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JBL Headphone Not Charging: 5 Reasons And Troubleshooting

Despite the LED indicator glowing, the headphone’s battery might run out when the charger is removed. In other cases, the battery cannot be charged and the LED light does not work.

Why is your JBL headphone not charging?

The first reason could be having a faulty or expired battery. The fault may lie in the charging cable or other charging tools. Not cleaning the charging port can be another reason. Exposure to extreme temperatures might ruin your battery. It could also be a reason.

If that interests you, spare a few minutes to check out my troubleshooting guidelines.

5 Reasons for JBL Headphone Not Charging

JBL headphones are almost entirely wireless. They use Bluetooth to connect to other devices but you have to know how to pair up.

Here are some reasons why your headphones are not charging. Dive in!

Faulty Battery

This can happen because of the crystalline build-up in your headphone after years of usage. Or, if you frequently leave your headphones under sunlight or in hot cars. Bluetooth headphones can overheat, damaging the battery.

But if your headphones are new, it could be because of a factory fault.

Faulty Charging Cable

With repeated usage, the cable’s delicate wires might become faulty. Constant pulling and twisting cause strain and damages the wires within.

Also, your issue may stem from not using the supplied USB cable.

The headphone hasn’t been charged

“Over Discharged” is when you’ve left your headphones uncharged for a long time. This eventually decreases battery heath or even drives it to death. But this is not the only reason why your headphones aren’t turning on.

Malfunctioning Charging Port

This might be caused by corrosion, poor connections, or foreign items obstructing the port. It will prevent your charging cable from attaching to the charging port. And that will eventually disrupt in transferring power for charging

Exposure to extremely low/high temperature

Batteries may not be fully charged, charge slowly, or malfunction as a result of this. Avoid charging in severely hot or cold conditions.

You need to find your reason from here and then go for troubleshooting. 

Troubleshooting the Charging Issue

Wait a while before repairing your headphones because a totally drained battery takes longer to charge.

You should keep your headphones connected for at least 30 minutes. Then, try turning the headphones on.

Tip: Check to verify whether your headphones are still under warranty. If they are, you can contact the manufacturer for repairs and replacements.

If your JBL headphone isn’t charging yet, follow the instructions below.

Using Suitable Charging Cable

Always charge your JBL headphones with the supplied micro USB cord. Connect your JBL headphones using micro-USB and it should charge immediately. Also, use the original charging cube.

Remember to not use any third-party charging cable even if it works with other headphones.

Just to understand if charging cable is the issue, try out other original charging cables.

Examining the Charging Tools

One end of the cable is plugged into the charging cube and the other into headphones’ remote.

Either of these two parts might be at fault. Use the same micro USB charging cord for other headphones.

The LED display will show if it is working. If it doesn’t work, try a different charging cable or cube.

In this manner, you can identify the faulty component. If both are working then go for the other steps.

Inspect the Power Supply

While you’re charging via your laptop/computer, make sure it’s turned on.

If your computer status changes to hibernating the charging will not work properly.

You need to be sure whether an issue exists with your computer’s USB port. In that case, try charging using Wall Faceplate Power Source

If you’re charging from the wall power outlet, check if it’s delivering power or not. 

Even if you’re using an extension, it might be faulty. Do give these connections a check.

Clean And Check Charging Ports

Clean both ends of the micro-USB cord as well as the charging port of your headphones.

Don’t miss out on cleaning the charging port on the charging cube. You may clean these ports using an air cane or a paintbrush. 

Be cautious while cleaning and avoid damaging any vital components.

Inspect your headphones’ charging port for bent connections or metal. Check to see whether the port itself is loose. This might mean the connections have disconnected from the headset.

Maintain the Charging Temperature Range 

The optimal charging temperature range is between 41°F – 95°F. If you’re charging your headphone battery beyond that range, then it may not be charging.

Turn on the AC, or if it’s hot, charge at night when it’s cold.

Updating the Headphone Firmware

Your software may be outdated, affecting charging and other functions. If possible, perform a software update since it resolves issues you’re even unaware existed.

Hard Reset Your Headphones

A hard reset can be used to resolve numerous issues, including headphones that aren’t charging. The procedure for conducting a hard reset varies by model.

For JBL headphones you have to:

  • Locate the power button to turn your device off. The headphones will make a confirmation sound.
  • Now, long-press ‘Volume UP’ and ‘Volume Down’ simultaneously. Keep holding it for at least 20 seconds.
  • When the headphones make a sound, let go.

You have now reset your JBL headphones. Recharge them. You can reset JBL soundbars in the same way.

Get out of Programming Mode

Your headphone software may have mistakenly been set to programming mode.

Fortunately, you can deactivate this mode very easily.

Connect your headphones through USB to a computer and wait for it to get  “recognized”. A pop-up notification will bring your headphone out of programming mode. After that, simply re-pair your device.

Locate Any Damaged Hardware

If your JBL headphones still don’t charge after following these procedures, there is a hardware issue. Examine your headphones’ charging port, it may be broken.

In this instance, the port will need to be repaired. If the port looks good but the headphones aren’t charging, the battery is surely dead.

A new battery for your headphones is required and you can do it yourself.

You can give the given below, batteries a try:


These are some of the really good batteries. Also, they are really durable. So they should last for a long time.

Besides these methods, you should know some general maintenance instructions for your headphone’s longevity.


Question: How do you charge JBL headphones without a charger?

Answer: You need a power source to charge your headset. Any gadget that uses a battery or is linked to a circuit is a power source. So, you can use your phone or tab.

Question: Why does my JBL headphone turn off immediately? 

Answer:  A wireless headphone’s battery is the main cause of this poor performance. It may not function or be busted. The charger might be faulty too.

Question: Are JBL headphones safe for ears?

Answer: These well-built headphones over-ears provide a pleasant, solid fit and a decent overall performance. It’s neutral and balanced audio quality makes it ideal for listening.

Final Words

That’s all from my end. I hope you’re clear about your JBL headphones not charging

These easy procedures will prevent you from purchasing new headphones and will save you money. But, if there’s a problem with its hardware, call in a professional.

Good luck with your headphones!