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Best iPhone Microphones [Options for Seamless Audio in 2022]

iOS vs Android, the only dispute that’s probably going to stay on among the users. The reason behind it is very simple, there’s enough loyalty on both sides.

Although Android systems have their advantages when it comes to usability and control, you have a different story with iOS.

Although there are some drawbacks to being a user of the Apple ecosystem, iOS is a lot more friendly with creators, especially those who want to see themselves in a spot of honor quickly.

Which is why this review of the best iPhone microphones is more of a necessity than just a discussion.

Apart from having a very intuitive suite of software for creators, iOS allows users to be friendly with their ecosystem within a very short span of time. Also, as mentioned earlier, the functionality you get with the hardware integration is something you will not find on Android.

With that said, before we jump into the review of the iPhone microphones, here is a quick look at the products we have for you today.

Comparison of the Best iPhone Microphones

Product NamePickup PatternSample Rate
Rode smartLav+Omnidirectional48-kHz
Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser MicrophoneUnidirectional48-kHz
Shure MV5 Digital Condenser MicrophoneUnidirectional48-kHz
Zoom iQ6 Professional Stereo MicrophoneXY Stereo44.1-kHz
Apogee MiC PlusCardioid96-kHz
Rode IXYL Condenser MicrophoneCardioid (X/Y Design)96-kHz

Now that you’ve had a look at our offerings, it’s time to look at all the features of each microphone for the iPhone. Of course, each product has its positives and negatives.

But, based on your use case, you’d need to decide which option suits you the most. In short, you’ll have to be the final judge.

Best iPhone Microphone Picks

Rode smartLav+

Product Overview

There’s no need to introduce the ‘Rode’ to the readers who are reading this review on the best iPhone microphone. As many of you are already aware, Rode is the maker of some of the best audio devices in the industry. Creators blindly trust Rode because of the reliability and functionality of their products.

And the Rode smartLav+ comes with both a solid feature set along with the reliability that Rode is offering.

Apart from having seamless integration with iPhones and a small number of Android devices, you will get professional quality audio without much hassle. You’re getting a 4.5mm microphone that’s capable of capturing audio from the user with a minimal noise signature.

Also, the Kevlar reinforcement allows for better functionality as the chances of accidents do get reduced significantly. Furthermore, the TRRS jack comes in handy when you need on-the-spot recording without hurting the overall quality.

So, should you buy the smartLav+?

If the option were left with us, then we would go with it. There’s absolutely no question about the quality of the overall package as a whole. But, as always, there is one little problem here, which relates to the software side of things.

If you think of the overall package, then it’s certainly worth the investment without a doubt.


  • The build quality is solid overall.
  • Professional-like audio is very satisfying.
  • The condenser and 4.5mm miniature mic offer solid usability.
  • Kevlar reinforcement is nice to have as well.


  • Sometimes, with a random device, you may find software usability issues.

Shure MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

The MV88 Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone from Shure has a couple of unique features up its sleeve. But before diving into the nitty-gritty details, you should know that Shure is also a popular choice among enthusiasts as well. You’ll be getting decent audio as well as fine software integration.

The design isn’t too shabby at all. You have a powerful mic that’s capable of blending into the studio. Also, due to the small form-factor, you have the option to put it in the pocket and go wherever you need to.

Now let’s talk performance.

First of all, you are getting 5 distinct settings that will allow you a good bit of functionality. And you don’t need to worry about controls here, as the compression, equalization and limiting features are all added automatically. No matter if you’re gaming or recording voice, it will be a good one to go with. 

Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of MOTV Audio and MOTV Video, both of which are trusted by professionals for high-quality recording. Add the easy plug-and-play functionality and you have a really solid option at hand.

Now if you are considering the MV88 for use, then you won’t be wrong in assuming that it’s going to make you one happy individual. Despite the minor battery issues, you are pretty much getting what you pay for.


