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How to Pair JBL Headphones [Complete Guide]

JBL headphones are one of the most popular electronic accessories all around the globe. But pairing them across different types of devices entails different procedures, which people often struggle with. But don’t worry because I am here to help!

How to pair JBL headphones across different devices?

Firstly, turn the headphones on and make them discoverable to devices nearby. Now, find your JBL headphones by switching on the Bluetooth option. Then, pair them together with some simple and easy steps. But there are some extra steps that vary for different types of devices.

Here, I have explained all the different procedures that you might need for your device. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin!

How to Pair JBL Headphones to Different Devices

You’ll need to follow different processes to pair your JBL headphone to your device. For example, the process of connecting to a tv and an apple watch will differ. Let’s have a look at the different processes for the different devices:

Pair JBL Headphones to iPhone and iPad

You might want to pair them to an iPhone or iPad. In that case, the headphones need to be within a 33 feet radius. Both of these gadgets are pretty similar in terms of operating and menu settings. 

The steps are pretty similar for pairing your JBL headphones with your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Switching on the JBL Headphones

To begin, switch on your JBL headphones. The power button needs to be pushed for a period of at least 2 seconds. The blue LED light beside the power button will begin to flicker.

If it doesn’t, restart your JBL headphones. Whenever the indicator light blinks blue, let go.

Step 2: Turning on Bluetooth

There’s always a “settings” app in iPhones or iPads. Go to it. Navigate to Bluetooth settings. Turn on Bluetooth and search for available devices.

There, you’ll find a list based on the model numbers. Your JBL headphones will appear in that. Simply touch on the title of your JBL headphones to get started. 

Step 3: Connecting JBL Headphones

Next, input your JBL headphones’ passcode. It is either “0000” or printed in the user handbook.

Keep an eye out on the screen. Momentarily, you’ll find that it’s  “Connected”.

Your JBL headphones are now paired to your iPhone or iPad. You may now make phone calls using your JBL headphones.

JBL headphones will detach when you turn them off. There is no need to reconnect the devices every time.  

Since both devices remember one another, the headphones automatically link to your iPhone. But when it is turned on. The steps are identical when it comes to connecting JBL speakers to your iPhone as well.

Pair JBL Headphones with A Tablet

You may wirelessly connect your JBL headphones to your tablet. 

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth

First, confirm that your JBL headphones are in Bluetooth pairing mode. Use the wiping downwards gesture to get to the notification panel.

You will now see a Bluetooth icon. Press it to activate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Connecting to Bluetooth

 To view all the nearby devices, hold the Bluetooth button for a little moment..

The JBL headphones will be listed as a device. Momentarily, it will show the message “Connected.”

You may now listen to your tablet’s audio files with headphones.

Pair JBL Headphones to A Laptop

Bluetooth technology is built into all of the laptops. The headphones can now be paired wirelessly. The procedure is very simple.

Step 1: Turning on Bluetooth

Click the Windows icon on your Windows laptop. The ‘Settings’ tab will appear. 

Click it and go to the ‘Devices’ settings. It will present you with many alternatives. Select “Bluetooth and other devices.”

When you turn on Bluetooth, the button will illuminate blue.

Step 2: Adding a Bluetooth Device

Then, add a Bluetooth device by pressing the ‘+’ sign.  It usually comes up with 3= options and alternatives. Find and choose “Bluetooth”.

Step 3: Pairing Both Devices

Hit the power button on your JBL headphones to turn them on. Then, to begin pairing, hit the Bluetooth button.

Your laptop is already set to pair and will recognize your JBL headphones. Select the correct model number from the list displayed on your screen.

The pairing procedure will begin. And you have  “Connected” on the laptop screen momentarily. To finish the procedure, select “Done.”

You don’t have to pair the JBL headphones each time you use them. 

Pair JBL Headphones to A Computer

Bluetooth connection is available on the majority of desktop PCs. The procedure of connecting JBL speakers to computers is similar to this. 

But, some older PCs lack a working Bluetooth that is built-in. 

Step 1: Getting a Bluetooth Adapter

Get a Bluetooth adapter and link it with your computer. You should get a Bluetooth 5.0 adaptor for reliable pairing and optimal sound quality. 

But, Bluetooth 4.0 adapter may be used for this purpose as well.

Always get a high-quality adapter rather than a low-cost one.

Step 2: Connecting the Adapter

Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your desktop’s USB port. The computer will instantly recognize the device.

The Bluetooth symbol will appear on your screen.

