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How To Connect JBL Speakers To Computer And Laptop

When you have JBL speakers, purchasing an additional speaker for your PC or laptop is unnecessary. You can connect it. But it gets confusing while doing so. 

How to connect JBL speakers to a computer and laptop?

JBL speakers connect to the computer and laptop in 2 ways. Bluetooth and wireless. It has many speakers, the most famous being the JBL flip versions. These speakers can be linked to wired or Bluetooth. The JBL Flip 5 has wireless connectivity. And JBL flip 4 gives a cable connection and a Bluetooth option.

Feeling curious to know in detail? Not to worry! Just bounce into the second portion!

Connecting JBL Speakers With Bluetooth

Computers and laptops work the same because of their windows software. As a result, the procedure for connecting JBL speakers to computers and laptops is the same.

They will be connected by Bluetooth or wire. Every computer and laptop is not equipped with Bluetooth functionality. It will need to connect the JBL speaker through a cable connection. 

Now here will be talking about Bluetooth connection!

To connect Bluetooth JBL speakers to your computer or laptop, follow the steps outlined in this section. It is also similar to pairing JBL flip 4.

Step 1: Obtaining Access to the Windows Configurations

Select settings from the start menu, which may be found in the left-bottom corner of your computer or laptop. When you press on it, a window with windows settings will pop up.

Step 2: Selecting Devices from the Drop-Down List

Navigate to the devices sector and click on the tab labeled connected devices. Your mouse and keyboard will be visible in this section if connected.

The option ‘Add a device’ will also be available. Just you have to be sure that Bluetooth is turned on if it is not already.

Step 3: Speaker Adding

Select Add a new device from the drop-down menu and push the Bluetooth button on your JBL speaker. 

When you press this button, your JBL speaker will enter exploration mode. It will be in discovery mode when the JBL flip 5 blinks a blue light behind the Bluetooth button. 

It will be possible to select your JBL speaker from the list of devices that are currently accessible. 

Find and connect the speaker of your choice to your computer. It will appear as ‘connected’ on the computer screen once your speaker has been connected to your computer or laptop. 

A little beep will be heard from the speaker to confirm that the connection has been made.

Step 4: JBL Speaker Finding 

The JBL speaker should now appear in the list of connected devices when your computer is linked to it via a USB cable. Upon returning to the area of the device, you will find your JBL Flip 5 in the list of available devices after clicking ‘done’.

Step 5: Using Your Computer or Laptop to Play Audio Files

Ideally, when your JBL speaker is connected to your PC or laptop, audio should be played through your JBL speaker system. 

To listen to audio through your JBL speaker, you must first connect to the speaker and ensure everything functions properly. You should look at your steps to discover where you went wrong if you can’t hear the audio. 

With this instruction, you can connect JBL speakers to an iPhone.

Connecting Without Bluetooth or With Wire

If Your computer or laptop has no Bluetooth connectivity, follow the instructions. The well-known JBL Flip 4 is available both with and without Bluetooth.

Step 1: Cable Plugging With Socket

Auxiliary cables should be plugged into the 3.5 mm socket input on your JBL speakers. To access this connection input, lift the slot cover on the back of the JBL speaker and slide it aside. 

Step 2: Inserting Cable To The Computer or Laptop 

An additional micro USB port and 3.5mm audio port exists. To connect the JBL speaker to the computer or laptop, the 3.5mm jack cable features a small round pin that needs to be inserted into both ends of the cable. 

Step 3: Selecting The Accurate Pin or Port

Right on the laptop’s right side is an audio output port with a 3.5mm jack. On the computer, there are two different sorts of such ports. Headphones are assigned to one slot, and microphones are assigned to another. 

A little symbol on the right side of the screen indicates both. Because it will not operate with any other choice, you must enter the 3.5mm cable pin into the headphone slot of your computer.

Step 4: To Check The Turning On

The JBL speaker should be turned on when the cable has been plugged in from both ends. The speaker will illuminate a blue light behind the power button to show it is turned on.

Step 5: Selecting Sound Tab

Go to the Sound settings or menu on your computer or laptop, located in the start menu in the bottom left corner of your screen. To avoid having to scroll down, you can use the search bar at the bottom of the page. Select the sound tab from the menu bar.

Step 6: Searching Link From the List

On the screen will appear a list of all the playback devices that have been previously linked, as well as any that have become available.

Step 7: Choosing JBL Flip 4

Choose JBL flip 4 from the drop-down menu after finding it. By pressing connect, you will be able to connect with the server.

Step 8: Connection Checking

A green checkmark will be on your JBL speaker to indicate the speaker is connected. It has now been established. Using the JBL Flip 4, you may listen to music on your laptop or computer while enjoying increased volume.


Repeat all of the procedures if no music is playing, or switch off and on the speaker to see whether the problem is resolved. As a result, a connection will be more secure. You can connect the JBL speaker to your TV if you want.


What is the location of Bluetooth in my task manager?

Open your computer or laptop’s manager by right-clicking the windows taskbar. Then select device manager from the menu. Click two times on the Bluetooth tree in the device manager to reveal the name of the Bluetooth hardware being used.

Which window is better to connect the JBL speakers?

JBL speakers can be connected to any computer or laptop, regardless of the Windows version installed. If your computer/laptop has Bluetooth hardware installed, it will function independently of which window you are now viewing.

Which connection is the best: wired or Bluetooth? 

Your preference for wired or Bluetooth will determine which is better because there are no cables to worry about, which makes placement easier. The wired connection is more stable. But it requires more maintenance due to the wires that must be managed properly.