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Vizio Soundbar Lights Flashing Up And Down [Solved!]

Soundbars are great for a music lover. And among all the soundbars, the Vizio soundbar gives great performance within budget. That’s the reason, people love to use them.

In spite of all of the reasons, they are not without any faults too. One of them is their soundbar lights flashing up and down for a long time. It’s a common complaint among the users and you can solve it by yourself too.

Why are Vizio soundbar lights flashing up and down?

There are many reasons for which Vizio soundbar lights flash up and down. The problems can be in settings or in the hardware. It can be a software-related issue too. Or the soundbar can be in demo mode too. You can solve these problems by yourself like an expert. For this, you’ll need the manual too.

This is just a quick summary. I’ve many more to share with you. To know them, keep on reading.

5 Reasons Why Sound Bar Lights Flashing

What does it mean when the Vizio light flashes on and off? Normally, it means that the soundbar is searching for a device for pairing. And it’s within the pairing process. 

For this reason, the lights flash for a maximum of 15 minutes.

If the lights are still flashing, then there can be some problems behind them. They are one of Vizio’s soundbar troubleshooting. I’ve explained all those problems with solutions for you below in the article.

Go through your eyes over them!

Reason 1: Improperly Plugged-In

First of all, it can happen because you might have plugged in the cables incorrectly. It can also happen because of wrong wire connections. 

When the soundbars don’t get enough power, lights can flash too.


Check the wire connections of the soundbar. Check if you have plugged in them properly or not. If you’ve done any of them wrong, solve them immediately. 

Set them up with the right ports.

Reason 2: Disconnected from Device

Is your Vizio soundbar flashing white lights? Then check the Bluetooth connection of your device. You can also connect it to a Samsung TV

Sometimes, your device disconnects from the soundbar. As I’ve mentioned earlier, they flashlight when they are waiting for any device for pairing.


Check if the soundbar is paired with your device through Bluetooth or not. If not, then pair them through Bluetooth.

If you can’t pair them through Bluetooth, then use a cable for this. It can happen if the soundbar is wireless.

Reason 3: Soundbar in Demo Mode

Why is my Vizio soundbar flashing? When the Vizio soundbar is in demo mode, it flashes light too. 

You can easily know if your Vizio soundbar is in demo mode or not. 

First, reset the soundbar. Then check if there is any change in the settings or not after turning it on

Then check if the soundbar is turning off or not when you turn it off. If they do so, then your soundbar is in demo mode.


Now I’ll tell you how to exit demo mode on the Vizio soundbar. First, go through the manual as it can vary for different models.

Then find the “Input” and “Bluetooth” buttons on the soundbar. Then press them together for 5 seconds until the lights flash for 5 times. Then it’s complete.

You can do the process by a mobile app of Vizio soundbar like SmartCast Mobile application too.

Reason 4: Out-dated Firmware

If the firmware of the Vizio soundbar becomes outdated then, it flashes light too. It is like an indication from the soundbar.


Update the firmware of your soundbar to stop the flashing of lights.

Reason 5: Change in the Settings

If the problem is not any of the above, then why is my soundbar flashing? The problem can be in the hardware settings.

It can also happen if there is anything wrong with the settings. You might have pressed any of the settings buttons without knowing. Or the settings are wrong.


You can solve the problems by finding out which button you’ve pressed wrong manually. Then correct them. It can be a lengthy process. 

So the shortcut is to reset the soundbar. It’ll solve the problem immediately. 

I’ll tell you how to reset the Vizio soundbar. For this, you’ll need the Vizio soundbar manual. As it can be different for many models.

I’ll take the steps for the most common ones. First, find the “Bluetooth” button and “volume down” button of the soundbar, not from the remote. 

This soundbar has remotes like the remotes of Vizio TV

Press them together until all the lights flash three times. The resetting process is complete.

Here are some best remotes for you that you can buy from the stores nearby:

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That’s all. Now you know the reasons why your Vizio sound bar lights are flashing up and down. And you can solve it by yourself too.

If still, the soundbar is flashing lights, then the problem can be inside of it. Repair it from a service center.


Question 1: What does the blue light indicator do on the Vizio soundbar?

Answer: There are many lights on the soundbar for indicating many operations. Among them, blue light indicates the proper connection with the internet.

Question: What is the longevity of a Vizio soundbar?

Answer: It’s difficult to say as it depends on the use and care of the soundbar. But if you take care of them properly they should last for 7-12 years.

Question: How do I disable the auto-shutoff of the Vizio soundbar?

Answer: You can disable it for a maximum of 4 hours. For that press the buttons for power and volume down on the soundbar together for 10 seconds. But still, go through the manual, as it can vary for different models.


Hope you know now the reasons for Vizio soundbar lights flashing up and down. Follow the solutions I’ve mentioned above for you step by step.

If the steps are too difficult to follow, then I’d suggest taking help from professionals. Or you can take them to a service center too.

It’s time to take leave. 

Best of luck!