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Why My Mic Keeps Cutting Out PS4 [Explained]

You’re in the middle of a steamy game and the sound keeps cutting out. What can be worse than that? The slightest disturbance in your mic can spoil the whole PS4 gaming experience. Now, knowing what’s causing the issue is the first step toward finding a solution.

The question is, why my mic keeps cutting out PS4?

Your headset mic can cause problems due to faulty hardware or software configuration. Firstly, you should check for all aspects of hardware issues. Then move to check the PS4 setting and audio settings. At times, overused mic cable can be loose on the port and cut the sound out.

Still unsure where to begin? Don’t worry. In this step-by-step guide, we’ve explained how to find the problem and solve it. 

If you can feel the “Need For Speed”, let’s jump to it. 

Reasons Behind Mic Cutting Out PS4 (With Solutions)

Talking during an online multiplayer game is very essential. It helps you to strategize well. Moreover, discussing every step of your move brings another level of thrill. Now, having a problem with sound can funk up communication.  

You always want the best microphone for gaming. Let’s face it. Sound cutting off during a game isn’t a new thing for us.

Don’t jump to any conclusions just yet. You should check all the parameters before declaring the mic broken. 

Remember those old days with SEGA, when it just wouldn’t work. We’d adjust the adapter again and again until it’d function properly. Sometimes it would even result in smoke coming out of it.

Yeah! That’s what happens when you start fixing things without proper procedure. 

Don’t worry! Your PS4 is not facing the same fate. And neither is your headset.

We’ve compiled a list of methods for you. So, try them and figure out the source of the problem and solve it. 

Faulty Hardware

Don’t worry, you aren’t hearing static sound due to tinnitus. Your mic can cut out PS4 due to hardware issues. So, you should inspect all parts of the headset for any flaws. 

The word faulty doesn’t directly indicate, the device needs to be replaced. Detect where the problem lies, so you can fix it. For that, check a few things first.

Step 1: Unplug and Replug

Often, we forget to connect the cables well. So, follow the steps listed below. To begin with-

  • Remove your PS4 headset from the system.
  • Make sure there’s no dust or obstacle inside the port. 
  • Reconnect the cords gently. 

If it starts working, you’re good to go. 

If the mic is still not working, jump to the next step.

Step 2: Check Headset Audio

Examine if your headset is working or not. Plug your headset with another device (phone or computer). And check if the headset is working here or not.   

Firstly, make a call. If you can hear the other side but they can’t hear, jump to step 3.  

In case, you can’t even hear anything,  check the software settings. 

If all of it works, then the problem may be with your PS4 settings. 

Step 3: Check Mic Boom

If the headset seems fine, except the mic, look into your mic boom. Check if your mic boom is loose or not. To fix it- 

  • Unplug the headset from the PS4 controller.
  • Remove the microphone boom from the headset.
  • Re-plug the mic boom properly.
  • After that, reconnect your headset to the controller. 

If it still doesn’t work, I’m sorry my friend. You need a new microphone. Now, in case you’re looking for a budget-friendly microphone, don’t forget to consider all features first.

Here is a list of some fine headsets to be your partner in crime. 

Recommended ProductsFeatures 

Grab the one for you and let’s start gaming.

Out of Order PS4 Settings

You’ve exhausted all the options regarding hardware issues. And they still appear to be in excellent condition. So, it’s possible that the issue stems from the configuration. Since sound can cut off if the settings aren’t set right.

Check the PS4 setting by going through the given steps- 

  1. Firstly, go to the PS4 Settings and then Devices > Audio Devices.
  2. Go to Input Device and choose Headset Connected to Controller.
  3. Click on Output Device and choose Headset Connected to Controller.
  4. Click Volume Control (Headphones), and increase the volume to its highest.
  5. Click on Output to Headphones, and pick All Audio.
  6. Click Adjust Microphone Level, then follow the wizard to test the mic.

See if you can detect your mic on the Adjust Microphone screen. In case you can, your PS4, headset, and mic all function normally. If not, you must check your headset settings.

Wrong Audio Settings 

You’ve checked both the mic and PS4 settings. So, what else can go wrong? We often forget about the audio settings of the headset. Sound can cut off if the mic isn’t set as default.

For this-

  • Plug your mic into the PC.
  • On the desktop, go to Speaker Icon > Recording device.
  • On the Playback tab, check if your microphone is set as default.
  • If it’s not, click the Set Default button to set it as default.
  • Click Ok to save the change. 

Now that you have fixed the settings, you’re good to go.

If the problem persists, it’s time to invest in a new headset and microphone. 

Loose Cables?

At times, your cables are out of shape due to overuse or damage. They don’t stick to the port properly. There’s no way around it. You have to replace it. 

Not ready to buy a new one yet? We get you.

Until you replace it, this informal yet effective hack will keep you moving-

  • Unplug the cord halfway out of the port, and plug it back in.
  • Repeat this until you hear the connecting buzz.

This is not, however, an official solution. But, it seems to be effective in most cases. And, beggars/gamers don’t get to choose. 

If you’re a streamer, these fixes won’t work for you for long. So, contemplate your desired features and get the best microphone for streamers


Question: How to fix my PS4 audio skipping?
Answer: This will easily be solved with safe mode. Turn the PS4 off entirely. Then, press and hold the power button until it beeps twice. Then let it go. It will boot into a safe mode and rebuild the database.

Question: Why does everyone hear static noise in the PS4 party but I don’t?
Answer: When everyone in the party can hear static noise. But you don’t, it indicates the problem is in your mic and not PS4. Unplug the mic, make sure the port isn’t dusty. Re-plug and see if it works. Otherwise, you need to replace the headset.

Question: Why does my PS4 overheat?
Answer: PS4 can overheat due to dust puff in your console. So, make sure to clean your PS4 well, inside and out. You can accomplish this at ease with a compressed air duster.  


We’ve answered all your questions on why my mic keeps cutting out PS4, with solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Get the speakers fixed, and get ready to play!

Did you face any other issues? Was this troubleshooting guide helpful?

Hopefully, it all went well.  Now it’s time to have fun in your gaming sessions.