  • It offers decent positioning capabilities thanks to the element rotation.
  • The sound quality is clear and on point.
  • It comes with a subscription to two solid apps.
  • The overall usability is easy and hassle-free.


  • There are some issues with battery power.

Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

The Shure MV5, like it’s big brother the MV88 comes packed with some very unique features. Although there are users who haven’t heard anything about Shure, you will be pretty happy with the MV5 if you are looking for a replacement iPhone mic.

As far as the design goes, you will find the MV5 to be very solid and reliable. Not only that, you are getting a solid aluminum desk stand as well, which totally changes the overall design structure of the MV5.

In short, if you are a guy (or girl) who appreciates aesthetics, then you should certainly check it out.

As for the performance, well, we can vouch for the MV5. Not only are you getting 3 presets, but the effects that are added to your recording are also very well-devised. Also, you have the built-in headphone, which always comes in handy when it comes to first-hand monitoring capabilities.

All in all, we believe this microphone has a lot to offer. Other than the unorthodox design and solid audio, you are getting proper reliability as well.

So, other than the very negligible issue of not having any proper controllability and a low life-expectancy, we believe the MV5 clearly justifies its value. Do check it out for yourselves.


  • The exterior build quality is very stylish and robust.
  • The preset options offer proper functionality.
  • The inclusion of a headphone jack is certainly welcome.
  • The functionality with iOS is very easy and offers no obstacles whatsoever.


  • Something needs to be done to address the low lifetime.

Zoom iQ6 Professional Stereo Microphone

Product Overview

Zoom, also one of the not-so-recognized brands amongst consumers, comes with iQ6 in our list for the best iPhone microphone.

If you’re thinking it’s not worth the investment, then think again. With its solid line of features along with appropriate aesthetics, you will find the iQ6 very intriguing indeed.

Let us elaborate:

The design of the microphone is very straightforward. Yet the form-factor, as well as the overall build, makes it a very desirable option, especially if you’re an iOS user. Also, the 90 to 120-degree adjustability offers decent usability to the average user.

What about the performance?

For such a small device, many of you may think that the performance may not be up to the mark. Well, that’s not true with the iQ6.

You have a proper stereo microphone that’s capable of x/y-configuration recording. Also, the app is very intuitive and features a good set of controls that allow satisfactory overall functionality. Furthermore, the 3-part LED indicator is an added bonus for users who want nothing more than clean audio.

Now the question stands-should you consider it?

If you’re someone who wants seamless iOS integration, then the iQ6 will not disappoint you. As for the drawbacks, you may have some issues with the audio if you’re not using it in a proper way. We take it that you don’t want anything flaky or tinny.

But, considering the price point, software integration and versatility of the device, we believe the deal you’re getting is pretty solid. So, you won’t regret it if you want to go with the iQ6.


  • The X/Y configuration is very handy for certain scenarios.
  • It offers good audio output.
  • The 90 to 120-degree rotation feature adds to the overall functionality.
  • The integration with Apple iOS is seamless.


  • You may get a tinny output if you don’t use it properly.

Apogee MiC Plus

Product Overview

Apogee, as a creator of media devices, has made quite a name for itself in the consumer space. The brand offers creativity and quality to its customers, which the media space appreciates.

So, let’s see what the Apogee MiC Plus has in store for us.

Let’s start with the design first. The MiC Plus has a very sleek and portable exterior that’s very portable and is ready for on-the-go recording. You also have all the controls at their correct positions, which is commendable.

As for the features, you are getting a decent overall package. For instance, the Pure-DIGITAL connectivity feature works seamlessly with the cardioid sensor. In short, the output you’re getting is pretty solid.

Also, you have the 46-dB preamp gain control, which allows better precision than some of the other options in the market. As you add the 96-kHz sampling rate, you will find the overall sound signature to be very rich and clear.

So, should you buy this microphone?

Despite some shaky design choices, we do believe that the MiC Plus has a lot of potentials. For the lower-midrange price, we think it can be the right microphone for those who want quality audio with the advantage of portability.  


