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How to Reset Power Bank: 2 Amazing Methods!

Power banks are a daily necessity in a new age. It holds a special place in busy people’s self-care packages regularly.

Yet, sometimes they become a reason to worry by declining their services. Hence, we have to step up to do anything to improve it.

How to reset a power bank?

Start by using the USB charging cord that came alongside your power bank. Then, insert one cord’s end into your power bank’s USB port and the other end into the charging port. Now, loop the cable around. Lastly, hold onto the power button for 10 seconds before starting.

Need elaborate discussion on this? I’ve got you as well! Come read along for everything you need to know!

Why Do You Have to Reset the Power Bank: 4 Major Reasons

Life-saving inventions like power banks come with a few issues. Most of these issues can be avoided if the owner is careful. 

But here’s the issue, most of the power banks get returned every year. And one of the main issues is people not knowing a simple reset can fix it all.

Let’s see the four major factors where you can reset:

Reason 1: Power Bank Not Charging Itself

Your power bank might not be charging for various reasons. One of them is because they are not charging themselves.

We know how power banks work. It will charge itself rather than charge other devices. But, in a situation like this, the battery in the power bank just wouldn’t charge.

It’s usually due to the phone overheating or freezing down. Reset the phone then and therefore better results.

Reason 2: Power Bank Battery Draining Fast

You just charged your power bank and you saw the battery already down. This is the classic case of battery draining. 

In such situations, always reset the power bank and wait for a few minutes. Usually, they come around pretty fast.

Reason 3: Power Bank Not Charging Phone

The main reason for having a portable charger is to be able to charge your phone everywhere. 

On that issue, if you saw that it’s not charging your phone, you might have to reset it. Resetting your power bank in such cases might not fix it. 

Sometimes the power bank can’t charge for the broken portal as well. 

Be careful to look after the internal factors first.

Reason 4: Power Bank is Frozen

Sometimes, devices freeze down during working. The power bank is no different as well. On the contrary, if the power bank is frozen, reset it vigorously.

It is important to note that power banks that are broken and damaged can’t be reset. They have to be unfortunately replaced. 

These are the reasons why you have to reset your power bank.

Resetting Power Bank: 2 Methods to Follow

A power bank is a fantastic invention. For, it allows you to put your phone wherever or whenever you want. 

Side by side, it’s not hard to work on the power bank. At least not as hard as fixing a turtle beach headset mic.

In times of charging problems, resetting the power bank is a wise decision. It’s pretty refreshing and fast charging.

It could be done in two separate methods. Two of them are easy and manageable. Hope you like them:

Method 1: Manually

This reset method is more android based. Samsung and Xiaomi use this method for resetting. 

The method is:

  1. Simply press the ‘Power’ button on the charging bank.
  2. For the Mi power bank, hold the key down for 15 seconds.
  3. For the Samsung power bank, press the button for 7.5 seconds.
  4. The universal charger will restart. After that, completely discharge and recharge its battery.
  5. The Xiao Mi will take 12-13 hours to charge. The Samsung power bank, on the other hand, takes nearly 4 hours to fully charge.
  6. This is also demonstrated by the LED lights that remain illuminated after the device has finished charging.
  7. Rep the process with the remaining power banks. Hold the power button down until the device restarts, then remove the battery.

These power banks hold so much power within them. Their power is near 12000 mAH. 

Here are some of my favorite brands:

Product 1
Product 2

Hope you love them as much as I do. They are great and easy to carry. Give them a try.

Method 2: Resetting

This one’s more applicable for every type of device. Especially for Anchor power banks. This is a bit tough as here you’d need an extra cable to work with.

Other than that, focusing properly will get 60% of the work done. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the soundbar not turning on due to the low charge.

Come on, I’ll tell you about the process and the methods. 

Here you go:

  • Start by using the USB charging cord that came with your power bank.
  • Then, insert one end of the cord into your power bank’s USB port. And the other end into the charging port, looping the cable around.
  • After that, allow the cord to be plugged in for about 10 seconds.
  • Lastly, this will reset your gadget; now restart it and assess its functioning.

This method is easiest to carry on with and more reliable. Other than being super needy for attention during work, it’s rather fun. 

At least it’s better than resetting the Vizio soundbar, right? Those things take energy and time!

Preserving Power Bank: Some Mainstream Tips to Follow 

Power banks take time and money to get fixed. Even though fixing them is cheaper than buying new ones, it’s still stressful. 

To avoid such circumstances, let’s check what we can do to preserve the power bank. Shall we:

  • Don’t use your power bank while you are charging it.
  • Don’t wait for the power bank to be drained off the charge to recharge it again.
  • It’s best to use the USB provided with the power bank. 
  • Avoid using cheap cables to charge that can damage the power bank.
  • Stop the power immediately if it turns hot.
  • Keep it clean and dust-free.
  • Make sure to service it every 3-5 months
  • Do not drain the battery fully. It might slow down your power bank and damage it completely.
  • Do not overcharge or undercharge.

If you can successfully follow these rules, your power bank will live long. Power banks require minimal care but maximum effort to get your hand on the best ones.

Therefore, be careful with your best-purchased gadgets for your own good.

In this final hour, I’d say resetting power banks is easy. What is not easy is re-purchasing. 

They are easy to find but could expense you a lot more than you have initially imagined. That is why fixing things on a budget is way better than repurchasing.


Question: Is it possible to charge a power bank with a different power cable?

Answer: Yes, most definitely. In case your power banks act up and do not charge, you may use another power cable.

Question: Is it possible to overcharge a power bank?

Answers: Actually, no you can’t. Most modern power banks have built-in systems to stop once the charge is full.

Question: How long do power banks work?

Answer: Power banks work for 3-4 years max. Other than that, if you take care of it it will hold charge up to 4-8 hours as well.


If you are here, you know how to reset power banks. It is easy and requires minimal effort if you are attentive.

But still, struggling with it is pretty normal. In that case, do contact a professional for advice and help.

Other than that, I hope things work out for you.