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Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On: 4 Reasons & Solutions

Having our daily necessities not working can be deeply frustrating. And the Vizio soundbar not turning on falls in that category. It disrupts some valuable entertainment time in our busy lives. 

Why the Vizio soundbar won’t turn on?

Poor HDMI port connection or a faulty cable can cause this problem. Also, frequent electrical surges can be a reason too. Additionally, old soundboxes can have this issue frequently as well. Some power cable and power outlet troubleshooting can solve this issue. Resetting the soundbar if necessary. 

Sounds intriguing? This is just a short answer to what you have been looking for. I have dedicated an entire article addressing this issue. 

Dive in! 

Why does the Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On

Having a Vizio soundbar can make your life a lot easier. You don’t have to deal with tons of cables and wires anymore. 

But once in a while, you will run into some issues. Not getting the soundbar turned on can be one of them. 

But rather than replacing the soundbar, you can figure out the solutions. Also, switching to a new soundbar can be financially damaging for you as well. 

Below I’ve jotted down the probable reasons for not turning it on. Have a look!

Reason 1: Weak HDMI Port Connection 

The first reason can be the weak connection between your soundbar and your device. If the connection is not stable and continuous, your Vizio soundbar not turning on is obvious. 

Defective HDMI port connection can be one of the prime reasons behind that. Your soundbar fails to align and receive signals from remote if it’s technically defective. Causing your Vizio soundbar not to turn on. 

Poor HDMI port connection also causes other malfunctions such as Apex legends mic not working

Reason 2: Old Vizio Soundbar

Another reason can be that your Vizio soundbar is old. If you have been using your soundbar for more than 5 years, issues can appear. 

Electronic devices wear out with time. If the soundbar is used for more than five years, it can suffer internal damages. 

The circuit can malfunction or the amplifier can stop working. In such cases, it’s recommended to replace the soundbar rather than repair it. 

Reason 3: Defective Power Button

Third reason can be the power button. If it’s continuously used to turn the soundbar on and off, it wears out. As it wears out, the button becomes defective and it stops working. 

Hence, you will face issues regarding the soundbar not turning on. 

Reason 4: Explosion or Thunderstrike 

The fourth reason can be regarding your house where you keep the soundbar itself. At times, the earthing becomes unstable causing electronic devices to face issues. 

Any massive explosion, fuse or even thunderstrike can cause this issue. If your house has recently faced one with, it can be related to that. 

Due to the fuse or thunderstrike, the circuit of your soundbar can get damaged. And a damaged circuit will prevent your soundbar from turning on. 

These are some of the reasons behind your soundbar not turning on. But don’t get disheartened. We will look into the solutions as well. 

7 Different Solutions for Vizio Soundbar Not Turning On

There are ways you can fix your Vizio soundbar. Let’s look at the time:

Solution 1: Checking the Power Cable 

Checking the power cable is the first thing that you need to do. If your power cable is damaged, your soundbar won’t turn on. 

If your power cable is damaged, then you need to replace it. The best replacement would be a standard 24-volt power cord. 

If you don’t find any visible damages, then test it on some other devices. But replacing the cable is the best recommendation. 

Solution 2: Checking the AC Outlet 

Sometimes, the AC outlet can be damaged as well. If your soundbar is plugged to a faulty AC outlet, then it won’t turn on. Fix the AC outlet for proper connectivity. 

Plug another device into the outlet to see if it’s properly working. Also, you can plug your soundbar into another outlet as well. 

Solution 3: Checking Connection 

Always make sure that the cable is properly connected. Otherwise, the soundbar won’t turn on. 

Additionally, any accidents due to electric outflow are highly imminent. 

Solution 4: Resetting Circuit Breaker 

If you have an unstable electrical connection, it can disrupt the circuit flow. This can happen if you have an excessive device connected to the same outlet. The circuit breaker trips due to this. 

You should check your circuit breaker regularly and reset them frequently. Having a faulty circuit breaker can ruin your soundbar’s circuit as well. 

Solution 5: Removing Any Signal Blocking 

Every remote has a range. If you operate your remote from outside of that range then it will not work. 

Also, any object between the soundbar and the remote can even block the signals. 

Check if there are any such objects that block the signal. If you find any objects as such, remove them. Signal blocking can disrupt other electronic gadgets, such as the Fortnite mic malfunctioning.

Also, when you’re testing your soundbar with the remote, be as close as possible. 

Solution 6: Using Power Button 

Every Vizio soundbar comes with a power button with it. You will find them on the top or left side of the soundbar. 

If your soundbar is not turning on with the remote, try it with the power button. If it turns on, then the issue is with the remote. Replace the batteries of the remote and try again or replace the remote. 

You can give the given batteries below a try If you’re thinking about buying new batteries. They are really good at their job:


These are some of the really good batteries. Also, they are really durable. So they should last for a long time.

Solution 7: Resetting Soundbar 

Sometimes the soundbar setting can be changed by accident. This may prevent the soundbar from turning on. You can solve this situation by resetting the soundbar. 

Resetting can fix the Turtle Beach headset mic too.

If the solutions fail to work then contact your Vizio soundbar outlet nearby. They will be able to provide you with a much more accurate and efficient solution. 


Questions: How do you reset a Vizio soundbar?

Answers: To reset your Vizio soundbar, press and hold the bluetooth and volume buttons together. Hold it for five seconds. All 12 LEDs will flash and your factory reset is complete.

Question: Why is my soundbar not getting power?

Answer: Sometimes the HDMI port can loosen up. This prevents the Vizio soundbar from getting power. Unplug the cable for ten seconds and reattach it. This should solve your connection problem. 

Question: How do I get my Vizio soundbar to turn on my TV?

Answer: Ensure first that the Auto Power link is on. Turn on D.IN mode in the soundbar and adjust the TV speaker. Plugin HDMI ARC connection. Also, keep the anynet+ turned on. 


That’s all from my end. I hope you’re now clear on why the Vizio soundbar won’t turn on. 

It’s a task related to electricity. Do follow safety measures when you are working with electronics. Also, always contact a professional if you are confident enough to do it yourself.

Good luck with your soundbar!