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Polk Soundbar Keeps Turning Off: 4 Reasons & Quick Fixes!

Polk soundbars are great if you’d like to set up a home theater. They have ease of usage and are easy to work with. Plus, they provide an amazing sound experience! But, even the best of us struggle sometimes. 

Why does the Polk soundbar keep turning off?

There are actually many reasons for the Polk soundbar to keep turning off. It might be caused by a power outlet issue or a motherboard dysfunction. But, something could also be wrong with your TV settings. Or, it could simply be the automatic standby mode working its magic. 

Nonetheless, I have some solutions for you! Just read on through the article to find out more!

Why Does My Polk Soundbar Keep Turning Off?

Polk has some of the best soundbars and they all come in with good quality built-in subwoofers.

In spite of this, there are issues. And one of them is the Polk soundbar randomly turning off. 

There are various possible reasons why this is happening. But that doesn’t have to mean your Polk soundbar stopped working. And so, you might be wondering “how to stop my Polk soundbar from turning off”.

Luckily for you, you’ve come across the right article. The following solutions should work for all Polk soundbars. Why not get into them right away?!

Reason 1: Issue With the Power Outlet

To start off, you need to know where the main problem lies. 

First, check if there’s anything wrong with the power cable. It is probably a damaged cable or a loosely connected one.  

Second, it could be a voltage issue and the power supply might be poor.


For a faulty power cable, you’d simply need to have it replaced. And for loose connections, make sure the cable is connected properly to the plug-in switch.

If there’s nothing wrong there, and your soundbar still keeps turning off, it’s a voltage issue. The power source is probably not delivering the voltage required to run the soundbar. Try changing the power source to a different plug-in switch. 

This should solve any power outlet-related issues.

Reason 2: Motherboard is Defective

There is a power source that your soundbar is connected to. But despite that, it doesn’t seem to get turned on.


Check if there’s anything wrong with the AC adaptor. Do the same for the power-on button. Try to ensure they’re both working properly. 

If both are working fine, then this is a motherboard issue. And in order to solve this issue, you’ll need to replace the motherboard. And I have a 4-step guide to help you achieve that!

Reason 3: Soundbar Turns off After 5 Minutes of Inactivity

That’s the Polk soundbar auto standby mode for you. When there’s been no activity for 5 minutes, Polk soundbars automatically go into “sleep” mode. But this comes with an easy fix! 


You can actually disable this feature. 

First, locate the “Power” button on the soundbar. Next, locate the “Volume Down” button there as well.

Lastly, just press and hold down two buttons together. Do this for ten seconds. And that should stop the soundbar from turning off

But, remember that this will only work for the next 4 hours. After that, you’ll have to do the same thing again.

Reason 4: Problem in Your TV Settings

Most of us usually connect soundbar to TV. Hence, it’s possible that the problem lies in your TV settings. 

And that might be what’s causing your soundbar to turn off. But this should be easy to resolve as well.


First, open the “Menu” option on your TV with your remote. Next, go straight into the “Sound” settings.

The issue here is the response time. And, all you have to do here is change the response time. 

Under “Sound” settings, you should be able to find a section labeled “Response time”. Simply change it to 20 ms, and you should be all set!

Reset Your Soundbar [Last Resort]

Despite all your troubleshooting, you might still be facing the same issue. And the best option here would be resetting Polk audio soundbar

Basically, your soundbar might be facing some software issues. It could be caused by bugs. Resetting the soundbar should solve those issues and get rid of the bugs.

To reset the Polk soundbar, first, you need to switch it off. Then, you have to hold down the “Mute Microphone” button or the “Stop” button. 

Do that until a text pops up on the display. It should say “INIT OK” and you can release the button now. 

After a few moments, feel free to turn the soundbar on. It should be reset. 

If this doesn’t work, it might be time to get a replacement. 

Here, I’ve jotted down the best Polk soundbar for you. Have a look!

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I hope these suggestions are helpful to you.


Question: Why won’t my Polk soundbar work?

Answer: Your Polk soundbar is not working, there may be an issue with the HDMI cable. Try to ensure that your HDMI cable has a proper connection with the soundbar.

But if you’re using a Bluetooth connection, disconnect other devices & connect the desired device to the soundbar. It should work fine now.

Question: How do I update my Polk soundbar?

Answer: In order to update your Polk soundbar, first, you have to turn the soundbar on. Next, you need to download, install & set up the Google Home App on the soundbar. The app should now automatically get connected to your Polk soundbar. And the software should be updated soon after if required.

Question: Why won’t my Polk soundbar remote work?

Answer: Your Polk soundbar remote might not be working due to a little glitch. Hold down any of the buttons for twenty seconds. Reinserting the batteries & placing the battery cover back should solve this! If your remote still isn’t working, simply replace the batteries. And that should do the trick.

Take Away

Finally, these were all the solutions I had to why your Polk soundbar keeps turning off. Hopefully, you were able to figure out and resolve your issue!

Remember to clean the dust off of your “Power” button sometimes to prevent it from getting stuck.

Until next time!