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PC Not Detecting Headset Mic: 6 Easy Step-By-Step Solutions

You’re in the middle of a game and your pc stops detecting the headset. This can result in chaos between the whole team. It’s a disastrous situation, indeed!

How to fix your pc not detecting headset mic?

Firstly, you need to recognize the problem. Then come 6 solutions we’ve got for you. So, you need to inspect the default device setting. Then check the plugs. Finally, examine the software and update the driver. In the end, try allowing access to your headset.  

It might sound complicated as you may lack experience in this. We’ve tried our best to present them in the easiest way possible. So, kindly continue reading with us. 

Let’s dive into the problem detecting part- 

Where’s The Problem?

If your pc can’t detect the headset, that’s actually quite problematic for you. This can be more serious than PS4 not detecting headset jack.  

The first thing that you should do is check the headset. Plug it into another PC to determine which device is having the problem. Or it might even be both of them.

In our next segment, we’ve provided solutions for both situations. Hence, you don’t need to worry too much. Just spare us some more time.  

Solving the Problem: 6 Easy Ways

Finally, we’re here. Now is the time for resolving. Let’s not waste more time and jump to the main part directly-

Checking The Hardware 

Try to check your hardware’s condition as the very first step of troubleshooting. So, you should try to plug in the headset through other ports too. Then try to check the headset by plugging it into other devices too. 

Most importantly, clean the port and jacks. Now check it once more. It might detect the headset this time.

Tip: Be careful not to spill any liquid near your pc, especially the ports. And try to clean it regularly to avoid some problems. 

Setting Your Default Device 

You should try to see if your headset is the default device. If not, we’ve got the instructions on how to do so. Also, don’t forget to check your microphone volume level. 

Here is the complete guide to set it as your default device- 

  1. Go to Control Panel> Sound> Recording
  2. Right-click to show the disabled devices
  3. Enable the headset microphone by right-clicking on the headset icon
  4. Right-click again to set as default device
  5. Right-click the headset microphone> properties> increase the volume level
  6. Click ok

Yes, we’re done setting the headset as our default device. Check whether your problem is solved or not. If your pc still can’t detect the headset, move on to the next step. 

Checking The Plug 

Your plug type can cause your pc not to be able to detect the external device. This is one of the reasons for phones not being able to detect headsets

There are two types of plugs available. One is TRS type and another one is TRRS type. PCs mostly require TRS type for headphones and microphones. 

Try noticing whether your headset type matches your PC type or not. Check the headset manual and be sure about its plug type. Your PC and headset must have to have this TRS/TRRS compatibility. 

If they don’t, use an adapter to bridge them both. To make it easier for you, here are some of our best picks –

Product 1
Product 2

Now you can easily pick an adapter suited to your needs. 

Try this method to examine your headset. If it doesn’t work, then don’t worry. We’ve got other solutions for you in the next part.

Updating The Audio Drivers

We need to focus on the software part now. Your PC won’t recognize the headset if you’re using an outdated audio driver. Also, make sure you’re using the correct driver that your headset requires. 

You can take help from apps for this update process. Some apps automatically update the drivers as per your PC’s need. So, use one of them to keep track. It’ll update the driver from time to time. 

Once you’re done updating or installing the driver, restart your PC and check. 

Closing Other Apps

If apps like Zoom or Discord are open, they can take access to your headset. So when you’re trying to use it for something else. The headset won’t respond to you. 

You must then make sure all other communication apps are closed. Then try to see if your headset is responding.

Allowing Access to Headset Mic

This solution is especially for Windows 10 users. A lot of people have complained that their PCs don’t recognize their headsets. Especially after installing the updated version of Windows 10. 

To solve this, go through these instructions- 

  1. Go to Start> Settings 
  2. Privacy> Microphone> click the change button
  3. Turn on the microphone for this device
  4. Turn on Allow apps to access your microphone.  

One of these ways will certainly solve your issues. So, grab your coffee and start the troubleshooting. 


Question: Why is my headset mic not being detected?
Answer: Your computer can fail to detect your headset for low microphone volume. Another possible reason is the headset isn’t set as the default device on your pc.  

Question: What is a headset with a mic?
Answer: Headset is a combination of headphones with a mic. It can provide you the same functionalities as a  telephone handset. Along with the extra feature of hands-free operations. 

Question: Is headset better than microphone?
Answer: The answer mostly depends on the user’s criteria. If your priority is good sound quality, definitely go for headphones. Headsets are the best choice for gamers. It can even distort the sound in some cases.

Take Away

This is all you need to know before troubleshooting when your pc is not detecting headset mic

Hopefully, you’ll be prepared to handle this problem. One of the methods will obviously help you solve whatever issue you come across. 

Good luck with your troubleshooting.