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PS4 Gold Headset Not Charging: Problem Solved

You’re having a great gaming session with your PS4 gold headset. But, suddenly the battery dies. You plug it in to charge, yet it isn’t charging. It can put a temporary full stop to your gaming session.

Why is your PS4 gold headset not charging?

Well, it can stop charging if the connection or charging tool isn’t right. You can fix both of them with some tweaking. But, if you have a faulty battery at hand, it needs to be replaced. 

That was just the summary of the solution. So, to get to the real deal, keep on reading. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s start the rescue mission.  

Why’s PS4 Headset Not Working

The Sony PS4 gold headset is a great asset to your gaming kit. It comes with all the fabulous features except the mic. So, you can find a great gaming mic to complete the package.

The companion app with it also revolutionized the gaming experience. It’s a gamer’s dream come true, literally. 

All in all, it’s a great debacle when this ethereal gadget doesn’t charge. Of course, you can use the headphone cable without charge. 

Let’s face it. All of us prefer a wireless experience. 

Before getting to our list of hacks, let’s check a few things. The headset indicator not lighting up indicates, it’s not charging. At times, we keep the device idle for too long. And, the light may take some time to turn on. So, hold your horses before jumping to the conclusion.

In that case-

  • Don’t disconnect the micro USB cable right away.
  • Wait for a few minutes to see if the indicator lights up.

If that’s not the case, let’s move on. We’ve listed places to look for the fault, along with the solutions. 

Not Connected to the Right Device or the Right Way

The PS4 gold wireless headset comes with a micro USB charging cable. This is a great charging cable with awesome sound quality. However, if it’s not connected properly, the headset may not charge.  


To fix this problem, you can check a few things. Firstly-

  • See if you’re using the cable that comes with the unit. The headset may not be compatible with another USB cable.
  • Confirm that the USB cable is connected firmly on both ends.
  • An indirect connection can be an obstacle to charging. So, avoid using USB hubs.
  • Try a different device in the charging port to make sure it works.
  • Make sure the PC or laptop is not in hibernation mode. 
  • If the PC or laptop is in sleep mode, it can charge. But, make sure to change the default power settings to enable charging.

In case of any wrong connections, these steps should be able to fix the issue.

Damaged Charging Tools 

A charging system has a connecting cord, device, and charger. So, if the connecting cord is faulty, without question, the device won’t charge. 

Often charging cords get damaged from bending. Let’s be honest, we take care of our gadgets like a baby. But we usually take no notice of the cables.

The connector part can also be functioning badly due to dust collection.  


If the connector is dirty, clean it with a tissue and a sharp toothpick. In case, you have an air duster, well, cleaning is a piece of cake.

But, the basic solution to a damaged cable is a replacement. You can always reconnect the damaged wire with tape for a temporary fix. But, eventually, you’ll need to get a new one.

Faulty Battery 

The headset contains an amazing lithium-ion rechargeable battery. So, you can easily use it for straight 8-10 hours before recharging it. 

Like every other battery, it goes out of order at some point. If you’ve already exhausted all other possibilities, it’s likely that the battery is spent.  


If the battery is faulty, don’t panic. It’s not the end for your headset. You can easily replace the battery and continue using it.

Yes, you don’t have to cut through your cushiony headset earcup. However, you do need some tools. They are-

  • Small-headed screw bit or screwdriver.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • And, of course, the new battery.

Don’t have the screwdriver? Here is a list of small-headed screwdrivers for your pick.

Recommended ProductsFeatures

Grab the one matching your needs and get to work.

Follow the steps below to change your headset battery properly. 

Open Up the Headset

Before dissecting, make sure to clean the headset. Then, remove the cushion from the earcup. 

Unscrew the plate gently and keep the screws aside. Finally, take out the battery from its slot. And remove the cable from the port.

Change the Battery 

Start with sticking the new battery on the slot with the double-sided tape. Check if the new battery cable has the same order. It must be ordered in the same way for it to work. 

For that, remove the plastic head of the cable and switch slots of the cables. In case, you don’t have the plastic head in your new battery, add one. You can always use the old one’s plastic head.

Put It Back Together

Now that the cable is ready, connect it to the designated place. Turn on the headset to make sure it works. With that, the indicator light should beep up. 

Screw the plate back to its place. Then re-attach the cushion to the earcup.

This is an easy but delicate process. So, if you find it intimidating, get help from a professional. 

Tips for  Headset Maintenance 

PS4 gold headset is a great collection as a gaming tool. Especially since Sony declared it’d be compatible with the PS5 as well. Music to our ears!

For an extreme streaming session, you’ll need more. So look for an additional microphone suited for streaming. Since the headset’s mic may not be adequate. 

Now that your headset is all prepped for your session. Here are some tips to keep it in optimum condition:

  • Don’t use the headset while charging. It affects the battery and can bend the charging cable.
  • Shelf and charge the headset at an ambient temperature between 15 °C and 35 °C.
  • Keep it clear and take good care of the side cables.

Follow these measures. So, your headset can be your gaming companion for a long time. 

Before diving into games, make sure to think of health risks due to excessive headphone use. It’s best that you take some breaks in between.


Question: What does the VSS button on the PS4 headset do?
Answer: The VSS button lets you toggle the virtual surround sound. It’s also used during resetting the headset.

Question: How to reset the PS4 gold headset?
Answer: Firstly, connect the wireless adapter to the PlayStation or other powered USB port. Press the reset button with a pin and hold for at least 1 second. Hold the MUTE button and VSS button on the headset. At the same time, slide the power switch to positions 1 to 2.

Question: Can you connect the PS4 gold headset to your android phone?
Answer: You can connect the PS4 gold headset to your android phone. You can use either an OTG cable or the wireless dongle to connect the PS4 gold headset to your phone. 

Final Words

Now, we have elaborated on why your PS4 gold headset is not charging. And presented you with multiple solutions. So, let’s fix that bad boy and put your gaming face on!

All the best for your rescue mission.