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How to Reset JBL Soundbar [7-Step Guide]

The JBL soundbars are one of the best soundbars that money can buy. They are famous for their audio quality along with durability. But in many instances, you will need to reset your JBL soundbar.

How to reset JBL soundbar?

Turn on your soundbar and disconnect all the paired devices with your soundbar. Find the “power” and “source” buttons. Press and hold both of the buttons together for 15-20 seconds. A text “reset” should pop up on the screen. Keep the buttons pressed while the text disappears. 

Confused? Don’t worry! I have made a complete step-by-step guide on this process along with addressing other problems.

Read along for more! 

Resetting Your JBL Soundbar

Resetting your JBL soundbar isn’t that complicated after all. Many problems may require you to reset your JBL soundbar. And not knowing how to do it might get you into a tight spot.

Follow the steps given below to reset your JBL soundbar:

Step 1

The First step is to turn on your soundbar. The soundbars remote can also be used to turn it on. Make sure it’s charged otherwise it may not turn on. Your JBL headphone failing to turn on may also occur for the same reason.

Step 2

You need to disconnect all the connected devices before resetting the soundbar. So after you have turned it on, change the HDMI source. Disconnect the soundbar from the television or mobile phone that’s connected. Unpair the device to do that.

Step 3

Locate the button called the “source button” that’s on the body of the JBL soundbar. You also need to locate the power button of your JBL soundbar.

Step 4

Once you’re done locating both of the buttons press them and keep holding them. Keep both of the buttons pressed simultaneously for 15 to 20 seconds. Also, make sure that both of the buttons are pressed at the same time.

Step 5

While keeping it pressed you will see a small text “reset” popping up on the screen.

Press both of the buttons together. Hold it for at least 15 to 20 seconds. After that, the soundbar will stop showing the reset text on the small screen.This will confirm the successful resetting process of your soundbar. 

Now you can connect the JBL soundbar to your PC.

Even though you have reset your JBL soundbar it might not be enough. A lot of different problems may occur. Resetting your soundbar solves a lot of the problems in many instances. Let’s check out some other problems that you may face.

Common Issues with JBL Soundbars

Here are some common issues that you might face. These problems might not get fixed after only resetting the soundbar. In that case, follow the steps for each problem given below.

Outdated JBL Firmware

The firmware of your soundbar is very important for your soundbar to function properly. Your JBL soundbar’s firmware needs to be updated for optimized performance.

Updating JBL soundbar firmware is quite easy. For that, you need to reset your soundbar first. Check out the steps for updating the JBL soundbar firmware.

Step 1

Take a USB drive and download the latest firmware file. You can find it both on JBL’s official website and third-party websites. Find the right firmware file according to your model of the soundbar. 

In case you’re looking for good USB drives to buy, here are some recommendations:

Product 1
Product 2

Now that you have your USB drive in hand, move on to the next step.

Step 2

Once downloaded, copy the zip files to the empty USB drive. And you’re ready to update the firmware.

Insert the USB drive in the JBL soundbar. Then, Press and hold both the power and volume up buttons together. Keep pressing them for at least 10-15 seconds. 

Step 3

After that, the firmware update will start. It will show a text “updating” on the small screen of the JBL soundbar.

Wait for the message “updating” to disappear. Once that happens then you’ll know that the update was successful.The soundbar should automatically restart. If the problem was about the firmware, now it should be solved.

Bluetooth Connection Problem

It’s also common for the JBL soundbar to have issues connecting through Bluetooth. You might see an error about the device not being connected. This can also happen after resetting the soundbar. 

If unpaired, follow the steps given below to connect your soundbar with your devices.

Step 1

First, press the Bluetooth connectivity button on the JBL soundbar,

Step 2

Once you have pressed it the soundbar will be visible through Bluetooth from your devices.

Step 3

Make sure that the soundbar isn’t paired with any other device. If they are then you need to unpair them first.

Step 4

So once you have pressed the Bluetooth connectivity button, take your phone. Or if it’s your smart tv then go to connectivity options. It’s quite similar to pairing a JBL headphone.

Step 5

Go to Bluetooth connections and you should see the name of your JBL soundbar.  If you don’t see your soundbar’s name then scan again for available devices.

Step 6

When the name of your soundbar pops up on the screen, press it. The devices now start pairing. It may take some time. Wait until the pairing is completed. 

Step 7

After the pairing is completed it will show that the device is paired.

Now you should be able to use your soundbar with your desired device.


Question: Does resetting my soundbar remove all data from my soundbar?

Answer: Yes. Resetting your soundbar will remove all the data from the soundbar. Make sure to back up the data if they are important.

Question: Should I reset my soundbar when I resell it?

Answer: Yes, definitely. The data is your private information and anyone can misuse it after extracting it. Always reset your soundbar before reselling it.

Question: Can I replace my JBL soundbar’s battery?

Answer: Yes. Batteries can need to be changed after a long period of use. You can buy a replacement battery according to your model from the JBL online store.


That will be all from my side regarding how to reset the JBL soundbar.  I hope that this guide answered all your questions and more.

You can always check out the manual of your soundbar if you’re still unsure.

That said, it’s time to part ways. See ya!