 terms. The first two letters, Ip, refer to ingress protection. This metric assesses a device’s resistance to solid and liquid materials. 

IPX0 to IPX8 are the typical IP ratings. The term “IP” denotes that the number is an international one. The third digit, “X,” stands for solid things safety. 

The fourth digit denotes resistance to liquids such as water. When you see IPX8, for instance, it signifies that the item is entirely waterproof. 

This one can be a driving factor if you see your iPod mic has issues. And there might be an issue to fix it every time.

It can also be totally immersed in water but it has not been tested for solid things. X stands for “not verified.” A product’s IP rating is not assigned by the firm that makes it. 

But, an IP Rating is assigned to an item after it has been tested by an outside certified entity.

As a result, an IPX rating is quite important to notice. You can easily say when you can use a material. The withstand power and ability can be known through this.

And this helps you differentiate between IPX4, Ip55, or IPX5 along with many other ones.

Why is It Necessary to Know The IPX Ratings?

The IPX rating determines where your gadget can be used. If you’re buying a speaker for indoor usage, for example, you might not need to know the IPX rating. 

Because it is unlikely to be exposed to water or debris in the home. Nevertheless, if you’re purchasing a speaker for outside use, you can get caught in the rain. 

You can go to the beach or to the pool. You might go to places where you might be exposed to water. 

Know where you’ll utilize a device like a portable Bluetooth speaker before you buy it. Which IPX-rated speaker is right for you? 

Do you require an IPX8 waterproof speaker or only an IPX5 speaker? And this IPX can answer your query about this one. 

Therefore, you would be able to decide your purchase. Without prior knowledge of it, there’s a high chance of facing difficulties.

IPX Water-proof Ratings

Here, I would describe all the IPX ratings in detail as much as needed. Thus, you would have a good idea about which one to use when. Take a look below-

IPX4 Rating

You would come up with a number of devices having these IPX ratings. Because this rating is one of the typical ones to find in the market.

IPX4 rating means the devices can withstand water splashes all the time. It wouldn’t be an issue of the direction the water splashes come from. 

Thus, you can be tension-free of the water splashes with devices having IPX4. But you should remember one thing. 

These devices with IPX4 do not get along with intense water flow. That means it can resist water but is not waterproof. 

And for this, you have to know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant.

In addition to that, these IPX4 devices are not tested for solids. Thus, you must ensure that you know the limitations for the devices having IPX4 ratings.

IPX5 Rating

Devices that have IPX5 ratings can defend water too. In addition, these devices can actually go far beyond the water splashes.

Because these devices can withstand water jets. But this has to be under low pressure. And it’s not examined for solids too. 

Remember that the devices with this rating are fine in rain or showers. They won’t get any type of damage as the water pressure is low.

But taking these devices in the swimming pool would not be a good action. Because the pressure of the water is too high there. 

This would damage the device as it is not waterproof.

IPX6 Ratings

The IPX6 rating devices are something that is almost waterproof. But unfortunately, these are still water-resistant but not waterproof.

Devices with IPX6 ratings can definitely withstand water. It does not matter whether the pressure is high or low. 

Because you can easily take these devices to the water with high pressure. But remember to maintain one thing. You can not submerge the devices with this rating.

Because devices with IPX6 ratings are not meant to be submerged in water. You can take these devices to a water park too. Just make sure to not submerge it in water.

Not to forget that these are not verified for solid.

IPX7 Ratings

If you are planning to buy a device with an IPX7 rating, you’re lucky. Because you can be absolutely stress-free about water exposure to your device.

This is due to its ability to let go of the water harm to devices. You can expect to take these devices to any water place without a doubt. 

Devices with IPX7 ratings are not water-resistant but waterproof. That means it does not matter whether it’s little or much water exposure. 

You can even submerge these devices up to 100cm of depth for half a minute. These are easily washable. 

Because you can just take water and wash these without having any tension. These devices do not have any damage washing with water.

Nevertheless, these are not tested for solids.

IPX8 Ratings

IPX8 is the highest rating you can find on devices. These devices are entirely waterproof and can withstand any water stuff.

You can just submerge it or keep it under an intense water flow anytime. And you would see no negative effect on your device. 

If you want, you can put these devices in the water at a depth of 100cm. And the time could be at least 1 minute long or more. 

The time duration can increase which basically depends on the manufacturer. Thus, the duration can vary from one company to another.

But it is generally 1 minute long at the least.

Washing these devices with such an IPX rating is like playing a fun game. Because you can always wash these devices with water easily without any tension.

There won’t be any damage. There might be some other reason other than water damage that causes the malfunction of the mic.

And these are the waterproof IPX ratings of devices. Hope you’re clear about it now.


Question: Is IPX5 or 7 better to use?

Answer: IPX5 indicates that the lamp is proven to withstand high-pressure water jets from a direction. It also has water jets with greater pressure. When submerged in water, the light has an IPX7 rating, indicating that it is waterproof. But this must be 1m long and last for 25 minutes.

Question: Can I take my IPX5 in the shower?

Answer: No, you may not want to take your IPX5 in the shower. Because these are able to withstand only about 8 to 12 minutes of water. But the water has to be sprayed or so. That means you can not get it along with water in full swing. Thus, it is better not to take any risk to take it in the shower.

Question: Is it okay if I take IPX6 in the shower?

Answer: Yes, you can take your IPX6 in the shower if you want. But remember the time you are using it in the shower. Because these are able to withstand the shower water for like 30 minutes. And it’s better to take it off after 25 minutes for safety. Thus, you can take IPX6 considering these.

The Final Words

Now you know about the IPX waterproof rating IPX4 IPX5 IPX6 IPX7 IPX8! I believe that I got your concern clarified.

Remember one thing. Always try to prevent your IPX from getting dust while you are outside. This would keep your IPX fresh and in good condition.

All the best!