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How to Turn On Bose Speakers Soundbars Without Remote

Imagine you’re all set to watch a movie. You suddenly discover your Bose speaker remote has stopped functioning, or you’ve misplaced your Bose soundbar remote. You’re unable to turn on your costly Bose soundbar.

How to turn on Bose speakers’ soundbars without a remote?

To turn on Bose speakers soundbars without a remote, Bose gives its customers a separate app. You can use this application. Use the universal remote. You can also buy a new remote. Another alternative is to create your remote control for a Bose speaker or soundbar.

It is recommended to read the entire article to discover more about the subject. It’s time to act. Let’s have a look at this!

Methods for Turning On a Bose Soundbar System Without a Remote

The Bose Device is one of the greatest brands available. It can be irritating to turn it on when you don’t have the remote. You get a few solutions in this situation.

Method 1: Use the Universal Remote Control

First and foremost, strategies that will always make you happy.

A universal remote works with all devices. It is capable of controlling many devices. I’m sure, most of you, have this universal remote in your homes. 

If this is not the case, there is no need to panic; various universal remote controls are readily available at reasonable prices, and you can get them.

If the remote control for your Bose system stops working and you can’t find it, you’ll need Universal Remote Control. For this situation, it is the most perfect remedy.

There are several extra benefits of using the universal remote control.

These are the finest solutions available at this time. It’s yours, so use it!

Method 2: Purchase a New Bose Remote

Suppose you have lost your prior Bose soundbar or speaker system remote. If you do not want to use Universal Remote Control, don’t worry. You may get a new remote from the Bose site.

You can also phone the regional Bose hotline or the Bose company close to you; the Bose company will provide a better answer.

Go for the Bose Alternative instead of purchasing a brand-new remote control, and I can guarantee that you will enjoy and adore using this remote! 

The Bose Replacement remote can now be used to control the Bose Soundbar. To save time and space, you may put away your overstuffed Lounge Table and forget which remote control works with each device. 

Control two or more devices with only one remote when you connect this alternative remote to your television.

Method 3: Make use of a Bose soundbar application

You don’t need a newer Bose remote control if you have a mobile. Go to your app or play store and browse for “Bose Control Space Remote App.”

Bose has created its software to assist you in resolving all issues with the remote control. It was easier for everyone when the Bose Soundbar was turned on without a remote.

This application allows you to power on the Bose Soundbar and lets you associate the Bose Pro Entire System wirelessly.

What Is the Usefulness of This App?

It includes a variety of functionalities that can be tailored to each user. This application supports the following functions:

  • The Bose Soundbar can be turned on and off.
  • Choosing a Resource.
  • Turn on the mute button.
  • Changing the volume.
  • Setting the Parameters.

Don’t worry, this app is entirely free and immensely useful. Its app is created specifically for Bose Professional Networked Electronics users, such as Soundbar systems. 

You may have issues connecting your Bose soundbars to the app. Your soundbars can’t connect.

Method 4: Create Your Personal Bose Remote Control

If you would like to control any device, you can set up a remote to do it. For Bose speaker systems and soundbars, there are a lot of videos and articles that can help you learn how to set up a remote control for the speaker or soundbar. 

Once you’ve programmed a remote, you can activate your Bose speaker.

Method 5: Using Your TV’s Remote

Yes! It’s time to clear up the clutter on the coffee table and decide what remote to use. Try another incredible trick that will never fail to delight you. Do you have any ideas? 

The best part about this strategy is that it is unaffected by the brand of your equipment, such as the TV that will be attached to your soundbar. In this circumstance, you must be cautious about connecting your soundbars to your TV.

Instead of cluttering your thoughts with various remotes for various devices, use a single remote for everything. Connect several devices to a single remote and use it to control the audio on all of them.

You only need to connect the Soundbar/speaker to a media such as a TV through Optical Wire or HDMI via ARC, and you’re done. 

Control all the connected devices and soundbar’s power functions, such as switch on, switch off, sound up, sound down, mute, unmute, etc.

Set the TV’s audio output, for example. This will allow you to control the loudness of the soundbar and other connected devices with your remote control and enjoy every film and image without worrying about anything else. 

You can use an HDMI cable or a digital optical cable to attach the soundbar/speaker after you’ve set up the output. Finally, you can control your TV and soundbar/speaker with a single remote as well as other things like switching on and off your gadgets

Your Bose soundbars may need to be reset from time to time. It’s also a simple procedure.

Hopefully, these methods will be beneficial to you.


Why is my Bose Soundbar not turning on?

Ensure the power wire is plugged into a functioning socket if Bose Soundbar is not turning on. Make that the wall switch that controls the outlet is turned on. You can also test the outlet’s functionality by plugging in another electronic item, such as a lamp.

What’s wrong with my Bose universal remote?

You should replace your remote’s battery or batteries if they’re low or nonexistent. Rechargeable batteries may produce lower voltage than alkaline batteries, so they are preferred over the latter.

How do I use my Bose remote to turn it on?

Hold the CBL-SAT & TV buttons on the remote for 10 seconds, or until both buttons blink thrice. See Configuring your remote for further information.