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Vizio Soundbar HDMI Arc Not Working [5 Possible Reasons]

Experiencing problems with the connection between Vizio tv and the soundbar? If the issue is the connection then probably the problem is with the HDMI arc. With an unstable HDMI arc, it’s troublesome to enjoy your precious watch time.

Why does the Vizio soundbar HDMI arc not work?

The reason behind the HDMI arc failing to function could be a faulty cable. Or you might have inserted the wrong HDMI port. Having problems with the CEC permitting can also cause the issue. Sometimes using multiple HDMI connections with your tv can cause this situation.

Wanna know how to deal with these problems? Then stay with us till the end.

Let’s begin the troubleshooting process!

Why The Vizio Soundbar HDMI arc Is Not Working

HDMI is a very important component in today’s smart TVs. Almost all smart and high-definition TVs contain an HDMI cable now. Some of these cables have a label named arc.

Arc refers to the Audio return channel. It means it controls two-way audio communication with a single cable. It works not only as an input connection but also as an output connection.

It controls the external speakers that are connected with TVs. When the HDMI arc has a bad connection the Vizio soundbar will keep cutting out. Things can get frustrating if it keeps interrupting. 

There are a few reasons why your HDMI arc may malfunction. We’ll talk about the reasons and the possible solutions now.

Reason 1: Wrong HDMI Port

Vizio soundbars come with many HDMI ports in the rear-end. But not all of them are arc supported. One of the common mistakes people make is to connect them to the wrong port.

Naturally, you won’t get any input if you connect the cable to the wrong port. Because the other HDMI ports are not compatible with two-way communication.

That’s why first check if you connected it in the arc port or not. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pinpoint the arc port if it’s not mentioned on the label. 

If you’re knowledgeable about the details of the HDMI arc then finding it will be easier. But if you’re still having a hard time finding it just try all the ports.

The port where you’ll get input response is supposedly the HDMI arc port. If the issue was the wrong port then it should be solved by now.

Reason 2: Faulty HDMI Cable

A faulty HDMI cable can be the root of the problem. How to know if the cable is faulty? Disconnect it from your soundbar and affix it with other HDMI-compatible devices.

If you get a response from the input it means the cable is fine. But if there’s no response the cable is faulty. Sometimes disconnecting and reconnecting the cable from both ends can be fruitful.

But if all of these become a failure you’d need a new HDMI cable. Try different types of cable for your Vizio soundbar. An RCA amplified one or optical cable might be better than a regular HDMI cable.

These are the cables you can go for:

Product 1
Product 2

Optical cables can support better output signals than usual HDMI cables. Regular HDMI cables sometimes provide weak signals that are difficult to catch on.

If the signal is not received properly naturally your sound system will fluctuate. It’s also a common reason why AirPods mic fails to work.

Using an optical HDMI cable would be the best choice. Because it not only provides a strong connection.This is also capable of picking multiple audio sources. 

Reason 3: HDMI Device Conflict

It’s a scenario that arises when your TV has multiple HDMI outputs on it. Because all the signals may create a conflict that keeps the arc from receiving signals. It’s also known as the CEC issue.

To solve this problem you can try disconnecting all the HDMI connections on your tv. First, turn off your TV and the soundbar. Disconnect all the HDMI connections from both ends.

Connect only the HDMI cable to your soundbar’s arc port. This should get rid of the problem. If the same situation arises again you can repeat the same method.

If disconnecting other connections doesn’t work you’d need more advanced settings. Hopefully, the next segment will be able to solve your problem.

Reason 4: CEC Permitting

The CEC should stay enabled on both your tv and the soundbar. But sometimes, it can also shut off the arc system on your Vizio soundbar. To resolve this problem you can change the settings on your TV.

The process of settings might be different depending on your tv brand and model. But normally the option resides on the tv menu under the CEC feature.

Choose the HDMI arc option from your soundbar remote controller. It’ll scan to find out your tv signal and will align with it. But if the problem still isn’t solved yet, try resetting the Vizio soundbar

It’ll reset any problematic setting on your device and return it to its initial condition. With that, the problem should be gone by now.

Reason 5: Firmware

If your Vizio devices are running on an outdated software version many problems can arise. Especially for HDMI arc support. Because older software is not always arc supported.

It’s necessary to keep your tv and soundbar software up to date. That’ll remove any chances of lacking potential arc features. 

After you update the software, make sure to restart both devices. If you fail to restart them, then try doing it manually 2-3 times. Hope that solves your problem.

These are the possible causes and the solutions you have at your hand. Hopefully, you’ve figured out what the problem is and solved it.


Question: Is the HDMI arc designed to go both ways?

Answer: Yes, they are designed in such a way that the signal can travel both ways. It is to remove the multiple cable number between the tv and the soundbar. It also provides sound quality and latency to the ongoing signal.

Question: Can I use both optical audio and HDMI?

Answer: The answer is yes, but it is not necessary. You can choose to use either of the two. Using both at the same time may create an echo problem. The better option would be choosing an optical HDMI cable for the soundbar connection.

Question: Which one is better between HDMI arc and Bluetooth?

Answer: For the best sound quality the winner would be HDMI arc. Because they can process a higher bitstream than Bluetooth. It’s also more stable than Bluetooth. Bluetooth connection can be easily lost for internet or other reasons. But an HDMI arc can provide you with an uninterrupted connection.


Have you figured out why your Vizio soundbar HDMI arc is not working? I cordially hope you did. After all, without the HDMI arc listening is no fun.

If these provided methods fail to help look for maintenance support from Vizio customer support.

I wish you good luck!