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Best YouTube Mics [Setting Yourself Apart in 2022]

Back in the day, people didn’t realize how popular YouTube would become. Even the founders-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim weren’t expecting such a great response back when they started in 2005.

But there’s almost nothing you can find on YouTube. From the very basic tutorials on how to make an omelet to even the most sophisticated task of building a website mock-up is available.

This video sharing platform has given the opportunity to the average Joe to come up and walk in the footsteps of his favorite Youtuber.

And that’s where the discussion of the best YouTube Mics comes in.

In order to become a creative artist on YouTube, you must connect yourself with the audience. In order to do that, you must have the best microphone for vocals in your gear arsenal. Only then will you be able to set yourself apart from the intense competition on the YouTube platform.

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Now that the necessity is out of the way, it’s time for us to share the options we have for you today. Of course, these microphones will see better utilization once you throw your own creative mix into it. 

Top YouTube Mics – Comparison Table

Product ChoicesPolar PatternDimensions
Rode NT-USB Condenser MicrophoneCardioid2.44×1.97×7.24-inches
Blue Yeti USB MicCardioid, Omni-directional, bi-directional and stereo4.92×4.72×11.61-inches
Audio-Technica AT2035 Condenser MicrophoneCardioid9.8×9.8×2.8-inches
Rode smartLav+ Lavalier MicrophoneOmnidirectional5x1x3-inches
Rode VideoMic Pro+ On-camera Shotgun Condenser MicrophoneSuper cardioid4.3×6.69×2.59-inches
Audio-Technica AT4053B Condenser MicrophoneHype cardioid10.4×4.4×1.5-inches

Now that you’ve had a look at our microphones for streaming on YouTube, it’s time for us to shed some light on the features of each microphone.

Do keep in mind – our team has done some extensive testing to bring these items to your attention. They’ve scrutinized each feature of the respective product and then gave their verdict on the viability.

So, you can expect unbiased results about these recording mics. You can be sure that each option will offer decent value.

Our Top YouTube Mic Picks

Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

Rode, as a brand, doesn’t need any particular introduction. Although there are many established players on the market, the Rode microphones are specifically famous for their industrial-grade sound signature.

Also, in terms of customer reliability, they are right up there with the big leagues. So, we believe you should hold your expectations high even before we start our Youtuber microphone review.  

Keeping up with the tradition, we will start with the design.

As you’d expect, there are no unnecessary design choices that make it shine on your face. It’s a sleek-looking design signature with a simple black-and-white color combination. You have the controller dials on the sides which are very satisfactory when it comes to usability.

In short, the simple yet compact design does come out as a potential feature. There’s no doubt that there is a possibility of you falling in love the very moment you see it.

And you also have the features that complement the overall design. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack that enables you to track and curate your audio quality. Also, the USB connectivity and iPad compatibility make it a stand out option, giving you, the creator, the versatility you need.

So, should you buy this condenser microphone?

Well, the Rode NT-USB condenser microphone has a lot of promising features. And if you factor in the pricing, then you’ll see that the value you’re getting is truly worth it. Despite the slight issue with the 3-legged base, we believe it’s worth every dime.


  • The design looks and feels robust.
  • The accessories-pouch, tripod-stand, pop-shield, ring mount, and USB-cable come included in the box.
  • The 48-kHz sample rate offers a crisp audio signature.
  • You get the direct mixing capabilities between the mic and source I/O.
  • A solid choice for voice-overs and instruments alike.


  • The tripod design could be better.

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Product Overview

When it comes to portability and control, the Blue Yeti USB Mic comes as a blessing to the average user. Not only is it a highly affordable option, but it’s also got a very good reputation for being a decent streaming and recording mic.

Before we start, let’s get some background information about the ‘Blue’ brand. ‘Blue’, popularly known as ‘Blue Microphones’, started its journey back in the 1990s.

Apart from introducing sleek and clean microphones, the brand also took customer reliability very seriously. It’s currently a part of Logitech, a computer peripheral manufacturer that is also well-known in the gamer-world.

So, what’s so special about the Blue Yeti Mic?

For starters, you are getting a clean design that will suit any setting. It’s got all the controls at all the right places. And then you’ll find that the overall design offers a touch of elegance, which is very rare considering the price.

What about the other features?

Well, for starters, you are getting a 3-capsule array that promises to keep the sound signature consistent despite the surrounding environment. Also, the multiple pattern selection features also come as a solid feature for the price.

Other than that, you’re also getting a 48-Khz sample rate, which is often thought of as a standard when it comes to streaming microphones.

Furthermore, the addition of gain control and the mute button are welcome bonuses for a newbie user. On top of that, the headphone jack is present here as well.

All in all, the price to performance vector is in favor of buying this microphone, at least that’s what we conclude. Although it’s a fairly larger choice than some of the other offerings we have, it’s still worth the investment. Do check it out if you’re interested.


