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How to Connect JBL Soundbar to TV [3 Methods]

JBL soundbar is renowned for delivering really good sound quality. But connecting it with TV you may face some issues.

There are many types of soundbars but all of them are almost the same in terms of connecting with TV. We are going to talk about basic ways to connect a soundbar with a TV.

How to connect JBL soundbar to TV?

Connect one end of the HDMI cable in the soundbar TV-OUT port and the other to TV. Enable the HDMI CEC function and set up an output device. Using optical is the same as HDMI. With Bluetooth, turn it on and pair it with a TV. When the Bluetooth symbol is constant consider it connected.

Soundbars from JBL require specialized knowledge in order to be properly connected to televisions..This article can provide that to you.

Hope you will stick around.

How to Connect Soundbar with TV

Connecting my JBL soundbar to my TV is not challenging. To connect it I need to follow a few methods and steps. I can connect my JBL soundbar using three easy methods. 

Connecting it through HDMI (ARC), using an optical cable, and the last using Bluetooth connectivity. One might face some trouble in connecting the soundbar to TV following methods may help

Method 1: Using High-Speed HDMI Cable

Connecting the soundbar using an HDMI cable is probably the best option. It can deliver fluid and high-quality sound. It’s a two-in-one connection that can transmit 

both audio and video.

This connection is profoundly compatible with transmitting digital audio. Some of the soundbars have builtin subwoofers that help to produce low frequencies that many soundbars cannot. JBL is one of the best soundbars with built-in subwoofers.

Now let’s learn how to connect the JBL soundbar using it.

Step 1: Figuring Out the HDMI Port

First of all, I will need to figure out if my television has an HDMI port or not. User manuals can be looked at if I face problems finding them. There everything about your TV is elaborated clearly.

An HDMI port is supposed to be at the back of my TV. I will need to figure out that as well.

Step 2: Inserting HDMI Cable in TV and Soundbar

Now, HDMI cable has two ends, connect one end of it to the soundbar’s TV OUT (ARC) port, and the other end to your television.

Here are some of the top quality cables we have collected for you to try out:

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Step 3: Enabling HDMI CEC and HDMI ARC Function

After turning my  TV on I will need to enable HDMI CEC and HDMI ARC functions.

When I have completed all these steps I will run the TV and check if the soundbar is connected with it.

Step 4: Setting Up Output Device

If the sound is playing from my soundbar I can skip this step but if not I will have to follow this. 

If the soundbar and TV are both producing sound or the soundbar is not producing any sound then I will need to adjust some settings in my TV. 

For better output sound in the speakers, you may need to use the best equalizer settings.

The setting I will adjust is called the Output Device.Please go to the audio menu and look for it.

In this setting, I will need to select external speakers for the output option. Then my TV may transmit all the audio in the soundbar.

Step 5: Synchronize

All audio from my television is now played through the soundbar. It’s possible that the audio from my soundbar is not completely synchronized with the images on my television.

I can change these settings too. It can be done through the auto-sync menu. Which will enable me to properly synchronize the audio with the video.

Method 2: Using Optical Cables

I can connect the soundbar with a TV using an optical cable. Following the same steps described for the HDMI cable. 

If using an HDMI cable is not helping, or there are no HDMI ports on TV. Then an alternative can help which is using an optical cable.

It works just like an HDMI cable. The only disadvantage in using an optical cable is- it can not transmit many of the latest audio formats. 

In this case, HDMI is far advanced because it can transmit all types of audio formats like blue-ray, Dolby, True Hd, DTS. It’s not a two-in-one connection like HDMI which can transmit both audio and video.

Method 3: Connecting Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol. It allows devices to transmit data wirelessly. It uses  a process named “pairing”.

If I want to ditch a tangle of wires that connect my soundbar with TV, then Bluetooth connectivity can help.

It won’t be a problem if I haven’t used Bluetooth before or don’t understand it. 

Understanding Bluetooth is just a simple task.To use this no wire advantage I will need devices that have Bluetooth connectivity.

If my device doesn’t have Bluetooth compatibility I too can use Bluetooth. But how? Several adapters are available to enable Bluetooth connectivity.

To use Bluetooth my device must first be put on “Discoverable mode”.It will allow other Bluetooth-enabled devices to discover my device. 

To connect, you’ll need to use one of the devices that are discoverable, usually the audio source.

After establishing a connection, your TV’s audio can be transmitted to the soundbar.

If I have a smart TV then using Bluetooth is the best to use.

Here are steps to connect the JBL soundbar with my TV using Bluetooth:

Step 1: Turning on Bluetooth

First of all, I will need to turn on my soundbar then turn on Bluetooth on it. A physical switch or a remote can be used to do so.

Step 2: Confirmation of Activating Bluetooth

When the Bluetooth is on a blue light flashes. If I see it I can understand that Bluetooth is on and my device is ready for pairing.

Step 3: Pairing with the Soundbar

Here I will need to turn on my TV and its Bluetooth option. After that browse through available Bluetooth pairings on my TV and select the JBL soundbar.

When the TV is connected with the soundbar the blue light remains constant.

Step 4: Final Check

When my TV is connected with the soundbar I need to play some music to ensure if the soundbar is producing the sound or not. Resetting the soundbar may help if it doesn’t work already.

Hopefully, that was enough. The methods explained in this article might help one to connect JBL soundbar with TV.


Question: How to Reset HDMI ARC?

Answer: Ensure that the audio system is turned off to reset HDMI ARC. After that, unplug the TV and audio system’s power cords and HDMI cables. Wait for a few seconds before continuing. Reconnect your HDMI cable between your television and your audio system’s HDMI OUT ports (ARC or eARC) (ARC or eARC).

Question: Do all HDMI cables support ARC?

Answer: Many TVs detect devices with ARC capability automatically. You may have to do this manually. After that, you can use any HDMI cable.Remember to connect your external audio device to the ARC-enabled port.

Question: To reset my soundbar, what do I do?

Answer: To reset the soundbar, press and hold the +(Volume Up) button, the Power Button, and the Input Select button for more than five seconds. Next, remove the AC power cord. In order to re-energize the device, connect the AC power cord once more and press the power button again.


That’s all I had to say about how to connect JBL soundbar to TV.Hope you got all the answers you were looking for. I tried to explain everything as simply as I could.

If you have any more queries, let us know.

Good Luck!