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How to Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together [4-Step Guideline]

You are having a party one weekend and suddenly you see you are short of speakers. Then you make the decision to hire two Harman Kardon speakers. You decide to pair those two speakers. 

How to pair two Harman Kardon speakers together?

There are specific steps to pair Harman Kardon speakers. First, you need to tap the connect button on the app. Then choose which rooms you’d want to connect. To unplug a speaker, tap it once more. Each room’s volume may be controlled separately. 

These are all the basic steps of pairing Harman Kardon speakers. I’ll explain every step in detail below.

How to Pair Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together?

There are specific steps for pairing Harman Kardon speakers. Pairing Harman Kardon speakers is not as easy as connecting a Rockband microphone xbox 360.

I’ll follow you up through the complete process. Putting together two Harman Kardon speakers. Let’s start without wasting any more time. 

Step 1: Check Speakers

Inspection of the speakers is the first stage. You need to check if the speakers have a connect button. If the speakers don’t have to connect buttons then we cannot sync them together. 

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Step 2: Pair it 

Next, you need to pair the speakers with our mobile phones to control them. To do so, you must first switch on one of the speakers.

Pair the first speaker with our mobile phone. Because you cannot pair both the speakers together like a Rockband microphone with a PC. Play music to make sure the spoke is paired well.

Step 3: Connect the second speaker

Turn on the second speaker next. But this time it needs to be connected in a different way. The Bluetooth pairing button does not connect it.

The first speaker’s connect+button must be pushed. Which is already linked to your smartphone. Then, on the second speaker, tap the connect+ button. Both speakers will be linked in this manner.

Step 4: Synced together

When both the speakers are synced together check if it works accordingly. Keep the speakers at a distance. In party mode, play the speakers. 

You can try out some great apps for music and play them from both speakers simultaneously. 

These are all required steps to pair two Harman Kardon speakers. 

Use the Harman Kardon App to Connect

The software allows you to play sound from several Harman Kardon speakers at the same time. It may be operated from many locations throughout your home.

The procedure is straightforward, since you may choose which songs should be played in which rooms. You may just play the music and choose which Harman Kardon speakers it should be played via.

Things to Remember While Pairing Two Harman Kardon Speakers Together

In theory following the steps will pair two Harman Kardon speakers together. However, there are plenty of other considerations to address while matching. Some important factors are mentioned:

  • Dust and dirt frequently get lodged in the port, resulting in a weak connection. At the port and the adapter. Clean up the port by gently blowing dust out of the port entrance. If it doesn’t work, thoroughly wipe it out with compressed air from a can.
  • The battery may have degraded over time and so lost its capacity to retain a charge. The battery must be replaced in this scenario.
  • You have to make sure the two devices are within 10 meters’ distance. Because Bluetooth will not get connected if it’s out of range. If not, bring them closer together until they do.
  • It’s possible that the speakers are unclean or blocked with dust. Which will affect the sound quality. In this scenario, wipe the area with a non-alcohol-based cleaner. Also, with a paper towel. It will help to remove away dust and debris.
  • One or more buttons are unresponsive and do not function properly. For which the speakers won’t work like faulty AirPods mic. Then buttons need to be changed.
  • The rubber on the buttons will get damaged or worn out if used on a regular basis. The necessary contact between the control board and the buttons can vanish. As a result, the rubber button ring would need to be replaced.

We should keep these types of things in knowledge. When two Harman Kardon speakers are paired together.


Question: How do you put a Harman Kardon speaker in pairing mode?

Answer: Turning your phone’s Bluetooth on. After that press and hold the speaker’s Bluetooth button. Wait for it to make a sound before pairing it with your phone. After that, the speaker will make a different sound.

Question: How many Harman Kardon speakers can you pair?

Answer: Six pairs. It can connect up to 6 pairs. It may be completed alone or in a community. 

Question: Can you pair Harman Kardon Onyx?

Answer: Yes, It has an IPX7 waterproof rating. So, it can be used anywhere. Without having any fear or without having any second thoughts in mind. It may wirelessly connect to better music listening.


I hope that now you know all about how to pair two Harman Kardon speakers together. 

If you still can’t connect, call their helpline and explain your case. They can better assist you based on the model of your speakers.