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How To Fix The Apex Legends Mic Not Working?

We want a match as smooth as butter every time. Petty malfunctions and issues are enough to trigger most enthusiastic players without fail. Even if they’re easy to fix, you’d want to stay away from these issues. One such problem while playing Apex Legends is when the mic won’t work. 

What to do when Apex Legends mic is not working?

You can enable the Push-to-talk feature, it fixes the problem most of the time. Change the settings in the Origin Launcher for this. The problem could also be some background running apps, close them. You can also try changing system settings or the mic itself.

Do you want to talk to your friends in-game as soon as possible? Then why not spare a minute to read this and fix the problem- 

How to Fix Microphone Problems in Apex Legends

The problem of a malfunctioning microphone might sprout for various reasons. They might be in-app problems, or system-related. Or, worst-case scenario, it could be the mic itself. 

In this step-by-step fix guide, we’ll talk about all the various problems. We’ll first troubleshoot problems that might originate from the game. Then, we’ll move on to problems related to the operating system, i.e, windows. By the end of this, you’ll be back to enjoying your game.

Enable Push-to-Talk

The root of the problem might lie in the game launcher. You can try changing settings for the origin launcher.

By this, we mean you should try enabling push-to-talk. You can do that in the ‘Application Settings’ in Origin. Launch it and go there, click on more. Select voice and make sure your current mic is selected. From ‘Voice Activation Settings’, set the activation mode to ‘Push-to-talk’.

Now, you need to launch the game. Launch Apex Legends and go to ‘Settings’. Choose ‘Push-to-talk’ in ‘Audio Voice Chat Record Mode’. You should be able to talk now.

Close Other Apps That Use The Mic

If the mic problem still persists, it may be because of background apps. Some apps have access to the microphone. So, using them simultaneously with Apex Legends is the problem. That’s because Apex Legends might not get access to the mic at that time.

To prevent that, you need to close background apps. For example, if you’re using Discord while playing the game, avoid it. We understand that you want to talk before and after matches. But most users reported the problem being solved after closing discord.

If the problem still persists, go to the ‘Task Manager’. You can access it by right-clicking over the Windows Start icon. From the flyout menu, select ‘Task Manager’. You’ll see a list of all active apps. If you can’t, click on ‘Expand’ in the lower right corner. Select any apps that use the microphone and click on ‘End Task’.

This should get rid of any apps trying to access the mic at the same time. Try talking in the game; hopefully, your mic will work.

Change Microphone

If your problem persists even after you’ve tried the first two methods, try changing your mic. It might be because of a faulty mic. Or maybe you’re using a mic that is part of a sound system? That is, you’re using a headset.

Let’s say you’re using a branded headset like Corsair. But the Corsair mic won’t work. So, you might want to switch to another device. Preferably use different devices for input and output. Try using high-definition microphones for input, and headphones for output. That might solve the problem. 

On that note, we know a few microphones that’ll take your gaming experience to the next level. Especially if you love to stream to a dedicated audience. Here’s a list for you to pick from-

If you want to keep using a headset, then try another one with a working microphone. Sometimes microphones from specific brands don’t work so well. Hopefully switching mics will help.

Change Operating System Settings

Sometimes, Windows uses some other mic than the one you’re trying to use. This results in very small or zero voice input. But it has a really simple fix. You just need to set the mic you want to use as the default mic.

Step 1: Check Mic

First, check if your mic is working. Connect your mic and go to ‘Sound’ in the ‘System’ section of ‘Microsoft Settings’. A shortcut is to prompt the ‘Run’ command by pressing Win+R. Type in ms-settings: sound and hit enter. 

Now, scroll down and find ‘Test your microphone’. Try talking and see if the bar fills up, denoting your mic is working. If it’s not, click on ‘Troubleshoot’. This might even fx problems like specific models like Razer Kraken mic malfunctioning.

Step 2: Change Default Mic

Search for the volume icon in the lower right of your screen and right-click. Select ‘Sound’ from the menu to access the ‘Sound’ panel. Go to the ‘Recording’ section and select the desired mic. In the lower right of the panel, select ‘Set default’ and click ‘Apply’. 

This will change the default input device to the selected mic. You should be able to troubleshoot the mc not working problem this way.

Fix Audio Drivers

One of the most common problems is missing or backdated audio drivers. Make sure the latest drivers are installed on your computer. To do this, you’ll need to know the specs of your computer and install the drivers accordingly.

If you don’t already know the specs of your computer, go to ‘Microsoft Settings’. Select ‘System’ and scroll the sidebar to the end. You’ll spot ‘About’; click on it to see device specifications. 

Note down the RAM and system type and search for sound drivers online. Download and install the drivers as an administrator. Once you’re done, your mic problem will most likely be fixed.

Update Microphone Permissions

Every device connected to the computer has a different set of permissions. The same goes for audio input devices. Some apps might not be granted access to the microphone from the get-go. Leading to problems like when the mic in Fortnite won’t work, or in specific apps.

To fix this, go to the ‘Microsoft Settings’ and select ‘Privacy’. From the sidebar of this section, go to ‘Microphone’. You’ll spot ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ and the toggle underneath. Turn it on and scroll down; you’ll see a list of apps. Make sure the toggle beside Apex Legends is turned on.

This will ensure Apex Legends has access to the microphone connected to the device. Once this is done, there should be no problems keeping your mic from working.

Reinstall Apex Legends

If you’ve tried all of the methods above, it’s highly likely the game. Your version of the game might be faulty, or missing some important files. The only way to fix this is to reinstall a fresh version of the game.

Installing the game all over again isn’t going to be quick. You’ll have to exercise some patience. However, the result is most likely going to be worthwhile. Your mic problem should vanish after this last attempt!


Question: I can’t find Apex Legends in the Privacy settings. What should I do?

Answer: That’s no problem! Right-click on the windows start button to access the flyout menu. Click on ‘Apps and Features’; search for Apex Legends and click on it. Click on ‘Advanced options’ written underneath and turn the toggle on the microphone.

Question: I can’t find the correct drivers. What should I do?

Answer: You can use driver update software. There are many free ones you can find online. They’ll look into your PC and search for drivers needing an update. From that list, look for sound drivers and click on ‘Update’. This should help you install the latest sound drivers.

Question: None of the mics I have work on the computer. Why?

Answer: This might be a connection problem. If you’re using wired mics, it’s probably the connection port. Wireless mics would mean there’s a problem in connecting wireless devices. Try troubleshooting in the settings or contact professionals for help.


How’s it going, player? Have you overcome the Apex Legends mic not working problem? After coming so far, you definitely should’ve! Hopefully you didn’t have to reinstall the game in the process. 

If everything’s working alright now, what’re you waiting for? Wishing you a happy time playing! 

Have a great day!