  • The pricing is very competitive with respect to the feature set.
  • You have all the necessary controls for a proper experience.
  • You get the capability to monitor the audio quality.
  • The build quality is decent as a whole.
  • A solid option for both vocals and instruments.


  • The dimensions of this mic are on the higher side.

Audio-Technica AT2035 Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

The Audio-Technica AT2035 has a fair number of reasons to be in this review for the best YouTube mics. The feature set overall offers proper usability. And with the right amount of usability, you are getting reliability as a byproduct.

Before we start, it’s time for a mandatory history lesson on Audio-Technica.

Started out as the brainchild of Hideo Matsushita in 1962, Audio-Technica started out as a manufacturer of audio equipment like headphones and phonographic magnetic cartridges. Since then, it’s one of the top choices for audio device aficionados.

So, let’s see what the AT2035 has in store for you.

The design language is a typical Audio-Technica style. You have a solid microphone that’s easily a professional audio quality interface (More on the overall performance in a bit). You have a large diaphragm that comes with custom shock mounts as support. All in all, there’s really nothing wrong with the design.

The performance as a whole is reliable as well. Features like proper range control of a wide spectrum and SPL handling cover most of the performance aspects. Also, the cardioid pickup reduces the unnecessary noise pickup, which is more of a bonus feature.

Overall, the reliable build quality and commercial-grade audio are more than enough selling points for mid-level professionals. But given the nature of the usability, it’s also suitable for beginners who don’t want to make any compromises.

So, checking it out is certainly not a bad idea!   


  • You have proper SPL optimization thanks to the 80-Hz high-pass filter and 10-dB padding.
  • The pickup style doesn’t allow unnecessary sound pickup.
  • The design is very robust that offers good longevity.
  • You can expect high-end performance thanks to the solid isolation features.
  • The sound signature is very natural and doesn’t have any noticeable cracking.


  • The extra weight is an issue.

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone

Product Overview

If you’re looking for the best YouTube mics, then the Rode smartLav+ can be a viable choice for you. If you consider the overall features with respect to the pricing, then the viability should become crystal clear to you.

We already gave you an insight about Rode microphones. One of the main reasons for them to be amongst the leaders is the reliability they offer in a relatively small package. And that’s very true for the smartLav+ lavalier mic.

Well, say it straight and clear-it’s one of the very few options that offer clear audio output while keeping the outer shell very small. In short, you don’t have to worry about the spacing as it literally doesn’t take a ton of space.

Coming in at just around 6-grams, the smartLav+ comes with a lot of options. It’s an omnidirectional microphone that features pro-like audio that comes with a TRRS jack. You also have a 4.5mm small microphone jack, which can come in handy if you’re looking to check for a proper audio signature.

Other than that, you are getting all the basic functionality you could expect from a microphone that’s got the right design to be a YouTubers microphone. The Kevlar reinforcement is a really nice touch.

Also, you get a decent number of accessories as well, which should help you make a good impression of yourself in front of your followers.

If we put all the features together, then you’ll see that the mix is very satisfying. You’ve got the right amount of portability. Also, the reinforcement should keep you happy for a good amount of time. Putting the minor app interfacing issue aside, it all seems to be very promising.

In short, if you don’t check it out, you may miss out on a product that’s very feature-rich.


  • It’s one of the very few portable microphones out there.
  • The Kevlar reinforcement is an added bonus.
  • You get a decent set of accessories for the price.
  • The sound signature is very clear and concise.
  • You do get the microphone jack, which is a relief.


  • There are some minor issues with app interfacing.

Rode VideoMic Pro+ On-camera Shotgun Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ comes with a lot of unique gifts that make a lot of sense when it comes to the best YouTube mics. Although it’s not as robust as a studio microphone, it still gets the job done when it comes to professional-level audio output.

We’ve already bragged about the brand itself, which is very crafty and relentless when it comes to quality. You also get reliability and control as byproducts, which increases the overall functionality by a good deal.

As far as the design goes, you are looking at a distinct looking shotgun microphone that features a unique windshield design. The purpose of this microphone is to sit on your camera and record everything. And so, the design itself allows the user to have seamless operational control, which is nice.

What about the other features?

The Rycote Lyre Suspension system is one of the noteworthy features of this condenser microphone (it is a fan favorite by the way). Also, the automatic power function is a convenient feature that can sense when the microphone is unplugged from the camera.

Furthermore, you have the built-in compartment for easy battery swaps, which is a unique feature in contrast to other similar shotgun mics. Finally, the digital switching feature comes as a blessing for the editor, as it cuts down the editing by a fair margin.

So, should you buy this condenser microphone?  

Well, considering the pricing and the features, we believe it is a fair bargain. The Rode shotgun mic has a fair number of standout features to make it worthy. You’re pretty much getting what you pay for.

