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Single Jack Headset Mic Not Working: Problem Solved

You have an important web meeting to attend, but your single jack headset mic isn’t working. Nothing frustrates you like a last-moment debacle. In the frenzy, it gets even harder to locate the problem.

Why is your single jack headset mic not working?

It can be due to numerous hardware or software issues. If your PC has an individual input-output port, use a splitter. Otherwise, check for a hardware issue. Then inspect if the plugs are in the right port or not. Finally, check the audio settings.

That was just an overview of the process. Throughout this piece, we’ll explain all the reasons and solutions thoroughly. 

Let’s jump to troubleshooting.

Reasons and Hacks: Single Jack Headset Mic Not Working

Headsets have evolved from double jack to single jack to wireless. So, it can get tricky using a single jack headset. Especially with a device that’s compatible with the double jack.

Aim for good microphones for smartphones if it’s something super complex.

What if fixing this problem was easy? 

Most of the time this happens because of your lack of attention.  In a work frenzy, you often forget to check one or the other. 

That’s why we’re here. We’ve designed a sequential guide to fixing your mic. 

Here it goes-

Check Plug-in Ports

Before diving into all sorts of possibilities, check the basics. Confirm that the cable is connected firmly on both ends. 

The list doesn’t end there. It may vary due to old and new PCs.

Old PC 

If your PC is old, it’s very likely it has individual ports for input and output. If you insert your single jack in the output port, you can’t use the mic. And vice-versa. 

How should you use your single jack headset then?

Simple. Insert the splitter in your pc. Then, plug your headphones in the splitter.

Here’s a list of our favorite splitters. In case you don’t have one- 

Recommended ProductsFeatures

Pick the one that complements your needs and style best.

Chances are this method is not for you. So, go to the next step.

New PC

In a newer model PC, you’ve got ports for both single and double-headed jack. You can see one port with a mic sign.  The other has a headset sign. 

When you’re using a single jack, plug it in the headset port.  

Still not working? Let’s stride to the next step.

Now, we know that it’s being a bit confusing at this point. And it’s okay if all this is making your head spin. 

You can always try out a good wireless microphone. This way, you at least won’t have to deal with all these ports. 

Find and Fix Hardware Issues

Till now, you’ve done this and that. Still, this mic isn’t working. However, we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves. 

Start by checking your headset first. If the headset is faulty, there’s no meaning in looking into another issue. 

How to know if the headset is faulty?

For this, follow these steps-

  • Plugin your headset in another device.
  • Check the sounds.
  • Make a call to check both input and output.

If it doesn’t work on another device, the verdict is, your device is faulty. Contact the manufacturer if you have a warranty. Otherwise, you’ll have to get a new one.

If it works okay, jump to the next step.

Check Settings 

Exhausted all the possibilities of things going wrong? It’s time to check those settings configurations.

It’s a problem if your mic isn’t set as default in the settings. It won’t work in that case. For this-

  • Plug your headset into the PC.
  • On the desktop, go to Speaker Icon > Recording device.
  • Go to the Playback tab, and check if your microphone is set as default.
  • If it’s not, click the Set Default button to set it as default.
  • Click Ok to save the change.

This’ll solve your problem easily. If you’re having issues with Windows 10, check Microsoft’s mic troubleshooting guide.

If it still doesn’t work, your device port might be an issue. So, have a professional look at it. 


Question: Does my headset have input abilities?
Answer: Inspect your headset closely. You can see rings in between contacts and the central unit. If there are three rings, your headset has input abilities. However, one or two rings means no input.   

Question: Are single jack headsets better than dual jack headsets?
Answer: The quality of the headsets depends on the features rather than jack numbers. Both single and dual jacks are used in various devices. So, consider compatibility with your devices.

Question: Can I use a 3.5mm headset on a laptop?
Answer: Laptops combine headphones and microphones into a single 3.5 mm port. So you can use a 3.5mm headset on a laptop.


Now, we’ve guided you through the issues of single jack headset mic not working. So, go fix your headset and start using it. 

You can even find another angle to this problem. Look forward to using your mic freely!