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How To Connect Headphones To TV Without Headphone Jack

You’re about to watch your favorite movie on TV. But it turns out your TV is missing a headphone jack. What to do? Do we have to give up after all or are there other ways?

How to connect headphones to TV without a headphone jack?

You can connect headphones with a TV using an adapter. It doesn’t require a headphone jack. You’d also need a two-component wire. You can also use a soundbar as well. If these seem troublesome go for Bluetooth devices. You can also use an external Bluetooth device or wireless TV headphones.

Wanna learn how to work with them? Then feel free to read my post until the end.

Let’s dive in!

Ways To Connect Headphone To TV Without Headphone Jack

Electronic devices and appliances are upgrading as they lose their analog characteristics pretty rapidly. Most of the latest model TVs don’t have many analog outputs now.

Almost all the functionalities have been switched on the digital display screen. The physical ports have become quite useless. But what if you needed them to be compatible with analog devices?

For example, connecting headphones with a TV without a headphone jack. Sounds like trouble? It won’t be anymore. Follow the following tips below to solve this techno problem.

Method 1: Use Adapter

Even if your TV doesn’t have a headphone jack, it must have audio output units. You can make use of that. But to make use of it you’d need an adapter. 

First, find out what type of adapter is compatible with your TV. For specification, look at the manufacturer’s label on the backside. In most cases, an RCA 3.5mm adapter works pretty well on all TVs.

The following adapters also work well:

Product 1
Product 2

You’d also need a two-component wire and knowledge on splitting RCA for multiple amps. Need more details regarding the setup? Then follow these steps one by one consecutively.

Step 1: Connecting Adapter

Turn off and unplug the TV off the wall. Connect the adapter with the two-component wire’s female port by matching the color code. After connecting it, look for the audio outputs on the rear-end of your TV.

Step 2: Connecting Two-Component Wire

The audio outports will also have a color code. Match the component’s wire’s color with the port’s color. Otherwise, it might not work. Check if the headphone is working.

By using a two-component wire you won’t need a headphone jack. It’s kinda similar to connecting rock band microphone wii .

Method 2: Use Sound Bar

Time to gear up your TV a little more. If you use a soundbar you can easily affix your headphone with it. If a soundbar isn’t an option you can use PC speakers as well.

But they must have an audio cable and a headphone jack. Also, make sure it has an amplifier to change the volume as needed. You’re gonna need an adapter as well. 

Using an RCA 3.5mm female adapter will work just fine. Are you ready? Then follow our lead-

Step 1: Connecting Adapter

First, get the adapter connected with the audio port on the TV. Don’t get the color codes wrong. Take the soundbar’s audio plug and connect it with the female adapter. 

If you’re using a speaker do the same. Just insert the audio cable on the adapter.

Step 2: Connecting Soundbars

Connect the speaker’s plug to the back of your TV. Soundbars usually have USB plugs. If your TV is missing a USB port use a 5 volt USB wall adapter.

Step 3: Connecting Headphone

Take any pair of headphones and connect them to the headphone jack on the soundbar. Check the connection again then do sound testing. Hope it’s working now.

The good thing about soundbars is that you can use them for regulating volumes too. There are even far more advanced options available now. Curious? Follow us to the next segment then.

Method 3: Use Bluetooth Headphones

There are many advantages of using BlueTooth headphones. The first and foremost would be no necessity of wires or the wire jacks. Simply connect the wireless headphone to the TV. 

But first, ensure that your TV has a built-in BlueTooth option. Most TVs that don’t have a headphone jack usually have a Bluetooth connecting option onboard.

Remember that you’d also need a pair of wireless BlueTooth headphones. Gather all you need? Then let’s begin.

First, go to the home screen and choose the settings menu. There should be an option under select controllers named Bluetooth devices. Pair your headphones with your TV. 

Once it gets paired it’ll appear on the display screen. Try streaming audio to your wireless headphones. Sennheiser headphones pairing is done in a similar way.

Method 4: Use External Bluetooth Adapter

What if your TV doesn’t support Bluetooth connections? You also don’t have Bluetooth headphones. Then you can definitely try using an external Bluetooth adapter. 

There are many external Bluetooth devices available now. To pick a compatible one with your TV first check out the hardware compatibility. Take professional help if necessary.

Because your Bluetooth adapter must be supported with the audio output of your TV. The connecting procedures will be mentioned in the manual. Read the manual first.

Connect the external device to your TV. Now you’ll be able to use headphones easily.

Method 5: Use Smartphone App

Many TV companies now have their own launched app on the play store. Check if your TV company has one. If it does it’ll make the whole thing a lot easier.

Download the app on your smartphone first. In most of these apps, there’s an option called stream audio. Click that option using your smartphone and connect headphones with it.

See, very easy right? If you’re not sure if your TV manufacturer has such an option try contacting them.

Method 6: Use Wireless TV Headphones

Whenever we mention wireless headphones we think it’s the  Bluetooth headphone. But that’s not the case. You can purchase the ones that don’t have a Bluetooth support system.

That way you don’t have to agonize over whether the devices are Bluetooth compatible. Most of these non-Bluetooth headphone sets come with a transmitter. 

Using the transmitter the audio flows into your headphone. It’s a pretty smart and less troublesome option to consider.

Have you found any of these tips more likable? Whichever it is, we hope you’re satisfied with it.


Question: How to tell if my TV supports Bluetooth connection?

Answer: Most smart TVs have built-in Bluetooth supporting options. But if you’re unsure about yours try reading the product manual. Scan the model unit and explore it over the internet. If it’s not helpful enough, contact the showroom from where you’ve bought it.

Question: How to connect old headphones with smart TVs?

Answer: Look for the audio output behind your TV. If it has a 3.5mm headphone jack then simply plug the headphone in it. But if it has RCA stereo type output, then you’d need an RCA 3.55 adapter. Connect the adapter to the audio output and then use your headphone with it.

Question: Can I connect headphones with a USB cable directly to my TV?

Answer: Most modern TVs support USB ports. But it’s rare to see them having a USB sound card. It’s more common in gaming consoles or PCs. Thus the chances to connect headphones with USB ports directly to the TV is thin.


Now you know how to connect headphones to TV without a headphone jack. Have you decided on any of my tips above? I’m hoping you did and it came to success.

Next time, you can try the other tips too. Remember to share them with your friends as well.

See you next time!