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Who We Are? 

We are a group of music and musical instruments enthusiasts, teamed up to create, share and collaborate information and insights with people who’re also in love with music. Connie Smith Music is our little corner on the internet where all these actions take place. 

The team includes:

  • 7 Content creators.
  • 2 Editors. 
  • 1 Editor-in-chief. 
  • Product and Data Analyst. 
  • Marketing and PR Executive. 
  • Web and Graphics Designer. 
  • Co-founders and COO. 

About Connie Smith Music

The industry of music had been through an overwhelming evolution- both for the musicians and listeners. In 2020, you have a whole lot of choices when it’s about devices that create music, record it, store it and of course, play it.

Thus, being a music enthusiast comes up with the task of putting your analytical helmet on, conducting thorough research and find the best worthwhile investment for any instrument or device. 

Connie Smith Music had taken over this mammoth task to make your life easier as a music lover. We discuss products, problems, possibilities, news and anything under the sky that’s related to the music and audio industry. 

Here we’re majorly reader-supported. That means, whatever purchase you make through our referral links, we make a small cut from it. But worry not, it’s not going to be taken from you at all. You pay what you’re supposed to pay at the local or online store. 

That also brings the liberty of you – our beloved readers to let us know what you like and what you don’t over here. We’re always listening to you to make ourselves better over time. 

How Do We Review Products? 

In regard to serving our readers with true, authentic and unbiased values, we do hands-on product reviews on various grounds. And we stand on the ground to claim our reviews to be more in-depth and honest for a number of reasons. 

Here are the parameters that we take into account in order to review products:

The Product Specs

First and foremost, it’s the specs and technical details of the products that matter to us. We make sure that the product we back on this platform, are way ahead of their competitors in terms of tech. Blended with top-notch technology, we prioritize aesthetic values, exterior, and building materials as well. 

The Brand Value

Every product is from an inventory. Thus, the brand that products quite showcases the product’s worth in terms of price-quality ratio. Hence, we keep an eye on the brand a certain product comes from, their reputation, customer support, warranty policy, return policy, etc. 

Real User’s Reviews

As long as it’s not a newly launched product, the verified reviews of it from several reputed e-commerce platforms say a lot about the product. We, therefore, pay heed to people who’ve used the products before and elevate our own analysis reports accordingly. 

In-house Expert’s Analysis

We have product analysts in-house who have been music and electronics enthusiasts themselves. They are in responsibility to enlighten the writers and editors on how and what specs a product comes with, how that matter from the user and finally, if it’s worth your (potential user) money or not.

If you have any questions you can ask us through our contact form.