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PS4 Controller Headphone Jack Not Working: 3 Easy Solutions

Your headphones suddenly stopped working while playing with your mates. What to do in that situation? Yeah, we can understand how frustrated you’re right now. Probably you’re worried about how to fix it.

Are you thinking about what to do when your ps4 controller headphone jack not working?

Your hardware might have some problems, if not you can check the card driver or setting. If this doesn’t work, reset the configuration. We’ve got a complete guide on resetting. At the final stage, you might need to replace the microphone of your device. 

If you’re not an expert in troubleshooting, it might be tough for you to solve. Hence, we tried our best to make it easier for you. Spare us some minutes. By the end of this read, you’ll have a thorough idea about this.

Let’s jump into the details – 

How to Recognise the Problem 

You need to check if it’s your headphone that’s having the problem or the device. To do this, connect your headset to another device. You can plug it into your pc or other PlayStations to make sure. 

If it doesn’t work, you can be sure that your headphone jack needs troubleshooting. Suppose, your pc fails to detect your headset microphone, it’s not the device’s problem.  

It’s time to fix your headset. You can try different methods to solve your problem. We’ve mentioned those below.

3 Ways of Solving The Headphone Jack 

You now know that the problem is with your headphones. So, let’s emphasize the problem-solving part. We’ve got these 3 methods for you, that’ll help you to troubleshoot this problem.

Checking the Hardware 

Hardware checking is the most basic method. You’ll need to check if the headsets are properly plugged into the appropriate ports. 

Dust or other obstacles can hinder the device from working properly. So make sure they are cleaned. Keeping your PlayStation clean is arguably the most important part of maintaining your device.  You can even try to maintain a schedule to clean your device ports regularly. 

Using a ps4 cover to protect your device from dust is also useful. If you’re confused about which dust cover will be the best for you. Then here we’ve added our top choices- 

Product 1
Product 2

You can easily choose your desired ps4 cover to keep it clean now.

Try to clean your device with a rag before and after using it. But be cautious about using any spray or germ killer directly on your PlayStation.

If your headset has a separate mic boom, check if that’s okay or not. Unplug your headset and then disconnect the mic boom. Then pull it out and reconnect again. Connecting the headset with ps4 isn’t as tough as connecting a studio mic

Re-plug your PS4 and see if that works. If your mic boom is the epicenter of the problem, consult someone who has expertise in this. You might even need to bring a new one to replace it. 

Checking the PS4 Setting

If your device isn’t in the right setting, your headphones might not work properly. Check your manual book and try setting it according to that.

Here are some steps to set your PS4 in the right configuration- 

  1. PS4 settings> Devices> Auto Devices
  2. Input device> Headset connected to the controller
  3. Output device> Headset connected to the controller
  4. Volume Control (Headphones)- Set according to your preference, make sure it’s not in the lowest bar. 
  5. Output headphones> All audio 
  6. Lastly, adjust your microphone level

Hopefully, now you’ve set your device perfectly. 

Replace The Headphone

If none of the other ways actually helps you to solve the problem. Then, you need to replace the headphones. 

Any kind of headphones should work with your PS4. Still, you should have a basic idea about them. You can use both wired or wireless headphones in your PS4. 

PS4 is mechanized in a way that most headphones would go fine with it. Some of them might need a bit of adjustment or third-party devices. But your headphones must have a 3.5mm audio jack. 

PS4 uses the CTIA(Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) standard. So to use OMTP standard headphones, you’ll need a CTIA adapter to connect them to your device. This will work as a link between your headset and the device. 

For wireless headphones on PS4, it’s the same as any other device. You just need to connect both of the devices via Bluetooth. 

You might still have a hard time choosing a headphone. But don’t worry, we’ve tried our best to make it easier for you. We’ve got some headphone recommendations for you. 

They are compatible with your ps4 device. Here are the best picks from our product experts- 

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You can easily pick your desired headphone that’ll work with your device. Finally, you’ll have a working headset with your PS4.


Question: Why is my headphone jack not working?
Answer: If your jack has dirt or lint, then try to get them out and plug it in again. Another thing, that can be the reason is your device setting. Lower volume level or other setting-related problems can be a reason too. 

Question: Why won’t my headphones work on my PS4 controller?
Answer: If your headphone jack isn’t plugged in properly, then you may face sound-related problems. Again, sound settings have to be in the right order, otherwise, your headset won’t work properly. 

Question: What headphones work on PS4 controllers?
Answer: Headphones that have 3.5mm jacks can be used normally. You’ve to change the settings to Output device> Headset connected to the controller. Then you can set the other audio settings according to your preference. 

Bottom Lines 

That’s all you need to do when the PS4 controller headphone jack is not working. 

Hopefully, one of the methods will work fine to solve your problem. Wishing you luck with troubleshooting!

You can finally enjoy the full audio experience with your headset now!