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How to Turn on Hisense TV without Remote [4 Solutions]

Hisense TVs are popular for their high-quality videos, built-in wifi, sound quality, and low budget. But to control any smart tv, anyone will need a remote. 

What to do if you don’t know where your remote is or if it gets ineffective? Don’t worry. You can switch on your Hisense tv in absence of a remote control too.

How to turn on Hisense tv without a remote?

You can power on your Hisense tv besides a remote by 4 ways. The easiest way is to press the tv buttons to turn it on. You can use some mobile apps to turn it on too. Google Assistant can help you to control it through your voice. You can need a universal remote as well.

Wait, knowing the ways is not enough. To know the details keep on reading!

4 Ways to Switch on Hisense TV Except for Remote

Hisense TVs are so easy to control. You can even turn them on without a remote.

Sometimes they are stuck in the rebooting process.

How can I power on my Hisense television without a remote controller like remote?

Worry not. Here, I’ve explained all the ways to turn them on without a remote in detail. You can choose any of them.

I’ll help you learn how to switch on Hisense TV without a remote.

Method 1: Using Buttons on the TV

Almost all Hisense TV-like, smart tv, ECT have some buttons to control. You can use these switches to control your tv manually.

This can be an easy solution for you if you don’t have your remote to turn on your tv.

Where can be the switch-on button on the Hisense smart tv? You will get the ‘turn on’ button, at the bottom of your Hisense TV. Press it for some time. And your TV will turn on.

You can also notice lights like blue lights on tv. All of them indicate some things.

You just need to do the same thing to turn it off. That is if you wanna know how to switch off the television in absence of a remote.

This is easy. But this process is quite tiring. As you need to go near the tv if you wanna watch it.

Method 2: With the Help of a Mobile App

Through a mobile app, you can easily turn on your TV without a remote. 

You can utilize your phone here as a remote. Not only for turning on, but you can also control many other things with this app.

But there is not an official app for Hisense TV. Still, there are some apps that you can use to turn your tv on without a remote.

There are two operating systems for Hisense Tv. One is the Android OS and the other is the Roku OS. The apps are different for both.

I’ll tell you how to power on Hisense television except for a remote by utilizing a mobile app. Ensure that the television and phone have the same wifi source.

For RokuOS Hisense TVs

Do you wanna know how to switch on Hisense Roku tv in absence of a remote? Then I have the solution for you.

The solution is “Roku TV Remote”. This is an app. Through this app, you can turn on your TV and it has other control functions too.

You can run it through your voice too. The steps to connect them are below.

First, you need to install that application from the play store on the mobile.

After downloading the app, launch it.

Now, find the name of your tv on the app. Tap the name when you find it and pair your TV with the app.

Look for the “Remote Tab” at the ground of the screen. Click it.

Now, you can see there is a power button at the core of the app screen. Tap it to turn on your tv.

Sometimes this tv keeps restarting. So, be careful of that. 

For Hisense Android TV

Interested to know how to turn on Hisense Android TV without a remote

The steps have similarities with the Roku Hisense TV. In this case, you’ll use the app “Android Remote TV”. 

Here, I’ve explained how to connect the app with TV. And turn the TV on without a remote.

Install the application. Then launch it on your phone and agree with the conditions.

Now look for your tv. If you find it, tap it to pair it with the app on the phone.

After pairing it, you can see a “power button” at the center of your mobile screen. Tap it to turn on your tv.

Method 3: Through Google Assistant

Google Assistant will make it easy to control your smart home gadgets. You can even control your tv by using Google assistant.

Now, I’ll help you learn how to use the app.

Install the “Google Home” app. Mobile and tv should have the same wifi.

Now go through the app. You can see the name of your tv there. Tap it to connect the tv with the app.

Now you can directly control this on a mobile screen through the app. Or you can also use Google Assistant by giving voice commands. 

Now give the Google assistant a command like ” OK Google switch tv on”. It is to turn on the TV except for the remote.

Method 4: Using Universal Remote Controls

A universal remote can help you to manage any of the home gadgets. You can utilize this to switch on your TV in absence of a remote.

Pair it with the tv. For pairing, you’ll need some universal codes. The codes are:

  • 0848
  • 0009
  • 0156
  • 0216
  • 0073
  • 0508
  • 0696
  • 1170
  • 0780
  • 0219
  • 0220

First, power on your TV manually as I have mentioned before.

Bring it to your tv. Push down the tv button on it for some time. Stop pressing the button when the LED light of the remote turns on.

Enter those codes given above one by one by dialing the number on the remote. If you give the correct code, the LED light will flash twice.

If the code is wrong, then put another one to get the appropriate code. Repeat the same process for another code.

Did you find the right one? Now you can directly turn it on or off from the universal remote control.

Here are some universal remotes I recommend for you:

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That’s all. Now you know all the steps to turn on your Hisense TV except for a remote


Question: What should you do when Hisense tv is not turning on?

Answer: Check the position of the power cord of your tv. Plugin it at another wall outlet. If it’s still not happening, repeat the process after 60 seconds.

Question: Why is my tv not turning on but still the red light is on?

Answer: The problem can be in the on/off button or in the batteries of the remote. It can also happen that something’s blocking the receiving signal portion of the tv.

Question: How do you display an iPhone to Hisense tv?

Answer: Open ‘control center’ from your iPhone and select ‘screen mirroring’. When it shows the name of your tv, tap it. Now, your TV is displaying your iPhone.


I hope that you know now how to turn on Hisense tv without a remote. Follow the steps above like I’ve shown to turn on Hisense tv without a remote.

But still, it’s more comfortable to use a remote to control your tv. It’s hassle-free. So, repair your remote or buy a new one.

Until then, enjoy watching your TV!