  • The sound signature is right on par with high-end options.
  • You have a low-latency headphone jack for optimal monitoring.
  • It’s just a simple plug-and-play.
  • The digital gain control is robust overall.


  • The overall design language is a bit disappointing.

Rode IXYL Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

We’re sure you don’t need any more introduction about Rode. As we started out strong with a Rode microphone for iPhone, we thought it’s only fair that we end with a high note and show you another top-tier product from Rode.

The IXYL condenser mic has a very unique structure. The robust build quality features an X/Y-like config, which does stand out despite its very small footprint. Overall, you won’t have too much to complain about the design as it complements the overall performance.

Speaking of performance, the 96-kHz sampling rate paired with a solid software experience is enough to lure anyone to buying the IXYL. As you add the metal case and other accessories, the overall value becomes more and more clear to any user.

So, the question of whether or not you should buy it remains.

From where we stand, we think the price is very justifiable. Now there are some obvious issues with it. But if you can see past it and look at the overall feature set, then you will certainly find it to be very intriguing.  


  • The sound quality is decent.
  • You are getting a good number of accessories.
  • It features good functionality as a whole.
  • The form-factor allows diverse aspects of usability.


  • The controls are not very accurate.
  • The model name should be included in the product description.

Buying a Mic for iPhone: Things that Matter in 2021

If you really want the best iPhone Microphone, then there’s a couple of things you should take note of:

Compatibility with iOS

As we are showcasing products for the iOS, the very first thing (naturally) we would ask you to do is find out if the mic has proper support for iOS software and integration.

Most of the time, microphones that are compatible with iOS don’t show the right behavior when you’re using it. You may want to ask for a second opinion and


The form-factor is certainly an important feature of an iPhone mic. Although many users will only look for performance, you may want to take into consideration if you don’t have that much space to work with.

Monitoring capabilities

Monitoring capabilities are very important if you want the best possible qualities. In general, most microphones have a secondary headphone jack for monitoring purposes. You may want to stay away from options that don’t have a secondary headphone jack.


Pricing will depend on the number of features and the accessories that come with the package. So, you may want to check out your options for a better deal. It will increase your chances of getting a better product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the iPhone microphone get along with Android devices too?

Answer: Many of them do, yes. For example, the Rode Smartlav+ fits with iOS and a small number of Android devices.

Question: Is there any feature in these microphones to enable the user for on the spot recording?

Answer: Not in all of them. But models like Rode SmartLav+ have a feature called the TRRS jack that lets you record on the spot without hurting quality.

Question: What kind of recording chores can I do with an iPhone microphone?

Answer: Starting from voice recording, you can do game streaming, interviewing, podcasting, voice-over recording, etc with a good quality iPhone microphone.

Question: Does an iPhone microphone come with a built-in headphone?

Answer: Usually, microphones of this genre come up with a built-in headphone jack. As per your query, some models like Shure MV5 come with built-in headphones as well.

Question: Are these mics compatible with seamless integration to iOS devices?

Answer: As long a dedicated iPhone microphone is considered, you can just plug it into the mic jack and it will keep functioning right away.

Question: How does gain control help the user to record better?

Answer: The 46 dB or whatever gain control you’ve got with your iOS microphone, will help to get a better precision for you as a recorder.

Question: What is the usual sampling rate for these mics?

Answer: As long as we’re concerned, the best picks of this list contains a sampling rate of 96 kHz.

Final Thoughts

If you had a cup of coffee in one hand and your eyes set on this review for the best iPhone Microphones, then there’s no doubt that you’ve gone through a lot.

And if you’ve managed to reach the very end of this 2000+ words mic review, then we would like to extend our congratulations. You’re a champion.

Just so you know, it’s not been hard for us to give you the information that you’ve taken in from this discussion. If the readers among you can make the right decision based on the tips we’ve shared, we will call it a victory from our end.

Good luck! We hope you reach the goal you dreamt of!