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How To Use Apple Headphones As A Mic On PS4 [Hacks 101]

Are your apple headphones plugged in but your mic isn’t picking any sound? We know how irritating that can be. But don’t worry, ‘cause we’ve answered your question for you. 

How to use apple headphones as a mic on ps4?

Well, there are 2 hacks! The first one is to plug and unplug your headphones a couple of times. The other one is to connect a USB sound card to your PS4. And lastly, if all else fails, you’ll have to buy a brand new one!

Wondering how these work. Well, stay tuned and you’ll find out!

How To Use Apple Headphones As Mic On PS4

To use your apple headphone as a mic, follow a few simple steps. Then your headphone’s mic will work fine with your PS4. Don’t worry! This is going to be a very easy fix. 

We have got two hacks for you to try out! Trust me, these will fix your mic problem in no time!

Hack 01: Plugging And Unplugging Your Headphones

This is a very simple hack but works wonders. For this, you’re going to plug your headphones in and out 3 to 4 times. Make sure to do this very quickly. 

You should only plug in up to the first line of your headphones. And then, on the last turn, plug it in all the way.

Now, this is a hack that works for most. But if you find this hack not working, it might be due to a recent update. Another reason for this not to work is because of your controller model.

On the newer models, the internals are updated, which sometimes blocks the sound. Therefore, this hack might not work with the newer controllers.

If you have a pair of AirPods then you can use it. Now, are you wondering how you should connect Airpods? It’s very simple. Just head over to the device settings and click on the Bluetooth option. Pair your device and you’ll be all set.

Now, What Is The News About The New Controllers? 

Unfortunately, the new internal updates will totally reject any Apple headphones. This is because the Apple headphones are wired to the CTIA standard. The PlayStation, on the other hand, uses OMTP standard.

Now, the recent update is blocking any headphone that isn’t the OMTP standard. And if used, it will cause a buzzing sound. This will cause grounding and support issues. Thus if you use it, the mic will often cut you off!

Sony had to block the CTIA standard completely. They did this to basically protect their consoles.  Moreover, it allows gamers to have a smoother experience. 

Don’t worry cause if just in case this doesn’t work for you. Then this next hack will be your game changer. So without further ado, let’s check it out!

Hack 02: Using An USB Sound Card

This is an option that is trusted by many. Mostly because the previous hack works on the older controller model. For the rest of us with new models, this hack has become a life-savior. 

Before we get into it, you’re going to need a couple of things:

  • A USB Sound Card
  • Headphone Extension Cable

Now that we’ve everything that we need, let’s get to know how to implement it.

Step 1: Connect Your Headphones To Your PS4 

For this, you’ve to take your USB sound card and the extender. Next, connect the two. Then you’ll find a jack at the bottom of the USB. Plug your extender through there. Finally, you’ll get a connection there.

Now, take the jack of your extender and connect it with your PS4. Your USB should blink some sort of blue light. Wait for the light to become stable. 

After the light becomes stable, your PS4 should detect a signal. 

Step 2: Check Your Signal

After you connect the ports, your screen will show you an option. This will ask you to allow PS4 to use the mic. Press allow and your mic will be connected.

Then, at your party, click on your mic option to show your mic. Now, you have to do a small mic test!

That is, unmute your mic and talk. This’ll determine whether the mic works or not. When you talk, check if you see any wave-like signals. When you see the signals understand that your mic is working, If your PS4 fails to detect headset, unplug it and repeat the process again!

Step 3: Check Your Settings

It’s possible that your settings might be disabled. In that case, you’ve to make a few changes to the settings. Otherwise, the audio won’t play to your headphones.

Go to your settings and click on the device option. After that, head over to the audio devices. Next, select the output device option. Now, click on the USB headset or USB PNP sound device. And bam! You’re all done!

Well, we’re done giving the hacks you can use to get your mic working! Now, you may wonder what happens if none of these fix the issue?

Buy A New One!

This is basically your last resort. After you’ve exhausted the above hacks and nothing works, get a new one!

There are a lot of options to choose from. Even PlayStation has its own range of headsets. Therefore, grab the one that suits your need the best. Then play your favorite game!

For the optimum result, we recommend using the following headphones:

Product 01
Product 02
Product 03

These headphones will give you the best gaming experience. Hope you love these headphones as much as we do!

That was all! Well, now you know how to use your apple headphone mic for your PS4.


Question: Can you use AirPods as a mic on PS4?
Answer: Yepp, for sure! You can definitely connect your Apple AirPods to your PS4. Just go to your settings and click the device option and connect them. Make sure to not close your AirPods box while connecting.

Question: What kind of headphones work with PS4?
Answer: Any headphone with a 3.5mm audio jack will work with your PS4. You need to tweak your setting a bit and you’re all set. Moreover, the non-compatible headphones will also work with the help of a converter.

Question: Why does my PS4 mic not work?
Answer: This can happen either because of your volume. Or due to the mic gain setting being set to low. For this, just adjust the side tone volume. Try switching it off and on to and then it’ll work fine. 


With this, we’ll be parting ways. But hey, don’t be sad. Cause you now know how to use apple headphones as a mic on ps4. Share this amazing hack with your friends and family!

Have a great day! Goodbye for now.