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RCA Universal Remote Codes For Vizio TV [With Start Programming]

If we wish to manage our television with remote control, RCA is the best. When the remote code is unknown to us, things become more complicated.

What are the RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV?

RCA Vizio TVs are controlled with the RCA popular remote codes. It could be 2, 3, 4, or 5 digits. 2 digit codes are 19, 12, 02, 10, and 011, 502, 004, 627, which are examples of 3 digit numeric codes. Also, this list contains the following 5 digit numerical codes: 11756, 10117, 01377, 10178.

Does it appear to be a puzzle? Worry not. Because today I’ll explain these in detail. Please continue forward to the content!

Programming Instructions

A Vizio universal remote control is commercially available. It is available for purchase independently or in conjunction with the television. It is possible that your present Vizio TV remote is the International Remote.

Vizio TVs are controlled with the RCA universal remote codes. These codes could be 2, 3, 4, and 5 digits. There will be talking about All of them!

Examples of two digit codes are 19, 12, 02, 10, 01, 17. And 113, 011, 502, 004, 627, 505 are examples of three digit numeric codes.

The following four digit codes are available: 3145, 0056, 0117, 0030, 0178 , 0205, 0128, 0912, 1004, 0891, 1078, 1017, 1292 , 1758, 1756, 1783.

This list contains the following five digit numeric codes: 11756, 10117, 01377, 10178, 10120, 10885, 10864, 11758.

The RCA universal remote may be programmed to work with your Vizio TV using one of three techniques. There are certain key considerations to make while beginning the procedure.

Step 1: Connect TV To a Charging Station And Turn It On

Plugging your television into a functional charging station and turning it on are your first steps. Make sure the batteries in your universal remote are in good working order before use. They ought to be productive. Replacement of the batteries, if necessary.

Here we recommend some batteries which provide you a long-lasting service:


Then, to set up your remote, maintain the steps outlined here.

First, switch on your Vizio television set by pushing the power key on the remote control. You would be also known to turn on Hisense TV without a remote.

Anyway, after switching on the power button, hold down the TV button on your RCA universal remote for approximately 5 seconds.

When the LED light blinks quickly and then shines steady, press and hold the button for a few seconds. Input the programming code as soon as possible after receiving it. For the most part, you will have to experiment with different codes until you find the one that works best.

In order to verify that you have entered the right code correctly, the LED light will flash twice and then turn off. Now, point your RCA universal remote control at your Vizio TV and hit the power button on the remote controller.

As long as your TV recognizes the instruction and shuts off, the setting is finished. Additionally, you can verify by issuing additional instructions to your television system.

If the code is entered incorrectly, the television will not be responding to orders. Consequently, you must continue the cycle by inputting another code each time you want to use the feature. With this, you would know about resetting vizio TV without a remote.

Step 2: Input a Keycode 

The second method is to program a keycode into an RCA universal remote to control your Vizio TV. In the instruction booklet for your television, you will find this unique code. 

Consequently, you will not be required to input multiple codes; only one code will be necessary. To manually program your television and remote, follow these steps: 

Activate your television by pointing the remote control at the screen. Make use of your remote to press and hold the TV button for many seconds before continuing. The setup button should be depressed once the LED light starts flashing. 

Then insert the key code and take just a few seconds for it to take effect. Click the start key on the universal remote to see if you can get your TV to turn off on its own. 

Ultimately, if it runs, the programming has been a complete success. After that method or technique, there will be a hack for you to connect to Vizio TV without a remote.

Step 3: Auto Code Search

Currently, In order to configure your remote to your television, use the code search method. On the other hand, auto code search is only available on a small number of RCA universal Remotes. Using the following procedure, you can attain this:

Activate the Vizio television. Hold down the setup button on the remote controller for several seconds. In order to input the code 9-9-1, you will need to use the number keys on your remote.

In the following step, hold down the power key on your remote while simultaneously pressuring and stopping at the ‘channel up’ key. 

As soon as your television is turned off, press and release the key. Through the use of the remote control, you can restart the device. It serves as a reminder that your gadget has been set up.


Question: Is it possible to reset the RCA universal remote to Vizio TV?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to reset the rca universal remote. Simply power on the television. Place the remote at the television interface and hold it down the TV button. Simultaneously with turning on the light, push and keep the power button till the signal changes back on. 

Question: How can I link my universal remote to my television?

Answer: To link a universal remote to television, tap and start releasing the button associated with the device to be programmed. Push the startup key down till the red LED blinks repeatedly, then release. Type in your brand’s three digit code. After inputting your code, you should see two brief flashes.

Question: Why is my television not responding to remote controls?

Answer: Remote control that is unresponsive or unable to control your television is almost always indicative of empty batteries. Ascertain that the remote is directed at the television. Additionally, anything could be interacting with the connection.


This is the complete list of RCA universal remote codes for Vizio TV. Hopefully, you have liked this article. Lastly, a tip for you! 

If the remote may not be able to read the two digit or three digit codes that you give it. Then adding 00 before the codes makes them four digits. And this is the trick to remembering.

Good luck to you!