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Vizio Soundbar Keeps Cutting Out [6 Common Reasons]

Vizio soundbars are quite popular in making good quality soundbars. But we also hear complaints on how these soundbars sometimes keep cutting out. You’d be wondering if your soundbar has gotten bad.

Why does the Vizio soundbar keep cutting out?

Vizio sound bar keeps cutting off mostly due to overheating issues. There can be other reasons too. Keep it turned off until it cools down. It’s also possible that the inner components have worn out. Bluetooth interference, bad HDMI, and outdated software could also be potential reasons.

Want to know how to fix this problem? Then keep along with us until the end.

Let us begin!

Why Does My Vizio Sound Bar Keep Cutting Out

The sound cutting problem from the Vizio soundbar happens every 15-20 minutes for some seconds. Although the timing varies from user to user. But this is the common time limit. 

There could be various reasons why the Vizio sound bar keeps repeating this problem. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Reason 1: Problematic Cable Connection

Sometimes the culprit of the issue is a loose cable connection with audio input. If your Vizio sound bar keeps cutting sound, check out the cable’s condition first.

If the cable is perfectly unharmed or not. If the cable is broken then do replace it. It might solve the issue for you.

The audio cable should stay inserted tightly into the soundbar. Check other audio cables as well. See if the plug is connected properly or not.

Sometimes sound fluctuates due to loosely plugged connections. See if it’s inserted all the way inside. It may become loose due to pulling occasionally. 

Reason 2: Bad HDMI

For game consoles and set-top boxes, Vizio soundbars are connected by HDMI. if HDMI is being used as the input source the problem arises with video streaming.

In such cases, the screen may blackout along with sound getting cut off. Vizio HDMI arc not working can be the reason why the sound keeps getting interrupted. 

The HDMI cable is not like analog wires. It has a digital interface and works only in On and Off mode. Rebooting the soundbar might solve the issue.

But if it isn’t fruitful, you’d have to replace it. You can try these HDMI cables to replace your old ones:

Product 1
Product 2

But before you buy them check out if they’re compatible with your soundbar or not.

Reason 3: Soundbar Overheating

This is the most common and frequent cause behind the Vizio soundbar’s sound cut-off. It’s because they have an overheating problem. 

If it’s on for too long it may overheat and the sound will fluctuate. Because when it gets too hot the soundbox shuts off the amplifier. It’s to protect the soundbar’s board from internal damage.

When that happens the sound will cut out for 15 to 20 minutes. Leaving the soundbar on all-time will cause it to overheat. If it does then turn it off and let it cool down for 15-20 minutes.

The problem should be solved when you turn it back on. But sometimes there are related issues like dust clogging the soundbar. It prevents the airflow between the devices.

As a result, it easily overheats and can’t cool down fast either. If your soundbar is old it would be good to take it for cleanups. If you’re not an expert in cleaning electric appliances, leave it to the professionals.

Reason 4: Worn Out Components

Electric devices wear out like any other product as they age. It could be the capacitor, circuit, resistors, cables, amplifier, or any other component. As your device gets old these components lose their productivity.

If your soundbar is cut out it could be because of the old components. You may also face frequent connection loss, low audio quality, and system burn-out. 

These are also the cause why corsair or apex legend mic doesn’t work. If you suspect the culprit to be the components you may replace them. 

But in most cases, replacing components in an old device isn’t very economical. Because the electronic market is always updating. 

It’s hard to find mechanical components that go with old models. It also costs a lot for replacement and instalments. There’s also no guarantee for fixed devices. 

You fix one component and soon another one might go bad. That’s why it’s more economical to buy a new soundbar in case of worn-out components.

Reason 5: Bluetooth Interference

Poor Bluetooth connection in Vizio sound bars is another reason why sound gets cut off. Check if your Bluetooth device is too far from the soundbar. 

The distance shouldn’t be greater than 10 metres between the devices. Otherwise, the soundbar will fail to receive the signal. Try closing the gap between the Bluetooth device and the soundbar.

Another reason this happens is due to wireless interference in Vizio soundbars. Just like Wi-fi Bluetooth uses a 2.4GHz frequency. 

Sometimes keeping the soundbar under thick wooden or metallic components can block the Bluetooth connection. So try replacing it with someplace elsewhere it might not be interfered with. 

If the problem still appears then test out the soundbar with other devices. If the sound gets cut then maybe the issue is with the Bluetooth receiver. 

To solve this try resetting the Vizio soundbar once. It may fix the problem.

Reason 6: Outdated Software

Outdated software can be a reason for the interruption in soundbars. Soundbars have many integrated speakers that are dependent on pre-programmed software.

If the software gets outdated the device struggles with data processing. So the sound may get cut off sometimes.

To solve this problem it would need a firmware update. Contact your manufacturer to solve this problem.

Which one of these reasons are you struggling with? I hope you’ll be able to fix it soon.


Question: Does resetting the Vizio soundbar solves the sound fluctuation problem?

Answer: Yes, it may solve the issue. Especially if it’s a software-related problem. Try rebooting your soundbar. You can also try giving it a factory reset. Although it may or may not solve the issue. But at least it’s worth a shot. Factory reset means resetting it as how it came out from the factory.

Question: How to give Vizio TV a factory reset?

Answer: Go to the menu button from the Vizio TV remote. You’ll find the select system option on the screen. Then go to reset & admin. Choose factory settings. After the reset is complete you’ll find some instructions on the screen. Complete them properly. Check out the user manual for any confusion.

Question: How to update the Vizio soundbar with USB?

Answer: Press the power button and turn on the soundbar. Unplug the soundbar’s power cord while it’s still powered. After that, insert the updated USB drive into the dedicated port on your device. You can put the power cord back. 

Final Words

Have you figured out why your Vizio sound bar keeps cutting out? These problems do not require complex solutions. You can try fixing it yourself first.

If it still doesn’t work, get help from experts. Hopefully, everything will work out just fine. That’s it for today.

See you another time!