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AirPods Mic Not Working: Fixes for Phones & Computers

You are super excited about your brand-new iPhone and can’t wait to test them. But after connecting the pods with your device, you discover that the mic isn’t working! You get terrified assuming your AirPods are damaged.

But why is the AirPods mic not working?

There are several reasons for which the AirPods mic may not work. These reasons are different for computers and mobiles. There are some common fixes too. First, charging the AirPods always comes in handy. Then restarting is a good option. Cleaning the AirPods mic also gives good results.

These are only common fixes that might not solve your problem. For complex situations, you’ll need particular solutions.

Keep reading our article for the best solutions!

AirPods Mic Not Working on Mobile Phones

AirPods might not work on your device for several reasons. Often these reasons are different for mobile phones and computers. 


In this section, we have discussed some common problems AirPods face on mobile phones.

AirPods Are Out of Charge

Users frequently forget to recharge their AirPods. The best benefit of using a pair of AirPods is their wireless connection. But for that, you have to charge them regularly. Without enough charge, your AirPods mic won’t be able to perform. So make sure the AirPods are charged enough and then try again.

Bluetooth Isn’t Functioning 

AirPods connect with your phone via Bluetooth technology. This technology allows the AirPods and mobile phones to share signals between them. To make your AirPods work properly you need to have a working Bluetooth connection. A bug or glitch in the system will prevent your AirPods mic from working.

Settings Issue

Both of the speakers of the AirPods have inbuilt mics in them. The device is designed in such a way that it selects the best mic for transmission. If you somehow change the setting, the mic might stop working. Also if you select one mic for use and that one is turned off, you’ll face problems. 


AirPods are companions of the Apple iPhones. But they can be used with other phones too. If you are facing AirPods mic problems on your phone, this section is for you.

Restart The Phone

Mobile phones are busy devices. They are used a lot in almost every moment of our life. As a result of that, often the phones start malfunctioning. There are many benefits of restarting mobile phones daily. If your AirPods mic isn’t working, restart the phone and connect again. Now the mic might work again.

Reset The AirPods 

Resetting the AirPods is another good technique to solve the mic problem. The resetting method is very easy. First, put the pods in their charging case or Smart Case. Then, press and hold the Status button on the charging case. 

For AirPods Max, press both the Noise Control button and the Digital Crown. Press until the status indicator turns amber. Once the indicator turns amber, you have successfully reset your AirPods. 

Then take your pods out and connect them again.

Check AirPods Internal Mic Settings

AirPods will choose the appropriate mic from both its mics for decent results. But if you mess with that setting and choose one mic for the purpose, there will be consequences. Check the AirPods settings from the Bluetooth option. Make sure the ‘Automatically Switch AirPods’ option is turned on.

We hope that these fixes will solve your AirPods mic problem in your mobile phone. Contact the support center if you still face problems. Your AirPods might be damaged or have internal problems.

AirPods Mic Not Working on Computer

AirPods are smart companions of iPhones. But they are easily usable with computers. For their excellent quality, many people buy AirPods to use with computers.


The AirPods mic can stop working on the computer for various reasons. We have discussed the major causes for which you are facing mic problems.

Bugs in The Operating System 

Bugs are often present in your operating system. These bugs will prevent any mic from performing. Problems like Astro a10 mic not working can arise due to bugs even though it is a wired microphone.

Bluetooth Adapter Malfunction

Computers connect with the AirPods by Bluetooth technology. Many modern desktop and laptop computers have an inbuilt Bluetooth adapter in them. Whereas many people buy external adapters to connect with their AirPods. If these adapters are faulty, the AirPods mic will not work.

Necessary Permissions Not Granted 

The AirPods will need special permission for transmitting audio signals to the Computer. This permission is granted by the computer administrative system. If you disable this authorization the audio transmission will not happen. As a result, the AirPods mic will not work.

You have to check if your computer has these issues or not. Once the main problem is identified we’ll be able to figure out the matter quite easily.


Reasons for which the AirPods mic isn’t working on computers differ from the phone fixes. We’ve provided the necessary methods you need to know to use AirPods with your computer here.

Set The AirPods As Default Device 

The first thing you need to do is to set your AirPods as the default audio device. To do that go to the Control Panel of your computer. You’ll find the Sound section there. Inside that go to Devices and choose your AirPods as the default device. Doing this will give the AirPods the necessary permissions to transmit audio. 

Update The Bluetooth Drivers

Backdated drivers are themselves a problem. Drivers are necessary for both wired and wireless mic systems. You can fix Arctis 7 mic problems or AirPods mic problems simply by updating the drivers. Remember to keep your drivers always updated to get a good experience from your computer.

Reinstall The Operating System 

Bugs in the operating system can cause various problems including AirPods mic problems. The best way to solve this problem is to reinstall the operating system. The computer runs smoothly after updating or reinstalling Windows. So try this solution if you think that the bug is in your computer.

Use An External Bluetooth Adapter 

A Bluetooth adapter is a must for connecting the AirPods with your computer. Many computers use internal Bluetooth adapters for this purpose. But some of these adapters are weak and can’t work well. As a result, the mic of your AirPods becomes dysfunctional. In this type of scenario, it’s best to use an external Bluetooth adapter.

In case you’re looking for one here are a few of the best recommendations-

Product 1Product 2

Try these methods and check if the AirPods mic is okay now. If they’re still not working, don’t get worried. We’ve some particular fixes that might do the work!

Helpful Tips For AirPods

Irrespective of mobiles and computers, there are some common fixes for all devices. Try these primary solutions at first and check if your AirPods mic is working or not. 

Charge The AirPods 

The AirPods must have an adequate charge in them. It is better to have a charge routine for your precious AirPods. A good routine will enhance its battery life. Also, you’ll never face the problem of low battery. So if your AirPods mic isn’t working, fully charge them and check again.

Reconnect The AirPods

Reconnecting the mic system solves the mic problem often. This technique is used for any wireless mic system. So it doesn’t matter if you’re fixing problems on Corsair Void Pro mics or AirPods, try this method. 

Simply disconnect your AirPods and keep them in their case. Turn the case off. Then again bring out the AirPods and reconnect them with your device. We hope that your AirPods mic is working now.

Clean The AirPods Mic 

If the mic’s mouth is dirty it won’t pass sounds through it. So make sure the mic is clean as a whistle. Use a piece of soft cloth to the AirPods mic. Don’t use much string on the AirPods as they are very sensitive devices. You should clean the AirPods often for your hygiene too.

Update The Firmware

The manufacturer of the AirPods keeps giving updates to solve prevailing problems. Keep your AirPods up to date. If you find that your AirPods mic isn’t working, check if there is any firmware update available. If available, download and install the update. Firmware updates are given by the manufacturing company for your convenience.

Try these solutions one by one to solve the AirPods mic problem on your computer. 


Question: How do I turn the AirPods volume up using voice commands?

Answer: In first-generation AirPods double tap any of the earbuds and then ask Siri to increase the volume. For second and later generations call Siri by Hey Siri command and then tell her your requirements. 

Question: How do I clean my AirPods mic?

Answer:  Use a soft cloth for cleaning the mic. A cotton swab will be the best option for cleaning. Don’t use hard and sharp objects. Clean the mic mesh with the swab very carefully and smoothly.

Question: Where is the AirPods mic?

Answer: There are two mics on the Airpods. Each earbud contains one mic. But while sending audio the AirPods use only one mic. The AirPods program selects the most convenient mic for transmitting audio signals.


We have tried to provide you with the solutions for the AirPods mic not working. We expect that you’ll be able to solve your problem by following our article. 

Good luck!