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How To Pair JBL Flip 4 [A Complete Guidebook!]

Not being able to connect a newly bought device can be a bit demotivating. Enthusiasm can turn into frustration if you can not pair your JBL speakers. It gets even worse if you don’t know how to pair it. 

How to pair JBL Flip 4?

You can connect your JBL Flip 4 with android and iPhone. To do that, turn on the Bluetooth in the Flip 4. Confirm it by the flashing blue light on the speaker. Now trigger the bluetooth on and search for new paired devices. Find JBL Flip 4 and click on it. Enter the code if required. 

Does that answer your question? It’s just a brief version that I have demonstrated. But don’t worry! I have brought you an entire piece on this. 

Why wait? Dive deep into the world of JBL music. 

Pairing JBL Flip 4 with Android

Bluetooth speakers can provide an outstanding music listening experience. And pairing with a phone gives it more accessibility and ease. Since a large proportion of people use android, you should know how to pair it. 

I have tried to bring you pairing methods in a step-by-step method. Those are:

Step 1: Turn On the Speaker

Firstly, You will need to turn the Bluetooth speaker on. To turn it on, tap the power button. You will hear a standard start sound once it has turned on. 

Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth Button on Your Speaker

Press the Bluetooth button on your speaker. This will turn the pairing mode on. You will know that as the Bluetooth light will turn blue and it will flash. Your job with speakers is done. Now it is prepared to pair with a phone. 

Step 3: Pair with Your Phone

Enter the settings section of your phone. Locate the bluetooth setting. Enable the Bluetooth and search for new paired devices. There you will find a list containing pairable devices. Utilise your phone to pair those devices to it. Find JBL Flip 4 from that list and click on it. Select the ‘JBL Flip 4” and pair it with your phone. 

Step 4: Finish Connecting with The Code

It will ask for a code. Enter the code. Usually, the code comes as 0000. You will also find the code in the manual of the speaker. The speaker will pair with the device as the code matches. And your JBL Flip 4 is connected with your android phone now. 

And voila! Your JBL Flip 4 is connected to your phone now. Once the pairing is done, every time the Bluetooth and speaker are on, it will automatically connect. 

Also, you will need to keep your JBL speaker secured. Otherwise, it can be broken. So, a recommended case will keep your speaker protected. 

If you’re thinking about buying a case for your JBL Flip 4, give the given cases below a try. They are really good at their job:


These are some of the really good Bluetooth speaker cases. Also, they are really durable. So they should last for a long time. 

Pairing JBL Flip 4 with iPhone

In addition to android, the usage of the iPhone is high as well. Although the process is relatively similar, there are some differences between them.

Therefore, let’s look at the pairing process of pairing your JBL Flip 4 with your iPhone

Step 1: Turn On Bluetooth Button on Your Speaker

Again, you will need to turn on the Bluetooth on your speaker. The flashed blue light will indicate that it is prepared to pair with a device. Ensure that you have disconnected any devices that were previously connected. 

Step 2: Pair with Your iPhone

Again, go to your Iphone’s Bluetooth settings. Turn the Bluetooth on and search for new devices. Find JBL Flip 4 from the list. Click on it to connect with your iPhone. 

Step 3: Check the Connection

Play a song from your phone to ensure your device has been properly connected. 

And that is how you connect your JBL Flip 4 with your iPhone 

How to Pair Two JBL Flip 4 Together

Sometimes connecting one Bluetooth speaker is not enough. At times, we seek a surrounding system for which we need two speakers. In order to do that, We need to connect two JBL speakers together

Let’s have a look at how you can connect two speakers together:

Step 1: Prepare the Devices

At first, you will need to turn both of your JBL Flip 4 speakers. Disconnect both of them if they are connected to any other devices. 

Step 2: Connect Both Speakers 

Now connect both of the speakers to your phone. Apply the above-mentioned procedure to pair them. 

Step 3: Play the Music

Play any music from your devices to ensure proper connectivity. But only one speaker will work in this step. So, don’t panic. 

Step 4: Connect Both Speakers

Press the ‘JBL Connect” button on the speaker that the music is coming from. Again, press the “JBL Connect” button on the other speaker. This will connect both of the speakers. And you will get the desired surround sound from it. 

Now that your speakers are connected, Enjoy as much music as you want. JBL is among the best Bluetooth speakers that connect with each other

Just be Assured of recharging your speakers frequently. And you should be all ready for your extricate music experience. 


Questions: How do I put my JBL Flip 4 in pairing mode?

Answers: For android, inscribe the settings section and tap on “pair new devices”. You will find JBL Flip 4 in the list. Click on it and your speaker will be connected to your phone. 

Question: Why is my JBL speaker not connecting to Bluetooth?

Answer: For Windows, go to settings and choose devices. Then select Bluetooth and other devices. Click on the JBL speakers. Then select ‘remove devices” and confirm it. Then reconnect it. 

Question: How do I connect my iPhone 4 with JBL Flip 4?

Answer: To connect iPhone with the JBL Flip 4, turn on the Bluetooth on the speakers. Go to the settings section of your phone and turn on the Bluetooth. Click on “pair new devices” and find JBL Flip 4 from the list. And your bluetooth speaker will be connected. 


That’s all from our end. I hope you’re now clear on how to pair JBL Flip 4. 

It’s an electronics product. So, do follow safety measures when you are working with electronics. Confirm assurity of the speaker’s dryness at all times. 

Good luck with your speaker playing the music of your heart! Take care and have a beautiful day!