In conclusion, if you can look past the average battery life, then it’s a really solid choice for you as a Youtuber who is looking to shoot on the go.


  • The design aspects are robust.
  • It features plug-in (automatic power function) power, which offers good functionality.
  • The digital switching features work like a charm.
  • It comes with a unique windshield design that’s capable of reducing ambient noise.
  • The battery door is a unique inclusion.


  • The battery life could be better.

Audio-Technica AT4053B Condenser Microphone

Product Overview

The Audio-Technica AT4053B condenser microphone is our very last offering in this YouTube microphone review. Just like our previous offerings, it also has a couple of noteworthy features under the hood. We will talk about them in a bit.

But first, let’s talk about the things Audio-Technica is very proud of. And there are two specific aspects to their liking-reliability and creativity. They are very good at revealing their creativity in their design while maintaining reliability.

And if both of these things matter to you, then you should certainly look at the AT4053B, which offers a good mix between performance and pricing.

The minimalistic design language of the AT4053B is the first noteworthy thing you’ll find. There’s nothing really flashy about the mic design. But the design is robust enough to last you longer than you’d expect from a cheap microphone.

Now, let’s talk about the other features that stand out.

Let’s start with the hyper-cardioid polar pattern. While conducting our tests, we found the AT4053B to perform really well when it comes to canceling unnecessary noise. It’s very capable of keeping the source audio signature clear and concise.

Then you have the transformer-free circuit design that also complements the overall design. It makes the sound clarity proper enough to make you stand out. Furthermore, the 80-Hz high-pass filter along with the 10-dB padding offers decent noise isolation and control, ensuring proper delivery.

So, if you are a Youtuber who is looking for a microphone that’s very professional and doesn’t make any compromises, then the AT4053B should be your choice. Despite the higher than usual price tag, we believe it’s worth the investment.


  • The design signature is right on point.
  • There are no noticeable noise disruptions.
  • You get direct-coupling along with a balanced output that ensures proper output.
  • The superior innards offer high-speed transients with lower-levels of distortion.


  • The pricing may be a bit high for some users.

How to Buy the Best YouTube Mic: Things You should Know

When it comes to the best YouTube Mics, there are a lot of factors involved.

And there’s always the possibility that you wouldn’t like our offerings (It’s fine by the way, we won’t hold anything against you).

So, if you want to land with the best mic for YouTube recording and streaming, then you’d probably want to follow along and keep these simple considerations in your mind.

The Pricing and Dimensions

The pricing is always the very first consideration when you’re buying a microphone for YouTubing. When you plan on a budget, it gets rid of all the unnecessary options. So, you don’t need to think a lot.

As for the dimensions, it is prudent that you check your space and then pull the trigger on a certain choice. This will save you from future hassles.

The Sample Rates

The sampling rate is pretty much a measure of the clarity of the sound. The general rule of thumb is simple – the more the sample rate, the better. Usually, the sample rate should be less than 24-kHz, if you are looking for the best possible quality of course.

Usability and functionality

As far as the usability and functionality features go, they are like the sides of the same coin. If you want better usability, then you have to let go of some of the functionality features. The same is true the other way around.


You cannot and shouldn’t forget about accessories.

If you are going with a reliable brand, then it is possible that you’re paying a good amount of cash. In that case, ask the seller what accessories come included. It’s good practice to ensure a better value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a mic for YouTube videos?

In case you are recording your own stuff to blend with the videos, it’s imperative that you get a good quality mic to record the track. Poor audio quality might turn your YouTube career into a disaster.

What is the best microphone for YouTube gaming?

As long as it’s about gaming and game streaming on YouTube, our go-to choice would be the Blue Yeti USB Mic, which stands to be the runners of this list. 

What mic does PewDiePie use?

PieDiePie had started using the AKG Pro C414 microphone, which happens to be one of the best condenser mics of the market.

What to watch out for streaming on YouTube with a mic?

If you ask for one particular feature, it would be the sampling rate that we’d go with. Make sure it comes with a good sampling rate (kHz).

How can I record for YouTube videos from mobile or iPad?

To record tracks or voice-overs for YouTube from any mobile devices, you can go with a USB microphone that offers high-grade quality.

Closing Thoughts

We would like to extend our gratitude for making it this far.

Sure, there’s been a lot of information to go through overall. But you don’t need to memorize them in order to get the right option when it comes to the best YouTube mics.

All you have to do is keep the key considerations in check. If you can do that, then you can be sure that your YouTube streaming setup will have a very decent microphone in its ranks.

Another simple thing to remember is the brand value. You’ll notice that all the options we have for you come from reputed microphone brands. Although they are a bit on the pricey side, there’s no question that they will offer better value than other below-average brands.

We’ll stop here now. We hope to see you in our future discussions.