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Why is the Vizio Soundbar Turning On And Off By Itself [4 Solutions]

I know it’s embarrassing when music doesn’t sync with the Vizio soundbar. Maybe it seems impossible to solve but here’s some good news. Execute the correct procedures.

Why is the Vizio Soundbar turning on and off by itself?

Soundbars frequently shut down when they can’t identify audio. Rebooting the  Vizio soundbar might help erase and restart. It helps clean the soundbar of any problems. It will fix all issues on its own. Adjust your TV’s eco control systems. Using a non-Vizio remote might be another problem.

I don’t want you to have to wait any longer. Let’s go into the specifics of the situation!

Reasons Behind Vizio Sound Bar Turning on-off By Itself!

Soundbars frequently turn on or off when they can’t detect audio. A damaged cable, weak connections, or too low volume might cause the soundbar problem. 

Turn up the volume while connecting your soundbar with a 3.5mm cable.

Soundbars are logged in power-saving settings. If the soundbar receives no input signal or is not used for fifteen minutes, it shuts off. In order to save electricity, this function cannot be turned on.

Sometimes, The sound level is often too low, or the speaker fails to identify the device. This is why maybe the soundbar may switch off or on. A soundbar attached loosely to the TV may shut off.

After 8 hours with no input buttons, the soundbar turns off. The optical cable may be faulty, causing the soundbar to lose connectivity.

The soundbar may be attached to a disc player and it is causing sleep mode. Boost the volume to address this problem.

Your soundbar may be malfunctioning like a Fortnite mic or worn out. If none of the above fixes your soundbar, call a specialist.

4 Methods & Solutions of Vizio Sound Bar

The Vizio soundbar automated turning off and on may be rather annoying. There are a few ways to stop the soundbar from turning off or on automatically. 

Here are 4 of them:

Method 1: Reboot your Vizio Soundbar

Several issues may be resolved by resetting a soundbar. It removes all information from the soundbar, including Bluetooth connections. To begin the restoration procedure, press the play button.

For rebooting the soundbar, do the mentioned steps below: 

Step 1: 

Use the settings menu on your Vizio remote control to go through the menu options.

Step 2: 

Using the up/down buttons, go to Reset No.

Step 3:

Select Reset Yes from the following menu, then press the play button. Similar malfunctions happen for AirPods

Step 4: 

Ensure that it’s confirmed If “Yes” is shown. To begin the restoration procedure, press the play button.

The reset is complete when the soundbar’s LED lights flash three times. Use both Bluetooth system and Volume Down buttons to reset the device.

Step 5:

Set the soundbar using the Bluetooth and Volume buttons. 

On your Vizio soundbar, go to the menu. Find the volume down button when you’ve finished with that.

Step 6: 

Find the Bluetooth push-button display and press it. For around 5 seconds, hold down the two keys at the same time.

The soundbar display’s LED lights will blink three times to complete the reset.

Method 2: Reset the Eco Mode.

If no audio signal is detected when the Eco setting is on or off, the soundbar will power off automatically. Search for the Bluetooth key on the settings menu.

You have the authority to keep it from shutting off.

Press the next or prior buttons on your remote to activate the ecological power options. Then disable the eco features.

Method 3: Install the Latest Firmware.

The Smartcast Mobile app connects the Vizio soundbar to the internet. As a result, any new updates will be downloaded automatically. 

Follow these instructions to connect the soundbar to the internet. 

  • On your remote, choose the menu. Go to the Wi-Fi setup to utilize arrow keys. Press play or pause to select it.
  • Then press the menu icon. The front lights will flash.
  • “Device setting” may be found at the bottom of the program.
  • Select Add a New Connection and continue the on-screen directions to complete the setting.
  • Complete the app’s net connection to the soundbar. To upgrade the firmware, here’s what to do.
  • Go over to the app’s menu bar on your smartphone. Select ‘system’ and then ‘check for updates.’

Sometimes the soundbar’s firmware needs to be updated. It will immediately turn off and install software for the upgrade.

Now, wait for the installation to finish, which should take around 30 minutes. The connection between the smartphone device and the soundbar will be terminated. It will be recovered after setup.

Consequently, if the server is down, you won’t be worried. Do not separate the soundbar from the power supply during the update operation. 

Method 4: Replace the remote control

Is it conceivable that you would use a non-Vizio soundbar remote or a global controller? If this is the situation, the speaker will turn on or off immediately.

The universal remote may operate, and all functionalities may function effectively. As a reason, Vizio always recommends that you use a genuine remote control.

To remedy this problem, make sure you buy a genuine Vizio soundbar remote.

If you’ve done any of the procedures above, your soundbar should no longer switch on or off automatically. If it does not respond, you must approach Vizio customer care for assistance.

Here, I’ve jotted down the best Vizio Soundbar Remote for you.

Product 1
Product 2

I hope this helps.

They may assist you to understand why the issue happens since they are the root reason. They may suggest a hardware repair.

Offer more details about the issue. They can solve the problem. Check the setup like the rock band microphone Wii for the perfect connection. 

You can prevent your soundbar from going off on its own by resetting it. Also, ensure the software is the latest.

The updates are automatically downloaded when you connect them to the internet.  


Question: Why does my soundbar stop working?

Answer: A bad connection is the primary source of soundbar problems. It might be due to an incorrect device configuration or a poor physical layout. The fixes might seem simple, still troubleshooting some may take some time.

Question: Why is my Vizio soundbar not working with my Vizio TV?

Answer: The Vizio Soundbar and TV will not function properly if the cable isn’t synced with the device. You may need to activate the ‘CEC’ and ‘ARC’ functions to disconnect other devices. The tool for communication settings may be tweaked.

Question: Why is my soundbar not working with my TV?

Answer: Disconnect the TV and soundbar for 10 seconds before reconnecting them. Minor issues may sometimes be resolved by reestablishing. Update the TV and soundbar, then power cycle.

Bottom Line

I hope this information helps you understand why the Vizio Soundbar turns on and off by itself. I feel you have a thorough grasp of the situation.

To avoid this awkwardness, use the genuine remote for the Vizio soundbar. It’ll reduce the chance of troubleshooting.

Best of luck fixing your Vizio Soundbar!