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How To Reset Hisense TV Without Remote [5 Easy Methods]

Hisense TV is a smart TV at an affordable price. That is why you may need to reset your television to get software updates. 

It’s incredibly simple to use a remote to reset your smart TV.

But there are certain times when your remote doesn’t work correctly. Then you need to reset your tv manually. You can do it by yourself with a little help from us!

How to reset Hisense tv without a remote?

It’s incredibly simple to use a remote to reset your smart TV.

You can easily reset your television by yourself without a remote. You may turn on the power button to reset your Hisense tv. You can also use the volume up/down and the menu button for a soft reset. And for hard reset, you can factory reset your tv and use an android app to reset it.

Nonetheless, if you have a few minutes, try these methods. Therefore, we have an entire article about resetting your tv without a remote. Get on the board and get rolling.

Reset Hisense Tv Without Remote

It’s easy to reset your Hisense television with the help of a remote. But sometimes it’s hard to find the remote. Or maybe the remote does not work properly for battery or other reasons.

Thankfully, there are some simple and easy solutions to this problem. Read the following article to fast reset your Hisense TV without a remote. You may also learn about how to reset Vizio TV without a remote.

There are many methods of resetting your Hisense tv without a remote. There are two methods for resetting your television; The first one is a soft reset and the other one is a hard reset.

In case of a soft reset, you can restore your data and settings; for a hard reset, all your data and settings will be removed. It is advised to try to reset soft cause if you hard reset, you will need a lot of time to reinstall the previous data.

Here we are discussing the easiest and uncomplicated methods of resetting your tv. 

Method 1: Using the Physical Power Button

This is a soft reset method. Follow these instructions:

1. For this method, you need to power the TV. 

2. After turning the switch on, you will need to unplug the power from the television. 

3. Then you have to wait a little longer. Later find the physical button at the backside of your tv, which is the power button.

4. After pressing the button, hold it for a minute. And while doing this, power on the plug.

5. After some minutes, repeat the procedure.

Method 2: Using Volume Up and Input Button

It is also a soft reset method. This is an easy method.

1. Power on your television.

2. Find the volume up and input buttons on the side panel of your Hisense television.

3. Press the Volume up and Input buttons and hold them for a while.

4. When you hold the volume up and the input button, you must push the power button for 5 seconds.

5. Thus, you can reset your television.

But if the volume up and down button works automatically, you must also fix them.

Method 3: Using Volume Down and Menu Buttons

The procedure of this approach is nearly the same as the prior approach. In this method:

1. After powering on your television, find the volume down and menu buttons.

2. Press these two buttons at the very same moment, and keep them both in place.

3. Press the power button while holding the other two buttons.

4. Wait five to ten seconds.

5. After releasing all the buttons, the tv should show a photo that indicates that the resetting process has been completed correctly.

Method 4: Using Reset Hole Method

It is a hard reset method. In this method, you can hard reset the Hisense tv without the help of a remote by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Spot the reset button at the back or side of your television.

2. The hole is named ‘RESET’.

3. Then you will need a pin or you also may bend a paperclip to make your desired pin.

4. Next, you must insert the pin into the reset hole for a minute.

5. While holding it, your television will restart and reset as a brand-new television.

For a Factory reset, you will need to conduct some extra steps.

You need to hold the button for another few moments. Your Hisense television will automatically keep restarting. Then your factory reset will be completed.

Later you can adjust your settings according to your need.

Method 5: Resetting With an Android App

You don’t need to worry if your television doesn’t have a restart button cause you can hard reset your television with an android app. 

You need to install ‘Hisense remote Now’ on your android. Connect and launch the app with the same WiFi connection. Pair both devices, and then press the upward arrow keys on the app’s onscreen remote.

Scroll to the Settings Menu or the gear symbol near the screen’s top right-hand corner using the directional buttons. Press the OK button to open the Settings Menu. 

Select from either the drop-down option, select device Settings and press “OK” on the on-screen remote. Continue to descend until you reach Reset. After that, click the “OK” button. Select YES to confirm the adjustments.

Thus you can reset your tv using an android app. 

You can also use an extension cord. I will recommend you try to soft reset at first, but if you face any problems, you can try to reset hard


How can you reset with a reset button on the Hisense TV?

To reset Hisense Tv, search for a reset button and press it with a fingernail or a pen. Make sure your television is on while you’re doing this. When you release the reset button, ensure it reboots twice or more.

How to connect your Hisense tv with google assistant or Alexa?

To connect Hisense tv with google assistant or Alexa, first, you need to pair your certain device to your tv. Then there will be detailed directions on your Hisense TV. You need to adhere to the on-screen instructions. Thus your tv will be ready to get connected with them.

What will happen if you factory reset your Hisense tv?

By factory reset of Hisense tv, all the restored data and settings will be removed. You’ll need to configure them again.