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Phasmophobia Mic Not Working [Reasons Explained]

Phasmophobia remains one of the top games of the year. But it’s mic issue is distracting the gamers to enjoy the game to the fullest. Many of the gamers are facing problems in connecting the microphone while playing the game. 

Therefore, Phasmophobia mic not working has become a burning issue.

Default mic settings give rise to this issue. Inappropriate voice recognition language is liable to create such concern. Sometimes when we newly install our windows, we are lacking in some driver software. Without audio driver software mic won’t work accordingly. 

To learn more about the issue we’ve prepared an entire article for you. If you have some minutes go through the details that are depicted below. 

So without waiting anymore, let’s get into the discussion!

Why Does Phasmophobia Mic Does Not Work?

Phasmophobia mic issue is not a new phenomenon For a very long period, this issue has irritated gamers from enjoying the game to the fullest. 

Therefore people always search for how to know the causes and the remedies. And that’s why we’ve gathered some more reasons that trigger that very issue in this article. 

Here we present the most common causes that might match your current broken condition: 

Reason 1: Inappropriate Microphone 

In most cases, microphones don’t work inside the game due to wrong default microphone access. It might be the case that your connected microphone and default microphone are not the same.

So you should check the audio menu to select the relevant microphone. Make sure the default microphone and the connected microphone are the same. However, you should know how to connect a microphone to a computer. Sometimes the wrong way of plugging the mic might raise the issue.

Reason 2: Default Microphone Is Not Configured 

This issue is most frequent for Windows users. When the system installation recognizes a different recording device as default, your mic won’t work. 

For such cases, you need to inspect the windows setting for configuring recording devices. Specify which device should be detected as your mic and which one as a recording device. 

Reason 3: Enhancement Enabled 

Sometimes we enable a series of Enhancement or Exclusive modes. It’s because of the benefit to adjust the default bitstream while playing the game.

And that might cause a  malfunction of your mic and you can’t configure the mic settings.

Reason 4: Outdated Windows Build

Sometimes older windows versions might be the definite reason for the phasmophobia mic issue. Outdated builds of windows might not allow you to recognize the audio device correctly. 

As soon as you face mic problems you can check recent Windows updates. If your version isn’t fully updated, install every pending update of windows. It includes security updates, new features, drives, etc.

Reason 5: Game Isn’t Installed On The Main Drive 

Sometimes when you play it in VR, the Phasmophobia mic doesn’t work. And it’s because the game is not in the primary partition of your system.

The wrong drive partition restricts the mic to be found while playing games. And most of the time we don’t install the executable files in c drives. That’s why Phasmophobia mic malfunctions.

Reason 6: Voice Recognition Drivers Missing

If you know the basics of computers, you might learn about device drivers. For each output device to function perfectly, you’ll need specific software related to that hardware specifications.

This software is called driver software. As the microphone is an output device, so to make it compatible you’ll need driver software. So if the relevant driver software is missing, your mic won’t work at all. 

Check precisely whether any audio input driver software is installed or not. If not then download relevant model driver software and install it. Your mic should work according to your instructions now. 

These are the most common reasons to raise phasmophobia mic issues. Now we’ll know about the general fixes of that very issue that has been solved by many of the experienced gamers.

How to Fix Phasmophobia Mic Issue?

In this section, we’ll deep dive into the detailed solution on how to solve the Phasmophobia mic issue. However, this discussion is not similar to the airpod mic problem. Because ours is mainly a software-based issue. And the Airpod mic is concerned with hardware-related issues. 

Whatever it is, let’s know about those easy steps that we can follow to solve our mic issue forever. So, without bragging more, let’s spill the beans-

Case 1: Configure Microphone Setting from Game’s Audio Tab 

To start debugging this mic issue we’ll start from the depth. We’ll make sure your in-game audio settings are properly customized to detect the appropriate microphone of your pc. 

So you just need to configure the default Microphone from the Audio Tab of Phasmophobia game menu. But how to make it done? Fret Not. From now on each step, we’ll describe the facts in a step-by-step manner to make it better comprehensive.

  • Start the game from steam or any other launcher you’re using to launch the game. 
  • Now go to the Options menu and open the Audio Tab. 
  • Select your relevant microphone and adjust the volume level from the Audio Tab. 
  • Also very important to notice which Voice Recognition Language is selected. Whatever it is, you need to select English as your voice recognition language. Otherwise, your mic won’t be of any use. 
  • When everything is correct click on Apply and save the changes. 
  • Lastly, restart the game and check the options menu whether every change has been perfectly made or not. If everything was set, you should play your game flawlessly. 

That’s how you can solve that particular issue from the games audio tab. But if it doesn’t make any improvement then check the following cases mentioned below. 

Case 2: Confirm Apps Are Allowed to Use Microphone

In most windows computers, we need access permission for each input-output device. So there’s a possibility that your phasmophobia doesn’t have any mic access in it. 

And it happens because Windows is very conservative about its privacy. So they unintendedly restrict any kind of outer device access with or without prior warning. 

However, if your situation is similar to that case, let’s know about its resolutions-

  • Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialogue box. Now type ‘ms-settings: privacy-microphone’ and press enter to launch the Microphone Privacy window. 
  • Now click on the Privacy option located in the left-hand position of the window. Then you’ll see a toggle button on the right side of the window named Allow apps to access your microphone
  • After enabling the button, scroll down to below and check which app is allowed to use the mic. Turn the button on beside the label named Phasmophobia game.
  • When all of these changes are done, restart the pc and launch the game again. 

If you follow these steps properly, your mic should act according to your instruction. 

Case 3: Install Required Driver Softwares

For Windows users, it’s common to face the driver software issue. Voice recognition driver plays the key role to bypass your voice from device to system. So you should have driver software installed before you plug your microphone into the pc. 

Another concern is speech-language. If the language setting is not set to English(USA) then you might face this issue. 

So to solve these both issues, we have jotted down the steps to make your work easier-

Press Windows + R button to launch the Run dialogue box. Then type ‘ms-settings: ease of access-speech recognition and press Enter to start the Speech window. If needed then grant the admin access for User account control. 

Now look for the Speech Recognition label in the right-hand panel. If the associated toggle button is off, make it turned on. 

Set Up a Speech Recognition window until the Speech Recognition is fully configured

Once the setup has been finished, then to Additional Speech Setting located at the top right portion of the window.

Set default Speech-Language as English(United States). Additionally, if you’re a non-native speaker, make sure you’ve enabled the button labeled Recognize non-native accents for this language.

Now check the bottom section of the window whether English(United States) has been selected under Installed Voice Package. If still the language doesn’t alter, click on the plus button located beside the Add Voice label. 

Once all of these steps are done restart the game and your mic problem should be solved. However, you should learn the accurate way on how to use a Rock Band microphone. Otherwise, your research on how to fix mic issues would be nipped in the bud before you get into the details.


Question: How to turn the phasmophobia mic on?

Answer: By pressing V or B button on the keyboard. This mic can be turned on while playing the game. 

Question: Can phasmophobia be played without using a mic?

Answer: Having a mic helps you to continue with voice. Without it, you’ll have to play longer and it’ll make your game harder than before. Therefore It’s better to use a mic for a better experience.  

Question: Is the Mic always on for the Ghost?

Answer: Yes. Whatever you talk about is heard by the ghost. It makes your environment more lively and enjoyable. 


It’s time to wrap up our discussion. Hope you’ve got your answers on phasmophobia mic not working. If you’ve gone through these instructions you should have solved your issue by now. 

Good luck!