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How to Connect Sonos to iPhone [5-Step Guide]

Apple users know how frustrating it gets when you have to connect an outside device to your phone. It’s difficult to make any Apple device cooperate with other devices which are not made by Apple. But it’s not impossible.

How to connect Sonos to an iPhone?

Connecting Sonos to iPhone can be done in 4 simple steps. We’ve given you alternative solutions, so if one does not work you can just try the other. Having the Sonos app on your phone is the most important part. Then, you can try connecting it via airplay or Bluetooth. 

If you feel confident that these will help then don’t hesitate and proceed further into this article.

Follow the steps below. We will not disappoint!   

5 Steps to Connect Sonos to iPhone

If you know how to connect a Bose soundbar, Sonos is slightly similar to that. But if you don’t that’s okay because we’ve given a detailed explanation below

Step 1: Download Sonos App

First thing you should do is download the Sonos app from the Apple store. This app is completely free and you can download it at any time. Hence, don’t waste a second and proceed to download. 

You cannot connect an iPhone with Sonos without this app. Because it is the main source from where you will control all your devices.  

This app is placed in the apple store as “Sonos controller”. Once you’ve downloaded the app it will ask you to create an account. It won’t take you more than two minutes to create.

After you’ve signed in you’re ready to pair. There are different procedures to pair.The steps will be clearer once you go through the next point. 

Step 2: Setting up Sonos

The connecting procedure will not be the same for everybody. It will differ depending on which type of customer you are. The first customer’s procedure will be a certain type while the existing customers will be of another type. 

First, we’ll discuss the procedure of the first-timers.

For this input your email and other things, they will ask you. 

After this switch to your email account to verify your account. And finally after all these are completed click continue which you will find in the app. Then to set up your speaker with your iPhone press start. 

You will get an option here where you have to choose if you want the set up between as boost or as a standard network. 

Pressing next will start setting up your speaker. Then press on “add a new speaker” 

Next, we’ll discuss the procedure for existing users.

This process is not as lengthy. After you’ve got the app go to more tabs and click settings. Then choose the option  “add a player or sub”. 

Step 3: Pairing

Start by connecting your Sonos speaker to a power outlet that supports it. A flashing light in the color green should be coming from your speaker. Similar to soundbars flashing white lights while connected. Go back into the app and select next then proceed to continue. 

Using the Sonos app, you can search for speakers in the area. Your device is supposed to pop up. Click once you’ve seen it.

The pairing button is usually placed in the front. Press the pairing button for a few seconds before releasing it. 

Your Wi-Fi password may be required. Once you’ve entered your credentials, click the Next button. 

Decide the place where you want to set up the speaker then click next to connect. 

Next, if you see any updates on the app be sure to install them. After clicking continue and your account will register the speaker. Once the Trueplay tuning process for Sonos has been requested, allow it to run. And you’re done!

You could also try the methods you try when pairing the Vizio soundbar. 

Step 4: Connecting Through Airplay 

Sonos has the airplay connectivity option available for iPhone users. Streaming content directly from your iPhone is now possible thanks to this feature. 

There’s airplay 1 and airplay 2. Both of these have the same features. And they help to play sound from your iPhone to your speaker. But the airplay 1 has some interruptions to its audio. 

All the Sonos devices are supposed to be compatible with Apple devices through airplay. 

For activating the airplay first navigate the “control center” in the notification bar. You’ll find the notification bar by swiping down with your fingers from the top right corner of the screen. 

To access the audio card, swipe up from the right-most area of the screen. And then, select the “AirPlay” symbol. 

Then select add an accessory. There you are supposed to find nearby devices ready to connect. Once the Sonos device pops up, press connect. And you’re ready to play music on your Sonos speaker!

Step 5: Through Bluetooth 

Before using this function know that some functions, such as voice assistant, true play, grouping, and stereo, are restricted while using Bluetooth pairing. 

Sonos Move has a Bluetooth button on the back. To activate Bluetooth, press this button. 

A chime will be heard and a blue LED will light up as a result of the gadget. Press and maintain pressure on the Bluetooth button until the Move beeps and the light blinks in a blue hue.

On your iPhone, go to Settings. Turn on the Bluetooth and look for devices that are nearby. 

You’ll be able to view it in the available device list. Connect your iPhone to it. If the pairing becomes successful, the LED indicator on the Move will turn solid blue.

You may be wondering which one is the best sonos speaker. Worry no more because we’ve named them below:


And that’s about it!

What to Do When Sonos Speaker isn’t Detectable 

Following is the list of things that you could try if you cannot detect the device:

  • Sonos support.
  • Check the power supply. 
  • Try deleting and installing the app again.
  • Try updating. 
  • Remove the plug from the socket and plug it in again. 
  • Restart your wifi router. 
  • Check if there is any interference. 
  • Try connecting it through a wired connection.
  • Check to see if your device is out of range. 

That’s all!


Question: Which Sonos comes with Bluetooth?

Answer: Aside from the Sonos One, there have been no other Sonos speakers that enabled Bluetooth audio streaming until now. It also states that a Sonos product that has not come out yet has a USB-C port as well as an Ethernet connector, according to the document. All of the company’s current speakers have this feature. 

Question: Is it possible to use Sonos without wifi?

Answer: Streaming audio from a Sonos speaker requires a WiFi connection or an ethernet cable. If you don’t have access to WiFi, you can still stream music using the Sonos Roam and Sonos Move speakers.  

Question: Is it possible to use Sonos with a hotspot?

Answer: Sonos doesn’t support WiFi Hotspots. It is a similar problem when using WiFi Hotspots in that the delay between the Internet connection and Sonos may be too significant, resulting in the music failing to play properly, skipping, or cutting off entirely. 


We’d like to think you are now clear about how to connect Sonos to iPhone. As confusing as it seems it’s actually quite simple. 

Listen to any music you’d like anywhere on your Sonos speaker. And if you still face difficulties after following the above steps contact a professional.

Good luck!