Step 3: Pairing Both Devices

When you click the Bluetooth icon, you will find multiple options. Select “Add a Bluetooth device” or “Show Bluetooth devices”.

On the computer screen, the Bluetooth menu will pop up.

Switch your JBL headphones to pairing mode. It will appear on your computer’s list. Then, select your preferred JBL headphones. 

It will pair up in a matter of minutes.

Pair JBL Headphones with A TV That Has Built-in Bluetooth

JBL headphones are fantastic. They provide more flexibility and can also be connected to your television. As a result, you can listen to TV audio using your JBL headphones.

But, having a built-in Bluetooth is obligatory for the TVs. 

With built-in Bluetooth, you can easily pair the headphones to your TV. Most TV models include built-in Bluetooth these days.

Step 1: Go to Pairing Mode

Go to pairing mode for your headphones. 

All models have an LED indicator that indicates pairing. When the device is placed in Bluetooth pairing mode, it blinks blue. You have to open the settings menu and locate the ‘Bluetooth’ settings.

Step 2: Pair Both Devices

Scan for Bluetooth devices that are available. In the list, your particular JBL headphones model will be noticeable.

Choose your JBL headphones from the television. Both devices will be paired in a matter of seconds.

Pair JBL Headphones with a TV That Doesn’t Have a Built-in Bluetooth

A smart TV with no built-in Bluetooth can pair with your JBL headphones as well. For this, you will require adapters to get it done.

Step 1: Get a Bluetooth Audio Adapter

If your television does not have built-in Bluetooth, you must incorporate a Bluetooth Audio Adapter. This device allows you to connect JBL headphones to a TV with no built-in Bluetooth.

Here I am mentioning some quality audio adapters just for you!

Product 1
Product 2

Hopefully, you’ll find these helpful.

Step 2: Pairing Both Devices

Connect the Bluetooth Adapter to the TV. Turn on your JBL headphones and your Bluetooth Adapter.

After some brief seconds, both devices will pair. When you pair your JBL headphones with the Adapter, the TV will connect directly. As a result, the Bluetooth Adapter serves as a bridge for the TV and the headphones.

You can also connect JBL soundbars to your TV in the same process.

Pairing the JBL Headphones with an Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a multifunctional smartwatch. It has several sophisticated features similar to a smartphone. This watch is superb and supports connection with the JBL headphones.

Step 1: Switch on Pairing Mode

To begin, the pairing mode should be switched on.

Step 2: Pairing Both Devices

Go to your Apple Watch’s settings. The Bluetooth settings are then found by scrolling down. Tap it to look for available devices.

Make certain that you select the correct JBL Bluetooth headphones. It will pair with your Apple Watch within a few seconds.

Pairing the JBL Headphones with a Chromebook

Chromebook is a sophisticated and efficient gadget. You can use it for some of the same reasons you use a laptop. You may use it in connection with your JBL headphones.

Step 1: Activate Bluetooth

Firstly, you need to be in Bluetooth pairing mode. 

Navigate to the very bottom and on the very right of the screen. You’ll notice a battery symbol here that you have to press. It will open a small menu that also displays Bluetooth settings.

Tap to activate Bluetooth if it is turned off.

Step 2: Pairing Both Devices

Your Chromebook will now begin scanning the available devices. You select your JBL headphones.

A popup will appear with  “Connecting to JBL headphones.”

After a few moments, the Chromebook will emit a confirmation sound.

Hopefully, you won’t have a problem with pairing JBL headphones anymore.


Question: Are JBL headphones worth it?

Answer: JBL makes the most popular headphones all across the globe. They are mostly known for making headphones that provide superior sound quality and base. They don’t sound distorted even in high volume and are long-lasting. So, yes, they are definitely worth it!

Question: Why is my JBL headphone not pairing?

Answer: Sometimes, JBL headphones fail to pair with the devices. The most common reason can be a connection error which can be fixed by restarting. If it still doesn’t connect, check if the device has too many accessories connected. Some devices have connectivity limitations which could cause this to happen.

Question: How do I restart my JBL headphones?

Answer: The volume up and volume down keys on the right earcup must be pressed and held. Do it simultaneously for 20 seconds. Let go of the buttons. You will hear a noise signaling that your JBL headphones have restarted.


I expect that I was able to articulate how to pair JBL headphones to different devices. I hope you are able to pair yours easily now.

Always remember to test run the pairing process once before buying the headphones.

I will see you in another article very soon. Till then, sayonara!