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Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound: Solutions Unlocked!

You’ve finally bought those huge speakers you were dying to get your hands on and put in your living room. But after installing it on your Samsung TV, no sound is coming out of it?

How to fix the Samsung TV optical out no sound issue?

Check whether the audio output is set to “Optical” or “TV Speakers”. Make sure it’s set to “Optical”. For external speakers to produce sound, the audio format has to be in PCM format. It can be selected in the Experts Settings of your TV. If there is still no sound, check your optical ports. 

I’m fully aware that this is just basic information. That’s why I’ve troubleshot and elaborated the whole process below for you to try and solve this issue on your own.

Scroll down to know all about it!

Solutions to Samsung TV Optical Out No Sound Problem

The optical out function in Samsung TV lets you add external speakers to enhance your audio experience. 

Be it a pair of speakers or a home theater system, you can connect it to the optical port and enjoy high-quality audio.

The process of connecting your external audio device can be simple and tricky at the same time. A small mistake in the process of setting your speakers can cause it to not produce any sound afterward.

Not just external speakers, sometimes the TV speakers don’t work but the pictures.

You’re checking again and again but you just can’t figure out what went wrong? Stop stressing. 

I’m here to point out all the common mistakes people make and provide a feasible solution to the optical out no sound issue. 

Review your connecting process with me to find out the problem and solve it to experience the enhanced TV audio you’re expecting. 

Let’s jump in!

Set Audio Output to Optical

When you connect your external speakers to your Samsung TV, the audio output doesn’t automatically change to be played through the speakers.

As the audio output is set to the TV speakers by default, you need to change it to the external speakers to get sound.

How are you supposed to do that? Follow the simple steps below:

  • Press on the Menu button of your Samsung TV remote and you’ll be taken to the settings.
  • Find out the “Sound Section” in the settings.
  • There you will find the “Sound Output” option and you will see that it’s set to TV speakers by default. Change it to Optical.

If this was your issue, then you can expect your speakers to start playing sound. If this wasn’t the problem, take a look at the other probable issues below.

Change Audio Format in the Expert Settings

If changing the audio output doesn’t do the job, there is another thing you need to look into. And that’s the audio format. 

For your Optical Audio Out to work, your audio format has to be in PCM audio format. But by default, the audio format is set to HDMI Input audio or Digital Output audio. 

You need to change it in the following process: 

  • Go to the “Sound Section” in the Menu Settings of your TV.
  • Find out “Expert Settings”.
  • There you’ll see HDMI Input Audio and Digital Output Audio. Change both of them to PCM audio.

And that’s how you can change your audio format to the correct one for your external speakers to work.

Change TV Audio Sound Settings

You can’t forget to change the TV audio sound settings to Digital Out for your external speakers to work. 

Don’t know how to do so? Follow the steps below:

  • Go to your TV’s Sound Settings.
  • There you need to select Audio Out.
  • Out of all the options, select Optical.
  • After clicking on Optical, more options will be shown, from which you need to select “Digital Out Sound”.

If you adjust all the above-mentioned settings properly in your Samsung TV, then you’re supposed to be able to make your external speakers work properly. 

In case you’re still unable to make your External Speakers produce sound, you have a few more matters to look into. Keep reading! 

Didn’t Work? Check These Out

All the prerequisites are met and your settings are on-point. But you’re still unable to use the Audio Out/ Optical function. What can be causing it?

When the issue is not with the settings, there can be technical issues responsible for the Optical Out no sound issue. It’s not only in the case of Samsung TV, there are similar issues like the Vizio sound bar not turning on.

Below, I’ve mentioned some of the most common technical problems and remedies for you to check and solve. 

Defective Optical Cable

When all the settings are right, the problem could be a defective optical cable, which is preventing your external speakers from producing sound. 

Hence, don’t forget to check whether or not your optical cable is functioning. If you find that it isn’t, then replace it with a high-quality optical cable.

On that note, here are some high-quality optical cables suitable for your Samsung TV:

Product 1
Product 2

Defective Optical Port

All the settings are on-point and your optical cable is also working. Then what could be the matter?

The problem can be a faulty port. Make sure to check the ports on your Samsung TV that connect to the external speakers or the optical cable.

If there is an issue with the ports, then contact the helpline to fix it.

Remove Power Completely 

It can be quite annoying to see a device failing to do the main job it’s supposed to do. Like when the AirPods mic stops working

After going through all the probable issues I’ve mentioned so far, if you can’t figure out the exact reason behind the problem, you can try an old-fashioned method.

Sometimes, the toughest of issues can be solved by completely removing power from the device and then bringing it back after some time. 

What you need to do is turn off your TV and unplug it from the power source. Keep it unplugged for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then connect it back to the power source. 

If the problem persists, you can also try factory resetting your TV. 

That’s all!


Question: How do I understand that the Digital Out option is working? 

Answer: If the optical cable shows red light at its tip, then you can understand that the Digital Out is working.

Question: What signs indicate a faulty optical cable? 

Answer: If the red light at the end of the cable becomes too visible and glowy, it’s a sign that the connector has gone bad. 

Question: Which type of visual content doesn’t support digital audio output? 

Answer: Standard cable or analog broadcast stations don’t support digital audio output. So ignore these if you want supported visual content in digital audio output.

Parting Words

We’re finally done with our discussion regarding the Samsung TV optical out no sound issue. 

This problem is faced by many. This question is highly searched on the internet. I’ve tried my best to bring to you the probable reasons with efficient solutions for this issue. 

Hopefully, my article has helped you get rid of this issue.

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