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5 Reasons for Bose Headphones Not Turning Off/On

Bose offers an immaculate range of high quality headphones. But that doesn’t make it flawless by any means. 

You might find it troublesome to turn your Bose headphone on/off at times. That can make you wonder:

Why are my Bose headphones not turning off/on?

Bose headphones won’t turn off for specific glitches in the software. Similarly, a low battery can make it stop operating and keep it from turning on. Again, software problems can be responsible. Charging your Bose headphones with the wrong charger can also keep it from turning off.

Finding it too concise? Maybe a detailed guide can help. I’ve prepared this content to help you understand and troubleshoot your Bose headphone problems.

Give it a read!

Why are My Bose Headphones Not Turning On?

There can be several reasons behind this problem. But before getting into the reasons, you need to check some stuff first. Here’s what you need to do:

What to Check First

Check that your Bose headphones are receiving power and that the battery is charging. If the amber LED light blinks, it implies the battery is charging. The solid green light shows that the battery has been completely charged.

If you don’t notice these indications, check the charging equipment. Consider the following if your Bose headphones are not turning on:

  • Plug the charger securely into both the power outlet and the headphones.
  • If you’re charging the headphones via laptop, make sure the laptop isn’t in sleeping mode. And also that the battery isn’t completely depleted.
  • Charge the headphones straight from the power socket rather than using a computer.
  • Explore the charging wire to see if it is in good working order. To assure power supply, use a separate USB charging cable. 
  • Examine the wall outlet and connect the charger to a different power supply.

You know what to check first. But you don’t know what’s causing the issues in your headphones. 

Here we’ll be discussing the reasons:

Reason 1: Not Using Compatible USB Charger

For your Bose headphones use an authentic and compatible charger. The amp rating of your Bose headphones is printed on the USB charger. It is measured in amps (A) or milliamps (mA). 

This rating changes across different chargers that come with different types of Bose headphones. 


The charger and headphones’ amp ratings should be near enough. Otherwise, your Bose headphones will not charge and hence will not turn on.

Reason 2: Low Battery

The low battery is the biggest reason for Bose headphones not turning on. It might look like your battery is completely charged, but it’s not. When you switch on the headphones, an audio message informs you of the battery level. 


At the very least, charge your Bose headphones for 30 minutes. 

After that, you’ll need to reset the headphones just like resetting a Bose soundbar system. Then try it again with the headphones on. 

Reason 3: Battery Problems 

If none of the previous alternatives works, your Bose headphones’ battery is most likely faulty. 

The surrounding environment and temperature can affect the battery life. Other than that, exposure to foreign materials can also render the battery faulty.

For such cases, your headphones need their batteries changed. 


The battery should be changed. Call Bose immediately and make a complaint. 

If your equipment is still under guarantee, you may be able to get a refund. The alternate solution is to change the battery yourself. Or with the assistance of a professional.

Why Is My Bose Headphone Not Turning Off?

Bose headphones can get jammed and, as a result, won’t switch off. One typical reason is software issues, which may be resolved by upgrading the code. You can also try rebooting the headphones as previously explained. 

But, there could be a mechanical flaw, such as a faulty power OFF button. It may sometimes happen while connecting a Bose soundbar to TV.  If that happens, you’ll have to repair it.

Reason 1: Using Backdated Software

Using the backdated software can be an issue for this problem. Install and update your Bose headphones if they are not going off.

The Bose Connect+ app may be used to update the software. This smartphone app supports the vast majority of Bose headphones versions. To upgrade software, here’s what to do:

  • Attach your headphones to your phone by opening the Bose app.
  • When you connect to the app, it will immediately install the most recent software update.
  • This procedure might take over an hour. Following that, an “Upgrade” symbol will appear on your mobile screen.
  • Click this icon, and the update will be transmitted to headphones within a few minutes.

Throughout this period, try to turn them off. After the fix has been properly deployed, try shutting them off regularly. Another simple way to update is to go to the official Bose website. The entire procedure is outlined here. 

By following the on-screen instructions and connecting to a micro USB port, upgrade the software. In general, changing the software can fix the problem of Bose headphones not turning off/on. If it fails, examine and repair your headphones’ power button.

Reason 2: Insecure Power Switch

Keep an eye on the off/on switch on your Bose headphones. Your headphones will not switch off if it is loose or damaged.

The power button’s contacts become faulty as a result of twisting. As a result, the button no longer functions. You might also need to fix Bose bluetooth pairing issues if any exists.

 You may repair the power button by taking these guidelines:

Step 1: Remove the Right Earcup

Loosen the right earcup’s pad also the cloth that protects the interior of the earcup. Because this protective cover is bonded using glue, you must take it off.

It will identify three bolts that hold the earcup’s internal components together. Replace the earcup’s outer shell (the upper side) with the Bose mark on it.

If you need a new earcup, consider trying out these quality products that we recommend:


They are comfortable for the ears and don’t muffle out the sounds. You can use these earcups for hours without worrying about discomfort. 

Step 2: Repair the Damaged Power Button

The ‘push’ button may be found on the circuit board inside. You may observe that it is broken. Remove the little silicone component of the start button. The silicone component is normally shaped like a square. 

Glue it back together. 

To secure the square, put a thin metal wire around it. Replace the button on the fuse box. Alternatively, the power button can be replaced. It is available at your local hardware store.

Step 3: Attach the Metal Housing to the Power Button

If the start button on the circuit board is in good working order and not damaged. Then another internal component may be malfunctioning. 

Remove the power button by prying it off. The metal box below the power button has two rails that four metal hooks slot into. 

These grooves flatten over time, and spikes cannot fit firmly in them. As a result, the power button is inoperable, and the headphones cannot be turned off. Simply fold them back towards the interior. Check that the button fits snugly now.

Step 4: Ensure that all of the components are closed

Replace each component in its proper location. Shut the cover by tightening the screws. Reapply the pad to the earcup. 

The start button is now functional, and your Bose headphones may be conveniently turned off. You can pair it with any device after turning on, just like pairing JBL headphones.

These are all probable causes of your Bose headphones not turning on or off. And I attempted to address all of the possible causes and solutions. I hope that makes the process a little simpler for you. 


Question: What is the battery life of Bose wireless earbuds?

Answer: Under regular usage, Bose predicts that the batteries in the earbuds should last 5,000 hours. While keeping 80% of capacity, which equates to more than 208 days of continuous listening.

Question: Why does only one side of my Bose headphones work?

Answer: The problem with Bose headphones that only operate in one ear is usually a misplaced cable. This occurs when the wire has slipped out of place as a result of rapid motions. 

Question: Why is my left Bose Bluetooth always disconnecting?

Answer: It happens when the Bose device memory is full and can’t accept any new information. In this case, you’ll need to clear up the memory of the previously paired devices.

Wrap Up

This is all we have for your question regarding why your Bose headphones are not turning on/off. You don’t need to contact customer service because you can repair it yourself.

If your Bose headphones are brand new, contact Bose to find a solution.

Enjoy your music to the fullest! Goodbye!